Dark Ghost Paranormal Episode 20210225

DARK GHOST Paranormal, the latest episode released. The Investigator is from Russia, and goes to investigation on his own.

In this scene, he records poltergeist moving the chair. It is not the wind, as you can see later in the scene that the windows are open and the curtains are moving, and the chair does not move.


In this scene, he was wrapping up his investigation when he hears noises. He grabs his camera and starts to record the room next to his. He records the wardrobe move on its own.


We remember you
Hello friends
In which lived an old grandmother who was tortured by some paranormal entity
And in the end this grandmother died
Who wants to know this story in more detail on my channel there is a video The
link to this video will be in the description
Now I will briefly show you the house and what i’m going to do here
i want to finally find out what kind of entity is in this house is
there anyone in the spirit world?
Is there anyone here from the spirit world?
you, we remember you
why you came?
I want to know who you are?
we are what you don’t understand
Why don’t I understand?
Why can’t I understand?
We are above you
Who are you?
Do people see their loved ones after death?
Do people see their loved ones after death?
answer the question
Do people see their loved ones after death?
Yes, but if there is no failure
What failure?
What kind of failure?
What kind of failure?
Does Hell exist in
its own time ?
All zeros
Hell exists?
Does hell exist?
These are your fears
Hell are my fears
Is there a heaven?
Are you still here?
Are you still here?
Are you still here?
So my friends on EGF complete silence.
I’ve already been here for half an hour.
Came here.
Of course it was scary to
come here. For
half an hour.
I tried using
Complete silence.
And there are no more sounds or anything. The
camera must be left
. I’m going home. I
sat there for another hour.
Complete silence. I am very very cold
Not that there is
not any more sounds
I did not act finger, I did not press it
froze hand
try other hand
this is normal even
all friends I was very cold
I think I need from here to go
long as I can do to move his arms and legs

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