The South London Theatre

Jeff and team return to The South London Theatre. They experience more apparitions, noises, and ghostly voices.

Jeff and team return to The South London Theater. They experience more apparitions, noises, and ghostly voices.

YouTube published on Mar 31, 2019

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 71 – The South London Theater
The Ghostech Paranormal Investigators
Jeff and team return to The South London Theater. They experience more apparitions, noises, and ghostly voices.

Jeff and team return to The South London Theater. They experience more apparitions, noises, and ghostly voices.

And theatre once known as the old Norwood fire station the building has been closed for some time now due to renovations and alterations been taking place on our past investigations if captured lots of paranormal activity here but now those changes have been made one question that the spirits moved on or will they be making themselves known to us tonight and you must be quite proud to been an officer in the fire brigade in’s and that will only have to spend long hours ago

When it is active the door I knocked on English and this is if you are you are you will want to the South London theatre it was originally known as the old Norwood fire station which was built in 1891 the fire station became redundant in 1917 when large mechanical fire appliances were built it would not fit through the doors so it was replaced by new fire station a short distance away between 1921 and 1923 it was reported that it was used as an illegal bare knuckle boxing venue but we have found no evidence to support that this ever took place from 1924 to 1925 it was used as a warehouse and then in 1927 was made larger on the ground floor was rebuilt from the Westwood ambulance service but this only lasted for a short period of time that they did not have a regular driver St Luke’s Church then took over the station in that same year and it was used as a parish Hall in the Second World War and was found to the British Red Cross until finally the South London theatre took over the property 1967 and it was converted into a performance venue during our research we came across additional information Bill Howell who remembers that when he was a young boy he visited the fire station during the Second World War when the army took over the building in 1942 this is Bill and he grew up around the Norwood area and is even though we’ve done a lot of history on the fire station he has a story that hasn’t been documented before so feel thank you for coming along and you please tell me a story about the fire station what you remember when I remember I was hairy hairy young buttonholed him the score to settle down here to show us the personnel person this device is that a in and people putting their first children to pick up and they must some type Bill of Rights Thermos flasks so many unscrew the top of charge and blood of those other devices that I can’t remember that famous author antipersonnel and also there was a lot of them are nervous around this area during the same time the table of all different admonitions and different kinds of handgrenades and sticky buns I was using we were contacted by Mrs Newton who informs us that a great-grandfather was a fireman at the station in 1890 acting both of these photographs he can be seen in the middle steering horse-drawn plants Henry jewel Shepard served at the old Norwood fire station until 16 October 1909 I receive a phone call from our team member Phil stating that he has found one of the original fire pumps from the Norwood fire station located at another fire station only a few miles away I make several phone calls and finally I’m given access built in 1864 this pump was taken to the old Norwood fire station on the day it opened in 1881 the pump was found in 1960 in a field at Warlingham Park no one knows how it became to be the it was rebuilt between 1971 and 1973 by the rainwater of age 31 Croydon fire brigade the machine was stripped down completely to every nut and bolt and restored back to its glory on our previous investigations we spoke to several people who work at the theatre station that they had had paranormal experiences we have a ghost hear his name is Fred he’s a he was a fireman of course and and the current caretaker was near the stage managers room at some one point and that the stage managers room next to the bow theatre and he was nearby and somebody posted him very strongly on his shoulder turn Brown nobody there and I was in the obvious to the South and thinking about coming the way it was and asking in their until on our investigation is at this location we have gathered evidence that suggests there are many spirits that still reside within its walls and you here was a woman screaming cry it was a shake of the door was shut after you finish tortoiseshell local women drawingroom has it now is there anyone down on the stage at all that can hear me can you make a noise back in in this piece of footage we are filming the stage area rehung bells on a long piece of string down from the fly loft above and we capture anomalies you can see the end Bell style to swing it then grows in brightness and something shoots down from a as this happens another anomaly flows from right to left stops in midair then disappears into the floor as we are walking up the staircase and as we turn the full spectrum camera catches a figure standing the back of a room a figure of a woman that seems to be watching us and in prompt corner as we take a seat the camera film something rising up from the floor which twists and moves past the building closed in October 2015 for renovations and restoration and now after several years the building has been reopened it is still the only Victorian fire station in the country to still have the original fire doors and original lookout tower with the changes that have been made to the building it was time for our investigation at the South London theatre that was once known as the old Norwood fire station we have placed several night vision cameras throughout the location static can one is on the third floor hallway where the officers quarters were located static can to is on the second floor now the costume area static and three is on the first floor the fly loft which originally was the dormitories in the families static can for is a full spectrum camera on the ground floor in the new stage area we will also be using to full spectrum handheld night vision cameras the scene every spectrum of light that arise cannot see Clive and I start of our investigation in the new stage area once known as prompt corner whilst Mark and Jackie are investigating the third floor which was once the officers quarters so this was so once known as prompt corner it’s now the new stage area and this is where on our previous investigations we caught some really good evidence and also this actually was here this would have been the way on where the the year of pumps and the horses of coming through the rear of the building to turn round and go back out to where the front doors were do you remember me from last time if you can hear me can you shout out your name if you’re one of the children that we’ve seen and heard before a few years ago can you shout out your name or maybe throw something move something banging on something so I know that you can hear my voice are the only fireman here that used to write the pumps when this was a fire station Sophia to now and they’ve made many renovations to the place try to restore it back to the way was I you know it about what they’ve done or are you happy whilst everything seems quite in the new stage area something is making itself known to mark and jacking up on the third floor the rent pod on the floor starts to activate detecting the changing electromagnetic field when Australia are also related “go off is making a little device with about lights go off the year thank you well several things are taking place at this moment is the rent pod is activating walking can be heard which seems to be coming from the stairs which in nearby and also the records of lights on the other end of the hallway which are captured on Jackie’s full spectrum handheld can first is the audio enhanced of the walking on the stairs followed by the footage of the OF lights went out and are you related “go off is making a little device with a red lights go off you thank you well we will of the firemen used to work in a station back in the 1800s if so what what what your name by name is Mark were “that’s brilliant thank you for the can you make it lighter symbol is loaded from Kona lights on the well thank you was a said: this is Jackie was surely with a colour going to one of the rooms was one of these range already so came come forward this room never go into what was used for was a her and office floor bedroom about this place was a hive of activity back when it was an active fire station got a lot of thank you for know in your wife is you before notifier is say hello to people and I have a name is anyone here with active 35mm fire station when it was open Rempel down off again is doing any stop it thanks is there anybody in the gendarmerie upstairs what your name that will only start to spend long hours in a tower when this was active Sacco at back down on the ground floor Clive and I make our way towards the staircase when we hear a loud banging sound I just heard a voice just voice like here this was as we make our way to the staircase and my hero Charles voice saying can you hear me followed by another voice saying go up and then we hear movement coming from down below us here is the enhanced audio taken from the digital recorder that I am holding I just heard a voice just voice like here is was and I just heard a voice just voice like here was we make our way up to the first floor is what was once the fly loft where previous investigations in the child’s voice was captured on several occasions it is reported that around 14 children lived here with their families when it was a fire station so this song where entering now this used to be the fly loft AS-level walkway the went all the way round and based a drop in the scenery from up here down onto the stage which is now the reception area downstairs and this is where we capture the girls voice on I remember saying is if there’s anyone down on the stage to the can hear me and the child’s voice repeated those words 13 words back to me and when I walked to the back of the room I’m not on the door and said can you not back in the child’s voice said was that banging sounds go through this way so this just had is just another walkway around the edge and none of this floor was here this is where the scenery used be lowered down onto the stage and this is the room over here at the back of a van unfortunately the door the I knocked on his shift holy I did you know she just spoke to me right now room right-hand man I hear a chance disembodied voice and movement come from inside the room in front of me which takes me by surprise when reviewing the digital audio of the voice the child is saying I’m hearing something which must be Mark and I outside the room but one question remains who is she saying this to who else is in that room here is the audio enhanced unfortunately the door I knocked on publishes hourly unfortunately the door that I knocked on publishes holy I kid you not she just spoke to me right in that room right in that room thinking hello girl and if you are might relate to your very you belong’s lab in the beta you are you can find out more
big Jackie Helm sure won’t the Woods can you catch event partners yes your age you may a woman’s voice is captured on the camera’s audio but we are unable to decipher what is being said here is the enhanced audio you catch the event partners yes your age you may you and you catch the event partners yes your age you may and with so much happening on the third floor Clive decides to do a solo EVP session believe there were upset at the moment you see area for the officers quarters and the stairs with have led upstairs into the watchtower so you could see the floor surmount the surrounding area to see if there was any fires must be quite proud to been an officer in the fire brigade inare you happy that the renovations have taken place at the building we know that downstairs there appears to be the spirit of a small child or young woman in one of the rooms would you be related to this child little or young woman funny aspects of fire fighting quite interesting as you proud to be a member of the fire service in and of line comes from the wall on the upper right-hand side and disappears into the ceiling here is the footage again with enhancements would be nice to communicate the somebody must be spirit here who wants to draw energy from somewhere may be one of the lamps on the wall for the rent pod on the floor destroyer bare of energy and let’s know that you’re here be make a noise on the wall or not coloured or perhaps we’ve travelled quite a long way from yesterday to be here tonight and it’s coming up to a 3:15 in the morning several getting a little bit tired now for we do leave me nice to hear that perhaps you are listening for we do leave me nice to hear that before we do leave me nice to hear was only an hour until sunrise we all meet up on the first floor fly loft where I heard the child’s voice come from inside the room so use this device come through a list and tell us something about yourself what’s your name and need to know your name your blog you got long hair grow do you look that men sit in there that’s more is Jackie Clive I’m jealous so what’s your name please couple of hits on the K2 meter we are we can you and I the CIA is at the Celestina you are any Jackie asked the young child has blonde hair like yourself and the man’s voice responds by saying yes it’s blonde he was the audio enhanced any you will any on are with sunrise fast approaching we decide to wrap up our investigation at the South London theatre once known as the old Norwood fire station over 137 years of history and the people the once lived and worked here in the past some had decided to remain a