Skeptic Visit Historic Palmyra

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Skeptic Investigates Haunted Museum
Skeptic Investigates Haunted Museum

In this episode, Jeff walks around as the skeptic in all paranormal. He put to the test and watch his reactions.

He goes through several floors of the Historic Palmyra museum and has personal experiences.

Skeptic Investigates Haunted Museum [ Proof Ghosts Exist? ]

is there anyone in here with me okay i’m
in a [ _ ] dark ass basement i have no idea my surroundings if there’s someone in here with me give me a sign that’s a freaky doll i do not believe in ghosts can someone here prove me wrong give me a sign make me a believer [Music] good evening my name is lawrence and welcome to this episode of skeptics tonight we’re at historic palmyra located in upstate new york we’re here because a few of the buildings in this village are alleged to be haunted built on native american soil these buildings have seen their fair share of history and tragedy most recently in 1964 the breeding family all died on the property including anna the mother and her six young children speculation about how the fire started is still shrouded in mystery today these buildings function as a museum containing the history of the village with donated items that in some ways still contain the energy of the souls that once owned them and used them reports of activity inside these museums include artifacts flying off the shelves disembodied voices shadow figures darting across the room and even a ghost cat that likes to make itself be known tonight we challenge a skeptic to try to reach out to the alleged spirits here in palmyra we invited jesse a non-believer of the paranormal to investigate alone and participate in a series of challenges that will test his beliefs and maybe even change his mind about the existence of the unknown on tonight’s episode of skeptics [Music] hi my name is jesse and i’m a skeptic well good evening jesse thank you for joining us on skeptics today you’re welcome um is it true that you’re a skeptic and you don’t believe in in paranormal yes i am a skeptic uh i hear a lot of stories from my girlfriend all the time about stuff and all the tv shows and i think it’s a lot of it’s all just set up and fake you’ve never personally had an experience never what would it take for you to become a believer tonight i mean i don’t know i’m just going into it kind of with an open mind and if something happens i guess i’ll have to make that judgment after okay we’re at palmyra museum supposedly it’s haunted i hear that it burnt to the ground with at least six people in it so hopefully we’ll be able to give you the opportunity to have some of those experience and make you turn into a believer does that sound okay that sounds okay but through challenges and uh we’ll see what happens okay sounds good right let’s get the night started [Applause] all right jesse well tonight you’re at the historic balmyra museum and for this challenge we’re gonna have you walk all the way through it first level second level see what you get i’m gonna give you a novelist this uh shouts out a bunch of different uh has over thousands of words and it’s supposed to be how spirits communicate so ask questions try to correlate the the words coming out of this okay okay all right um when you’re done walking me oh pam there you go okay yeah i got you yeah going to the left all right i’m at the historic palmyra museum lots of history in this place this looks like a dining room living area oh piano hi my name is jesse and i’m just wondering if there’s any spirits in here with me tonight i don’t believe in spirits but i am here to possibly become a believer if there are any spirits here if you can show me a sign and let me know that you are here with me tonight okay now enter the bedroom is this ann’s bedroom leg leg is there something near my leg can you hear me yes yes i can hear you start starve so while you’re walking around try to find out if you can find an elemental or hear anything communicate with james kevin or rose got it window is there james in this room older monument older went or kevin is there a kevin in this room or here with me tonight oh that’s a freaky doll there’s something i don’t know what that is if there’s someone here with me tonight please show me a sign let me know that you are here i got a reading saying window any kind of sign just to let me know that you are here the times you know i heard that there was a fire here and tragically a lot of lives were lost are any of you here that lost your lives in that fire power power sith oh some stairs there so are these dolls the ones that your kids and that your kids used to play with is there a rose here with me tonight someone give me a sign and let me know that you’re here i don’t believe in you but if you give me a sign to make me a believer i think it’s tragic what happened december 20th 1964 where a lot of lives were lost just give me a sign make a noise touch me talk to me roadway roadway arrive science arrived has a spirit arrived with me right now if a spirit has arrived with me please let me know give me a sign were any of your children in the palmyra girl scouts if you want to move something to let me know that you are here please do it now and i know you did everything to save your children period europe closet closet news before time are you trying to communicate something with me in the closet drunk i heard that your little girls like to play do any of the girls want to come play follow i heard you guys like to play hide and seek reveal reveal yourself is there a kevin present here tonight with me or a james which one of you was stabbed in the chest in the bar emmeline emmeline is there an amolene here students oh [ _ ] i don’t know if that was me
i think that was me is there someone
here did somebody just move that
do i have any baseball players here no
palace trip
my thing red am i disturbing you guys
do you guys want me to shut up
if i am disturbing you guys
please let me know with a sign a noise
or touch me anything
to let me know that you are here
chest chest
messenger slain
chest came up was somebody stabbed in
the chest
kevin or james jeff how’s it going in
it’s going good a little hard to see
nothing happening yet i don’t think i
think i kicked the pitcher over
was somebody slaying here did somebody
set the fire
that tragically killed you and your six
and any kind of sign
you can touch me make a noise
anything i just want to talk
have a friendly conversation i mean no
if you are here with me
please give me a sign
did someone just make a noise
is there a bill stevens here
jesse have you walked the whole building
pretty much yes
i got like one room left
is this the children’s room that i am in
if any of you are here give me a sign
i’m sorry what happened to you guys and
that horrible fire
give me a sign if you want to play
i hear you guys like to play hide and
you can come out now stop hiding it’s
quite the collection of dolls
did you guys used to like to play with
is there someone in this hallway with me
did i just hear somebody walking
in front of me if so give me a sign
touch me move something i mean no harm
yeah i pretty much walk the whole place
now come on i don’t know
come on okay
okay i’m leaving now if you want to give
me a sign
just let me know
so jesse just walked the whole first
building the museum
we’re gonna see if he got anything for
lady disturb
so how was that experience it was good i
really see much or see anything that
made me think that there was any
paranormal activity while i was in there
this was pretty dead pretty quiet mm-hmm
okay well you ready to continue
yes i’m ready yeah let’s put you into
another challenge and uh
test your beliefs a little bit more okay
all right there you have folks
okay jesse so for this challenge we’re
gonna send you into the attic of the
um sit down there’s a phasma box there
or there’s gonna be a list of questions
use the questions try to get it elicit a
response from the facebook box walk yes
when you’re done or if you get something
okay okay all right all the tea lights
all the way up
okay here you go
these are other questions yeah all right
good luck thank you oh you don’t need it
would you have been able to go in the
attic alone do this challenge
i wouldn’t back at it in the historic
palmyra palmyra new york
i’m going to the attic
hopefully make a believer
out of me okay
i’m now entering the attic
my mom
is there anyone in here with me
if there’s someone in here with me give
me a sign
anything a noise
you touch me
anything to let me know that you’re here
i do not believe in ghosts can someone
here prove me wrong
i don’t believe you’re real
is james up here with me i give you
permission to touch me
and affect me let me know that you are
james if you are here
let me know with a sign
a noise
give me a sign let me know that you are
here if someone is here with me
is there anyone downstairs and if there
is someone here do you want me to leave
i give you permission to touch me
a noise i mean no harm
is there james in here with me
james if you are here
let me know that you are here
i just want to talk to you james
am i welcome here or do you want me to
if you want me to leave give me a sign
ann are you here
someone is here please let me know
do you know my name
was somebody just above me
if someone is here and just made that
creek can you do it again
i just heard a little creak i don’t know
if it was anything but
anna did you do everything to save your
found something weird on the top of my
i don’t know if that’s me freaking
myself out or
my mind playing tricks on me
but definitely kind of feels like
something’s touching my head
the lady said that that happens too
that’s how they like to say hi
if you are saying hi by touching my head
please give me another sign
say hi i’m here
somebody just say hi i’m here
yeah my stomach feels like it’s getting
don’t be scared give me a sign
was that a spirit here with me right now
is there something in here with me right
hey jesse really yeah
coming down
how was the uh creepy attic it’s pretty
did anything happen though i thought i
felt something like
kind of like touching my hair but i
don’t know if it was just you got a
physical reaction i don’t know if it was
my mind playing tricks on me what up
there would really
physically touch your hair yeah i don’t
know you saw what it was like up there
there’s nothing so how do you explain
i don’t know you can’t well
i think i’m still a little skeptical but
you know well we got a whole nother
building to go to
so i’m glad you’re still a skeptic you
ready to continue tonight oh yeah
definitely so he was touched he still
doesn’t believe so we’re gonna send him
into some more [ _ ] up [ _ ]
all right jesse so for this next
challenge we’re going to put you at the
phelps family home and general store
this general store and everything else
in it
is exactly the way it was when they left
so nothing’s been changed and it’s all
outdated it’s like the 1900s when you go
in there
awesome i’m going to give you an emf
detector when you walk
through the duration of this ask
questions if this goes off it’s supposed
to tell you if
something’s in the area okay awesome um
when you go in the door don’t go up the
stairs go all the way to back and to the
and then start over there and then work
your way around awesome if anything
happens obviously walking me let me know
and hopefully you find something sounds
good alright good luck
yep that’s part one sticky door
front door
this place is massive he’s going to have
a lot of time on his hands there’s three
floors plus the general store plus the
back house of the general store where
they kept all the storage
so he’s going to be in there for quite
some long time would you
have been able to do this challenge and
walk through this general store in the
family’s home all by yourself
let us know in the comments below while
we have technical difficulties
phelps general store
all righty
said it’s all original
so anyone in here with me tonight
is there someone i can speak to possibly
a manager
oh this building is old okay
light set up all the way through um
spell them all the way around okay
take your time enjoy yourself hunting
copy that oh picked up on something i
don’t know if it’s my equipment
are there any spirits in here with me
i need the phelps family if you are
please give me a sign
creaky ass floors holy [ _ ] can somebody tell me about your store what kind of things you sold here maybe when the store was started so i’m now in a bedroom whose bedroom am i in right now if you are here please give me a sign and let me know a noise touch me anything to let me know that you were here there is something here with me right now ring those bells i’m here for a show called skeptics because i’m skeptical and don’t believe in spirits the whole point is to prove me wrong so if there’s someone here or a spirit here prove me wrong is there someone here with me right now can’t tell that’s me creaking these floors are so [ _ ] creaky
did someone that lived here like to play
or sing songs like to play this piano
or this guitar
if there’s a spirit here am i welcome
do you want me to leave
if you want me to leave please let me
another piano was somebody here that
liked to play the piano
play the piano for me
now entering the bedroom
if somebody’s here will you tell me
whose bedroom this is
or if it is your bedroom give me a sign
that you are still here
i see that this is a bedroom of william
and catherine phelps
william or catherine if you are here let
me know
give me a sign make me a believer
william or catherine are you here with
me now
are you upset that i am in your bedroom
oh [ _ ] that was me okay this bedroom is kind of creepy are there any spirits in this room here with me please give me a sign oh that was that i’m told there are still spirits here is this true goddamn mannequins [Applause] jesus christ scared the [ _ ] out of me says the
master suite
i’m going to sit down
there’s something here give me a sign
does it bother you that i’m sitting on
your bed
can’t [ _ ] tell it’s so goddamn creaky in this place is there a spirit here with me right now if so show yourself am i welcome or do you want me to leave make a noise move something touch me i’m asking you giving you permission that [ _ ] chair i can’t tell
is that something
oh that’s gotta be me
oh [ _ ] what is this just heard something in there like i said i can’t tell it’s so goddamn [ _ ] creepy in this place
is there anyone in here with me
show yourself
been through pretty much the whole
building so far
nothing yet
on my way out
so what was that like creaky as hell
yeah definitely the creek scared me a
couple times but
that much no just scared you just a
noise yeah
no it didn’t broken
lasted much like some of our lights um
so you willing to continue i’m willing
to continue yes all right
we’ll get you set up geared up and we’ll
get you right back in there okay sounds
good all right there you have it
okay jesse so for this challenge we’re
gonna blindfold you and put you in a
designated location i’m gonna lead you
the way
to the bottom of these stairs come on
follow me
camera guys steve too let’s go buddy
come on yeah it’s only gonna go so far
and then when you get to the bottom of
the stairs i’m just going to have you
blindfold yourself
and then i’ll lead you to a location but
you got a duck yep
there you go look that way
yeah that way you can’t see anything ah
all right i’m going to lead you to a
chair blindfolded
blindfolded in the basement all right
you can grab my arm
yeah yeah there you go follow me we’re
gonna yep
yep you got it yep ducked off duck
yep ducky dread duck because it’s a
pretty low okay all right you’re gonna
kick some boards here in a minute yeah
all right i’m gonna put you right in the
location you’re gonna feel the chair
reach down there there you go you got it
all right i’m gonna walk you in a few
minutes kind of get used to the
atmosphere down here okay
okay do i keep the blindfold on the
whole time you bet your ass you do okay
or until i tell you to take it off which
isn’t going to be any time soon
okay that shouldn’t be going off
do you got that camera guy steve yeah
that shouldn’t be going off
that shouldn’t have been going off good
the rempah was just going off jesse’s
gonna have his hands full
up we go leave him leave him by himself
hopefully we’ll get some more action
good luck jess okay i’m blindfolded in a
[ _ ] dark ass basement i have no idea my surroundings i’m in the basement at the palmyra historic palmyra are there any spirits here with me right now i’m told i’m in the basement of historic palmyra or december 20th 1964 there’s a fire that killed six people seven people six children are any of those spirits of the people that die down here with me right now anna eddie if there’s anyone down here right now okay jesse can you hear me yeah i can hear you the location you’re at is where anna and her six children were burned to death i want you to see if you can reach out and feel anything see if you hear anything got it rumor has it her husband paul is the one that set the fire to her and her six children see if you can reach out to him and i’ll look at any responses paul are you here with me anna are any of her six children or any of you here with me tonight or do any of you know how the fire started was it paul if so make a noise and let me know that you’re here i’m sorry what happened to you guys is this the exact spot where you guys died on december 20th 1964. if you are here give me a sign a noise or touch me i give you permission to touch me to let me know that you are here and i’m told that you did everything you could to protect your children if it was paul that started the fire do something to let me know anything noise talk to me touch me anna if you loved your children and you did everything to save them let me know now is someone here with me right now give me a sign feels [ _ ] heavy down here
it’s hard to breathe
paul did you murder your family
am i welcome here
am i safe here
i’m just here to talk i mean no harm
how’s it going down there jesse
it’s going it’s uh
it’s kind of creepy feels real heavy
down here too
i’m breathing real heavily
heavily yeah it’s
it’s hard to breathe down here
the ashes of the building that they all
burned up in is actually directly to
your left
so that could be the cause of the
i invite you guys to touch me or give me
a sign
if there are any spirits down here with
can’t imagine what it was like to be
burned alive
i’m sorry that you guys all went through
i want to know that you guys all lived
on and your spirits are still here
so please give me a sign
let me know that your spirits and your
names have still lived on
all right you can go ahead and take that
blindfold off
so you can kind of see where where
you’re at
see all those ashes over there
oh that’s where anna and her children
were burned
the city never cleaned it up they just
buried it
it’s pretty crazy yeah that’s why we put
you down here
yeah i was having like a like a real
heavy you know i mean
feeling yeah yeah like a blanket almost
yeah exactly
exactly did that thing go off at all
no it didn’t bummer yeah so what do you
i mean yeah man i
i don’t know i just you know what i mean
it’s still kind of
it’s looking all crazy you know i mean
you’re still processing it yeah it’s
that shouldn’t have went off we just
turned around it just went i know and
then like the
the other place that we’re in the store
with uh the yes or no thing went off so
well let’s talk about it upstairs okay
let’s go
well jesse let’s go over your experience
tonight first you were in the museum
um and you you went through the whole
thing tell us about that
uh yeah i went through it was uh
it was uh it was cooler i didn’t really
see much going through there didn’t hear
much on the first challenge
kind of dead yeah kind of that you were
exploring the whole thing
just kind of creepy let me put you in
the attic yeah
anything happen there no nothing really
happened in the attic
didn’t feel anything here or anything oh
well the one time i
i don’t know what it was it was just
there it is just goose bumps or
something but i kind of felt like
something touched my head
all right that you can’t explain that i
can’t so that’s the first one okay
and then we put you in over at the
phelps the phelps store
the old general store um you walked
around there right
anything happened at first now it’s just
really creaky and a lot of noises but i
think a lot of it was from me
and then we put you in the um the ladies
room yes
ms phelps tell us about that that was uh
when something actually weird happened
uh the yes or no uh box thing i
asked if uh if i was invading
or if i was like you know disturbing
their piece and as soon as i asked that
the thing
lit up is no is it okay that i’m here
answer yes or no
am i invading
holy [ __ ] so it’s okay that i am here
so she liked you yeah exactly so you
can’t explain that one no i can’t
explain that and then
shortly after that the the little box
the rent pot the rent pod started going
on it only works with electrical
yeah and you weren’t anywhere near
anywhere now it was in the other room
so how do you explain that you can’t so
that’s three right
yeah three things uh and then we brought
you back over here
blindfolded your ass and put you in the
tell us about that experience uh well
supposedly that’s where
anna and her six children burned to
and uh not a lot happened there but it
was just a
real heavy feeling like you said it’s
kind of like a blanket yep
like a way to like it yeah and then as
put you there the rem pod went off over
actually i didn’t what i didn’t tell you
or them
is the area that we put the rem pot in
is actually considered a portal
where spirits can come and go yeah so
yeah that’s why we kind of did it we
were debating where to put you
we wanted to put you in the most messed
up place so we were like oh portal or
seven people died so we went with the
deaths yeah and that’s why i ended up
over there
all right all right well thank you so
much for being on i’m going to ask you
for having me
are you still skeptic after everything
you felt and experienced here
no i think i’m a little bit more of a
believer now there you have it folks
did it again made jesse from a skeptic
to a believer
thanks so much for being here thanks for
having me it was a pleasure appreciate
your time
yeah absolutely well there you have it
tonight at the historic palmyra museum
in the general store we were able to
give jesse some experiences
that he couldn’t explain away and it
ultimately did change his mind about the
existence of the unknown
what did you think about tonight let us
know in the comments below don’t forget
to like and subscribe so you can see
future episodes
thanks for watching until next time
sleep tight america

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Celeb actually went up to 3.3.1 from zero from 0 to deliver your voice zero something the Philadelphia Olivero soldiers here was in all the dropped reader is one of two. Western Heights is linked by series of dry notes and is arguably the most impressive and immediately noticeable feature on Dover’s Western Heights the artillery at the fourth face mostly inland it was intended to attack invading force attempting to To Dover from the rear the construction of the fortress was into periods the first being from 1804 to 1808 two and a polyp was in the second from 1859 to 1864 following the recommendations of the 1859 Royal commission the original form of the fortress was a simple Pentagon for my cutting trenches into the hillside. The island barracks magazine and artillery on top originally it would have accommodated 200 troops about 1893 the numbers had been reduced to just 90 striking feature of the first period as the 51 proof casements these parabolic in cross-section uncovered anything over to withstand the effects of multipliers the windows at the rear of each open into a trench 10 mg of last the rise of Napoleon third during the 1850s course of further invasion scare and a rule commission was set up in 1859 to investigate the defence of Britain as a result more work was deemed necessary in the Heights and the dropped readout had its defences improved company is ready to 4 corners of the existing fault Congress would build alongside to to allow fire along the north and south east lies the original magazines enlarged with large earthquakes protective the office of supporters themselves also date from this period they can be distinguished from the early work was a semicircular shape of the human World War II squad of commandos in the event of an invasion of their presence was secret and the lines around the readout remind evidence of their stage of the Saudi courts company is one to the entrance dropped readout was Ballsbridge the in the third of this was pivoted so that the fork be isolated the heavy recess into which the Brits one can still be seen although the bridge has long since gone in the 1980s and temporary scaffolding which was built by the army to enable access for guided tours that this was removed in the middle of the 1990s to prevent unauthorised entry vandalism originally thought was to be equipped with twelfths move for 24 pounder guns to However it is unlikely that many were installed to Neapolitan always almost over the time of their construction all in 1851 2324 pounder is a great place is 612 pounder saluting guns, 18 short on top of the form what remains of the lighthouse which complemented the one that still exists in the grounds of Dover Castle it’s time investigations for the dropped readout fortress in our search for paranormal activity we had a guided tour around for this place is huge corridor after corridor tunnels connecting to ruins stairway is going deep underground temperature readings were taken to call normal baseline TMF readings were also taken stood at zero with no abnormalities the owner of the fallen think I was so worried of warning about the spiders which inhabit certain areas as they are very protective of their young witch-black sacks series of disturbing the more touching than book about the spiders to attack devices is there anyone here that could hear my voice if so can you make a noise to let us know that your here can you call out your name for us can you throw something or knock-on something for us to let us know that your here with us inside this room did you work here as a soldier back in the 1800s was you station here through one of the world wars can you tell us your name and rank from inside and outside is there anyone here that can speak to us someone I used to work here in this form are you in this room can you move something in here to let us know that you can you tell a show name how long have you been here for how many of you are here you can smell in a series where is the what you smelling here you is that there are those chefs smell something that nobody is if you are not/material advancement was only coming from monsoon area jason lynn said that reminded smell that scalextric cartwright The Smell of Electrostatic Charge within Seconds Disappeared a Cake Use the White Noise to Come through and Speak to Us If Your Here inside This Room Come through and the Frequency of White Noise My Name Is Jeff What’s Your Name Did You Work Here Modern Wars Can You Tell Us along You Are Station Here for These You Work Here Is a Soldier What Did You Do near the Falls That Nothing You Did Nothing so Why Are You Here Then You Get Removed Changes over the Desires and so Are We Welcome Here in This Form Is If We Welcome Here in the Schools Where Is the Best Place to Go with You to Find You Tell Us Where to Go to Point You When We Find You the One in Three the Very so That They Were Actually Went up to 3.1 from the Can You Come and Join Us in This Room with Come a Long Way to Speed Here That People Are Homeless for Faster Succumbing to Make Contact with You Review Your Voice Can You Make a Noise Attack on Something with the Temperature Was Anyone I Could Think It’s Coming from over There As Requested Tapping Sounds Are Heard behind Is the Enhanced Audio and If You Listen Carefully There Are Two Forces Captured at the Same Time We Are Unable to Hear What You’re Saying That Was You Make the Noise Can You Do It Again for Us Please Movement Is Heard Coming from Somewhere around Us Is the Enhanced Audio That You Did You Just Hear That Something Move on the Shoulder Wasn’t Back Something Incorrect the Back of My Shirt Forcefully Which Startled Me from the Two Sides the Bottom of My Shirt Board Backwards Okay Which One of You Will Support down’ They Just Uncovered with the Only Goal Spiders Are Stuck on the Wall with Their Babies Ready at the NFL Brightness down Israeli Dead Canvas Corridor Because Anybody Here and Make Yourself Known Can Move Something or Make a Noise THIS IS A WRITE-DOWN IN THE CORRIDOR NOW IF YOUR HERE LET US KNOW TOO LOUD BANGS HEARD COMING FROM WITHIN THE CORRIDOR IS THE ENHANCED AUDIO IF YOU DON’T WANT TO STAY HERE ASK US TO LEAVE YOU SHALL YOU CAN PULL THE CLOTHING SECTOR AGAIN THROW SOMETHING FOOTSTEPS AND WALKING CAPTURED ON A DIGITAL RECORDER IS THE ENHANCED AUDIO WE CARRIED OUT AN INVESTIGATION INTO OTHER AREAS OF THE FOURTH NO EVIDENCE WAS CAPTURED WE ASKED THE OWNERS AND WE WILL INVESTIGATE COMPANY NUMBER ONE THIS AREA HAS NEVER BEEN OPENED AND IS FENCED OFF TO TO HEALTH AND SAFETY RISKS EVENTUALLY WE WERE GRANTED ACCESS WORLD WAR II FIGHTING CAN YOU THROW SOMETHING TO LET US KNOW YOUR HERE WHISPERING IS CAPTURED ON THE MICROPHONE IS CAMERA THE FIRST VOICES SAYING DON’T TELL HIM THEN THE SECOND VOICE IS YES FOLLOWED BY A THIRD VOICE SAYING CHALLENGE IS THE ENHANCED AUDIO FROM THE CAMERA CAN YOU THROW SOMETHING TO LET US KNOW YOUR HERE CAN YOU THROW SOMETHING TO LET US KNOW YOUR HERE CAN YOU MAKE A NOISE BANG ON SOMETHING. WHO’S DOWN HERE SO YOUR NAME IS THERE ANYONE HERE WITH US YOU ARE WE WRAPPED UP THEIR INVESTIGATION OF THE DROPPED READOUT FORTRESS THE OWNERS OF’S IS 20% INVESTIGATION WHICH WE HOPE TO DO LATER HERE WITH LIKE TO THANK THEM FOR THEIR TIME OF HOSPITALITY IF YOU WOULD LIKE A FREE INVESTIGATION FREE HELP FREE ADVICE TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE GHOSTLY TEAM PLEASE CONTACT US USING THE EMAIL ADDRESS SHOWN ON SCREEN