Karl Investigates the Scariest Haunted Hospital

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Scary Ghost Hunting Encounter At The Most Scariest Haunted Hospital At 3AM - Dark Arts TV
Scary Ghost Hunting Encounter At The Most Scariest Haunted Hospital At 3AM – Dark Arts TV

Karl latest episode for Dark Arts TV. He is with other fellow investigators. They are exploring the scariest haunted hospital.

While preparing for the investigation, Karl calls Nat. All of a sudden, his phone starts to dial on its own. It certianly made it for a wierd start for the night.

Did they capture EVPs or apparitions, click on the video to see what happen.

Scary Ghost Hunting Encounter At The Most Scariest Haunted Hospital At 3AM!!

right no this is seriously worrying
this is who’s ringing me
it’s disturbing bro no right
guys right something i don’t know where
to start man
i’m i’m freaked out i’m generally
freaked out
so where do i start with it how weird is
so basically we’re on the way to an
asylum right now we’ve been here before
i’ll run a clip this is what we heard
all right so guys we’re literally just
trying to review the footage now
that was oh sorry 100.
right that’s the clip from the last time
we came here and we pretty much got out
and we
unexplained events was freaked out but
something’s really just strange to
starting to lay by having five minutes
with me right
so sam pulls an article about this place
and how the mistreatment happens to this
patient and he end up pursuing
and basically they call this place uh
the horror hospital
so we’re talking about schizophrenia and
the patients and you know what they must
be going through and next minute my
my phone starts ringing no yeah he
starts ringing and the voice comes
through and goes
hello fire mitch services and i’m like
what what so i’ve reached my phone and
flip it over
999s on the phone emergency services and
i’m like whoa
my phone’s just like dialed in bikes and
like he was like put the phone down so i
put the phone i was like what the hell
is going on
my phone was been on the side for at
least good five minutes whilst we talked
about this
so that’s that’s not the end of the
story it gets weirder
so i sat in the car and just pulled over
next minute my phone’s ringing done
and i’m like what’s going on and then
and then i’ll put it down i’m like
what’s going on next minutes bring it
down again
so i run to your window and i’m like
what’s going on bro i’m sat there
and i i was like about to hand straight
and i look at you you see my windows
yeah but it didn’t just ring down did it
he didn’t just ring down yeah and i rang down at 21 21 26 21
26 and this unknown number at 21.26
666 bro no i just really weird josh
really weird the mileage on this trip
you know i’ve just gone past
666 miles literally
when did it bring you
21 26 bottom mileage on the car
something’s really is
something bizarre is happening but bro
pl please ring this number
we need to find out what is going on i’m
not ringing up my number six six six is
yeah but the guy coming i got six and
six on yours yeah you you missed out
about the guy coming in on the video
oh guys the guy the guy what’s his
youtube channel
so the video you just seen a minute ago
we just played right this is from the
guy who commented this
on my channel so it says here it says
how’s your brain about to burst
is your head not in line in the right
state wnpx do with other all these
random random
letters it says a few years for a few
years for the boxes the boxes hold many
things and it’s more numbers 28 blah
blah blah blah
more than the numbers it says and
wonders beyond belief follow nicholas
glass though in many years of great land
of the boxes before he
1499 blah blah blah blah blah on our
website what
did you do you clicked the link but it’s
a wix website
doesn’t matter you still click the link
on the website if there’s any computer
and you know any hackers drop in a
comment right now
is it possible for a wix website to hold
some some spyware
but the guy the guy who commented that
we went on his channel
and that’s the that’s the video you’re
seeing them doing mad stuff and
he dressed bro he’s dressed in a
hospital gown yeah saying he’s in a
trapped in a morgan saying he’s died and
he’s coming back to life how weird is
this and we’re on the way to the asylum
right now bro
let me play that clip of him i honestly
i can’t call sounds ridiculous
it does you can’t make this this oh man
well let’s bring this in
i can’t cope so i played again i feel
like i’m living the life of secret vault
right now the conspiracies and
you know the government’s after me carry
on so this this is the video guys
um hi there
um i can’t get out of the morgue
yeah um
when i woke up after being falsely
pronounced dead i think the
coroner had a heart attack
this guy’s ringing you now i can’t get
this is the guy who commented on my
she’s got a tow tag on as well yes
i cannot
i’m pretty sure i’m in uh new jersey
morgue don’t know where new jersey all i
know is new jersey i
must have been falsely pronounced dead
right right right right let’s just ring
this number
right so did you ring yeah you rang out
to the number man
that’s the weird thing i can’t cope man
all right let’s let’s take this one four
one it bro
i’ll just ring it normal then maybe i
don’t know i don’t care
isn’t it rather you know me bro
what would you do if you’re on snooze
like i could i’m in a mog
it’s gonna be what he meant
hello hello
hello hi there i just had a miss call
from you on one of my other phones i’m
just wondering
who’s speaking uh i’ve never phoned
that’s that’s strange yeah
did you got no made course this number
did you did you have a a missed call
this is really bizarre
that’s really strange sorry i don’t know
what’s going on but we had a miscall
from your number and it looked like our
phone phoned out to you as well
not according to my phone wow
all right no no worries thank you anyway
i’m not giving him the name
i asked who’s speaking why are they not
getting the name man
what is going on right now bro i’m
getting that number blocked up
my phone does not just down 999 right
and then
a random number we don’t even know i
don’t recognize accent
it’s like a southern accent i don’t know
anyone down there
you you you it’s always you
carl search the number google the number
google it good good idea man block that
number mate i’d really i can just say it
was please
just copy and paste it hold it
it’s impossible mate this is impossible
i’ll just ring it back and ask why she
tell you who it is you should speak to
who called me yo yo what what what miss
natalie burton music teachers dorset
my girlfriend that’s her name there’s no
i can’t go i can’t cope i can’t cope
yo take your get me the [ _ ] out of here get me out of here now no no i’ve you don’t understand how cold i have gone right now no no i can’t call no no i’m so sorry you know he’s wrong no no no no no that is not normal no this you can’t make this [ _ ] up
has my phone been hacked or something i
don’t know
but you weren’t even on your phone you
wouldn’t be named that’s the thing it
was literally in the same place as where
it rang when it was
so basically i got three phone calls at
21 26 21 26 right
and we just typed in 2126 on google and
it’s just come up with bible verse
a bible verse and that’s that’s the
numbers why
they rang out on at that time
this is getting weirder weird and
weirder from fear the meaning of 21 26
is to breathe out the soul
and it was therefore a word which could
naturally enter into the vocabulary of
yo my phone’s ring oh my god
what is going on oh my god my phone’s
no no i’m not i’m not touching anything
my phone’s dying
[ __ ]
listen to this i’m going so cold i’m i’m
like what was it it was like breathing
the soul the soul out of the body
what right who you thinking i’m on the
phone tonight and he’s trying to ring
out dude
look i’m not talking
my phone or something yeah because this
is this is too weird but what
what sam just said at 21 26 the time my
phone’s ringing out
means some what was it it’s like the
last breath breathing out with your
men breathing out their soul or
something what would it say
men of fear and it said that on that
creepy guy’s website mate
oh my god he’s hacking it you can only
hear us right now yeah but how did he
find natalie
yeah have you got a regime as you gotta
have you got her on you misses this
facebook on facebook no
in a relationship no i will i don’t know
i’m all
i want i can’t cope well she’s on your
videos bro
so if there’s anyone who knows who
watches youtube videos knows gnats on
your videos
won’t be hard to find yeah
my facebook and get everything logged
out immediately
that’s why he’s gone dark side has one
awful stars of this episode
um we’re all freaked out we have no
explanation for it
i don’t think my phone can hack
everything’s secure
it just seems to be a coincidence i got
a weird comment and then i clicked on a
website but i didn’t
but the problem download it’s like being
before the 999 copy for what comment was
on the youtube focus on the website my
on the phone said are you dying in
numbers i wasn’t dying on anything this
is hours before the 999 call
it’s just weird leave a comment right
now and tell me what you think i’m
freaked out really freaked out
i mean you did say man there’s going to
be something weird on this trip
to you what was this always called
something always goes wrong
you see the melting card pits or getting
hacked by crazy man on youtube
so guys as you know before we start any
video from youtube channel hit subscribe
button make sure notification bell is on
i’m just going to get to it
this place is super hard so let’s see if
we can capture anything crazy this time
all those patients patients wardrobes
all the beds and stuff okay
horrible vibes in there the article that
was actually reading the line
before the 99 call happened was
this place locked door let’s go back to
the high lot door
so basically this place is known as the
horror hospital
the mistreatment used to happen to the
patients um in this place
one of them was a patient who they
walked in a cell
and basically you know mistreated him
there was a big massive case about it
and i think it’s probably one of the
reasons why this place should come as
because there’s a lot of mistreatment
taking place in this building
so i mean it’s an asylum you know this
this used to happen back in the day but
this is recently shut down
and it just it just shows how much
mistreatment is still going on in places
like this so let’s try making a
pentagram bro
dude honestly i don’t know what
tonight’s been about but i’m just super
excited now we’ve seen stuff like this
what’s that a beep
when it was not the one that we had last
time there is a beep in this one in the
do you remember the last video we did
from here we didn’t even get to do
spirit box no evps
no microphonic we heard the voice went
to go check
and he’s just like no this is too dodgy
oh that’s a bad omen bro
so we
i’m glad you heard that bro let’s just
let’s keep going
that is creepy well
these were hand painted
wow look at all the ceilings out here oh
mate this looks good
all right this looks like a bit of a
oh me i’ve gone so cold right now
how are you feeling bro freaked out
i don’t know it’s because of all the all
the staff getting here oh it’s just
generally the place
but i think yeah it’s a bit both wow
look how old that vacuum is man
that’s crazy that’s like just as it
started electrical
are you feeling mad
he can satisfy a proper victorian
victorian structure just didn’t come
creepy this would have been back in the
day though without this this fall
you know like the tall archways and
stuff wow
towards us bro
i’ve just heard someone say hello
yeah yeah someone’s just shouted hello
yeah this like person saying hello man
this is
let’s go let’s get it let’s just kiss
the police
our chapel
yeah hello nice
voicemail saying hello
what did you wear there bro someone said
death always
you know
oh shh that’s what i’m running
birds they might have nothing this bar
bro is that i think it weighs you
look at that ass that’s all really old
yo i want your blood
are these just like offices
jesus christ bird all right so i’m good
yeah there’s two there’s two in there
bro so obviously they can get it now
it’s all good
pigeons eating pigeons man it could be
patients in your patients bro
watch your eyes hey can you imagine have
to start trying to attack your eyes
yo what’s going on
they are crazy pigeons crazy pigeons
that’s yours look at it look at those
look at it bro why is that stainless
stuff like messed up bro
look at it look it’s down
mate look at it it’s not removed
i never thought it was freaked out by a
pigeon yeah but it’s just staring does
that mean
yeah why is it not moving i don’t know
wait man yo guys
come here we need help
it’s going to attack them
this picture won’t leave the wall it’s
going back
he’s standing guard
god’s sake
this is terrible
i’m saying no i’ve got you running out
it’s the crazy one
right great great did you find it for me
jesus christ made great now we’re all
pinned narrow
yeah let me try and speak to it cool
cool it’s above your wheat man
down there oh bro you stood on this leg
there’s one up there the corners
he seems to be afraid of his courage
that there’s nothing down here well it’s
about great the other one
what does that go to the other building
it goes to the other side
it says
yeah and that’s why i brought you over
that’s creepy man
the weird thing is that one’s not not
even removed watch the pigeons man
these are fresh well that was super
scary i’ve never been attacked by
pigeons before
that’s ridiculous i just want to explore
the building
and just whip out the spirit box not get
attacked by kind of all pigeons anymore
i’m done with this i’m done with today
like what the hell is today been about
yeah i’m terrified of pigeons
it in your eye
something trying to kill me
yeah no way yeah okay i’m juiced robin
yes they think about asylums obviously
like one way or that she’s pretty sad to
actually think about you know silence
back in the day were actually one-way
facilities once she was
in you weren’t coming out that’s the way
it was you know
it was self-sustaining
this floor is bad no
water bro the
let’s get a nice room set up somewhere
and do some so basically we went through
here last time
once upstairs it bends around and you
come to a dead end
and we heard this this shouting bro
the one i showed you the one with that
reverse scream
he was down there man
let’s just go to a dead end it’s weird
all right so guys we’re actually going
up the corridor where we’re headed to
i’m just going to keep the lights on
like super low just in case
all right you guys ready for this i’m
kind of hoping i’m gonna get something
but i’m kind of not at the same time
because this place is freaky
is there anyone here with us now
i’m gonna stop about a sec what did you
wear then bro yeah
probably that pigeon sounded evil
growling pigeon
yeah yeah all right it makes you feel
bro breath
lights off
right this is really strange we just
thought the police turned up
but we just realized we’re on a higher
level and the road’s down there but
we’ve just seen a blue
and red light going past because if it
was at the end of the corridor bro
this is just too weird man
but there’s just nothing going on
oh yeah the walls this is where we had
the door slamming
on this one’s level
yeah i’ll tell you what i’m gonna do i’m
gonna i’m gonna
evp here since we’ve heard a lot of
noise there too let’s run on the evp and
we’ll try some spirit box
what was that did you hear that is it
no no it’s like it’s like yeah
so i’m gonna turn this device on my hand
i’m gonna walk down here
i’ve got feelings inside come here man
i’m gonna turn this device under my hand
and i want to try and use it to
communicate with us
are you able to do that
wait just a joy just said wait bro
see what
it’s just a chop bro to the heart
chop to the heart
a woman a woman i just said a woman
what would the woman are you the woman
that keeps saying hello
are you the woman that keeps saying
hello to us
because i need you to go
can we hear your voice again
what’s with these scissors you just you
just said chop to the heart
i fought again
please wait again he said told us to
wait twice here
why do you want us to wait here
are you gonna try and show yourself
should we walk to walk further down
let’s keep walking nice see what happens
we’re moving
starts like you leave
please don’t end it please don’t end it
so you don’t miss the stock targets here
you down here
i’m not well i just said i’m not well
i hate you i hate you i’m not well i
said hate you
why’d you hate us or on me why’d you
hate me
oh bro that’s minion
we’re another evp equipment we’ll get
some video stuff here i’m going to run
this device
and i want to come forward and speak
into it for us please
all right can you do that now
what’s your name
keep banging something real loud for us
i’m gonna put it i’m gonna play it back
something really famous i don’t know
what the hell it is
keep walking down
it’s weird man it’s like things just
keep happening when we’re not expecting
like the voices and stuff are it’s weird
with the scissors though saying about
chop to the heart and stuff like that
yeah man
what was it bro it sounded like men
talking outside
really yeah
what’s weird bro
i figure you’ll have something
yo yo yo
there’s a cow right there
yeah yeah let’s just sculpt our cars out
and stuff
yeah where is it
get back to the room back to the room
what the hell is that one
going on
so we’re literally being honed down now
by security oh i’m kind of glad to see a
travel watch but
i don’t want to stay in a two-star
travel lodge
but i’ll speak to you when i get inside
i can’t explain
any of what had happened at the start of
this video
it just doesn’t make any sense to me my
phone’s turned off
turn the internet off i’ve changed all
my passwords
to youtube my gmail account all the main
um because i was a bit worried about
getting hacked again so i’ve been hacked
previous times if you don’t already know
if you need to
um swapped everything over
the phone’s off i have no explanation
for any of
what happened was it some crazy
coincidence that you know
the phone we type team was a natalie
burton somehow
i don’t know i’ve never a woman in
you know i mean i don’t know anyone down
there that under that name
apart from obviously my girlfriend
really really bizarre
absolutely bizarre no explanation for it
too afraid to even turn my phone on
right now
so guys leave me a comment
just tell me what your thoughts are what
do you think was happening i honestly
don’t think i was getting hacked
i just think it’s just really strange
really strange
other than that we’ve had some
interesting stuff in the asylum and not
what i was expecting
especially from the first time we went
with hearing all the shouting demonic
sounds and things are
screaming and whatever it was it seemed
tonight that
when we tried to contact webb was there
it was almost as if like it wasn’t
that present but when we was going about
our businesses walking around
talking that’s when we could hear
talking um
someone saying hello there’s a blog
first twice and then it was a female as
well so
interesting stuff very interesting stuff
don’t get me wrong but
not what i was expecting more than that
guys i hope you really enjoyed this
video please don’t forget to drop the
and tell me what you think happened at
the start of this video because
i have no explanation for any of it
and yeah we’re going to wrap this video
up right here check the links as well
support the channel
and yeah we’re going to wrap this up
it’s been a long day
see you next time peace

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