SLS Camera Modification and Enhancements

I got an SLS camera for ghost hunting and investigations. The unit I purchased from Gotcha Ghost which uses the Kinetic Version 1.

While learning how to use it, I realized that the unit does not have much support when mounted on the tripod. The image below shows, two points here it makes contact with the tripod.

2 points of contact with the tripod mount

My concern here was that if I want to move the camera from room to room and let it run for long periods of time, I may find a failure point on the mount. The screw between the tripod and SLS mounting bracket is overly stressed. I may find my self with a failure point in tripod bracket.

SLS fully assembled (minus handle) is about 4 lbs. This includes Kinect sensors, battery pack, and a tablet.

SLS Camera fully assembled weighing at about 4 lbs

My thoughts were to increase surface contact between the SLS camera and tripods mounting bracket. This can distribute the weight of the camera and reduce the risk of the assembled product from turning.

First thoughts for prototyping, was to create a clay block to fit between SLS camera bracket mount and the tripod mounting bracket. This clay is soft to shape, and then you heat it up to harden the clay. The following images will show how this clay model looked like.

Clay mold on the SLS camera bracket
Clay mold between SLS camera and tripod brackets
Clay molds after a good one time use in an investigation … :\

After my first use in an investigation, it worked great. I did not have second thoughts on the weight distribution and weak points between the camera and tripod. The only concern I did have was that the camera and recording were leaning a bit because the clay mold did not have the same height all around.

Chicken scratch … 🙂

So, I decided to create a 3D printed model for a more permanent solution.

I recorded a bunch of measurements from all of the equipment.

To build the 3D model I used freeCAD.

freeCAD 3D modeling

In the following image, after several prints and fittings, the product looks a lot better. The height is consistent, and weight distribution is great. The movement on the tripod is to minimal, and I should be able to carry this guy around during the investigation and last longer than one investigation.

If you would like the dimensions and freeCAD file for this model, please register and send me a comment or message. Not sure if the model will work with your tripod, but you can modify it for your purpose.

In the future, I am planning to create a similar modification to allow the mounting of a small full spectrum camera just above the Kinect sensors.