Playing With a Demon, Tim Morozov

Is it a demon or poltergeist? Watch this video snippets, or watch the whole video, and let us know in the comment area. How does one know the difference between a demon or poltergeist?

On this scene, Tim is keeping an eye on the other room, when all of a sudden, the ceiling lamp moves.


In this scene, Tim is staying a little longer, when he hears his shotgun make noise. The entity moves the shotgun and points it towards him, and actually pulls the trigger.


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You should be ready for this now.
The eyes are visible.
The most that neither is a real demon.
Is there anyone there?
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Hello everyone, friends!
My name is Tim Morozov.
And as you can imagine, I decided to return to the demon’s house.
All due to the fact that having studied the material that the cameras were filming while I was sleeping
, watching it – I was just in wild horror, shock.
I don’t know what to call it.
A dancing chair (as it was nicknamed in the comments), a
glass that rolls madly back and forth on the table, a
terrible terrible whisper, you can say some kind of spell –
someone was reading while I slept on that bed.
The inscription “The sound is increased”.
And, in the end, a doll that turns behind me
and looks directly into the camera.
Amy is going wild right now!
This is activity!
After all this, I just could not help but come back here!
I will try to spend the night here too.
Of course, I won’t sleep , because I just won’t be able to
sleep after what I saw on the cameras.
At the moment, I have already installed
devices that increase the strength of paranormal activity, as well as cameras.
Now I will try to go through the house and take pictures with a Polaroid.
Friends, here’s a little strange picture turned out.
The third manifested itself.
Perhaps just a glare in the area of ​​the carpet.
Very, very strange, but it doesn’t mean anything.
Is there anyone from the spirit world here?
There is also an inscription on the carpet!
Clearly visible, look.
“He is here”.
Last time I saw only these inscriptions in ultraviolet light,
but I did not look at the carpet.
Probably not surprising.
Perhaps this girl slept on this bed and
wrote all this around her, I don’t know.
Can not be!
You should be ready for this now!
It’s just some …
In general!
I just took a photo.
I photographed these signs on the stove.
There was nothing in front of me.
The photo is out of focus.
But here you can clearly see … look!
As I understand it, this is the same girl!
This is what neither is – photographed a ghost!
Hair, face, body.
I’m just in wild shock now!
If you look closely, you can even see your eyes!
Hair with pigtails!
As I was described, this girl also had black hair.
And, in principle, this can explain everything:
not the aggressive behavior of the ghost when I slept here.
That is, the chair was moving, but everything was quiet and
Nothing prevented my sleep, nothing, in principle, threatened me.
Maybe she was so attention-grabbing, knowing that I would look at the
cameras and see that there was something paranormal,
that there was a ghost.
It is precisely her soul.
My Polaroid photographed a ghost girl.
Tell me – did you specifically stand in front of the lens
so that I could photograph you?
As I understand it – this is “Yes”!
Last time I recorded a whisper on my dictaphone.
Now I want to have an EGF session again.
Can you concentrate and speak more clearly,
answer my questions?
I want to know if I can help you with something?
There was some …
there was something strange.
Now I will rewind.
Yes, I think so”.
There was the word “Yes”!
How can I help you?
There is some whispering again.
In my opinion, the same word.
If I hear everything correctly, this word reminds me of “Stay”.
If I understood you correctly, you want me to
stay here .
How long do you want me to stay?
If I understood correctly.
I can’t stay here forever and don’t understand how this will help at all.
Maybe there is an opportunity to somehow help you in a different way?
What is it?
Steps on the street.
I have a motorcycle there!
No one is visible.
Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!
Someone is there!
Is there anyone there?
Who’s there?
Heard clearly – there the door opened.
But it was locked.
Is there anyone there?
I have a gun!
Who is there?
The door is open!
Who could open?
This damn hook!
Who could open?
This damn hook!
This is definitely not a man!
Weapons are useless here.
I understand that you are doing all this!
But why?
I can’t stay here!
Why did you throw a rag at me?
Damn hook!
So, friends!
It’s just incredible right now!
First steps in the street, then somehow the door opened!
But I covered this hook 100%!
And at first I thought that some person is possible.
I have a motorcycle on the street, but after
they threw a rag at me, I understand that it is all she.
The gun is simply useless here.
Why are you doing this?
Why do you need me to stay here?
I’ll try headphones.
Why do you need me to stay here?
I will stay here until morning, provided that
nothing will fly into me .
My recorder will be writing all this time.
My appliances feed you.
Devices that increase paranormal power.
During this time, you can gain strength and answer me
how you can be helped and why you want me to stay here.
So, friends.
I leave the recorder.
I myself will wait for the morning.
I myself will wait for the morning, probably on this couch.
Now I will put on a jacket, because it is already cool enough, the
burner cannot cope.
Plus the door from the street was open.
I’ll try to conduct an experiment – what happens.
Then I will try, if there are any answers, to decipher.
There was a click … the gun was turned at me.
It feels like someone has taken it off the safety lock.
And this was supposed to be a shot …
And this is the second.
But it’s good that I’m not loading a gun with cartridges in the demon’s house.
For those who did not understand, friends – I, in principle, expected this.
It was some kind of test.
This is not a girl’s spirit at all.
This is the most that neither is a real demon.
Therefore, you just have to leave here.
So, friends.
I drove to a safe place – to the car.
You just can’t go by car.
I go there in an ATV, I went to that house.
And to the house already by car.
Safe now.
The last moment with the gun, of course, was very scary.
If the gun was loaded …
But in such houses – I decided that I would not load.
If there are some factories, prisons …
But it is in houses where something is moving – it is better
not to do this.
I am already 100% sure that in this house there is some
kind of demon, or something terrible, something evil – namely
demonic, which everything tried to make me stay there.
The point is that I spend as much time
there as possible .
To possibly take possession of my body in the same way as he once
took possession of a girl’s body.
Such thoughts visit me.
And because of this, friends, I left there so quickly and left
so as not to become a victim of the demon (in this sense).
About the photo of the ghost – I’m, of course, in shock.
But in fact, I don’t even know if it was the ghost of the
girl in the photo or it was arranged by that demonic
On purpose to mislead me.
On this, friends, that’s it.
Write comments.
Looking forward to your comments on this video.
And bye to everyone.