Tim Morozov Active Poltergeist Throws Chairs

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A Russian Paranormal Investigator

On this paranormal episode, I introduce another Russian paranormal investigator. On his latest video, there is an active poltergeist throwing chairs and other objects.


already mentioned for my risk Hello everyone, my friends, my name is Tim frost and now I am in the house at the request of my subscriber today I five got the keys to this house and stay here it is necessary to check its meaning in than after the death of this woman’s parents she was left here to live alone and everything would nine nothing but strange things started to happen ten things that have not happened before all eleven started simple first she heard the steps that walked through this house soon time something started to fall fourteen objects began to move there were knocks on the windows and ended sixteen this is because she woke up from the fact that someone is strangling packed their things and left for town nineteen she moved from here to live believes in mysticism as I would think an icon is hung everywhere you don’t understand how this is possible but judging even because in a saucepan for example Smolensk saw ghost everything may be, I’m standing here today to check that it was her imagination or was it mysticism let’s see tonight first as bruce caught stopped will thirty film the whole room of the main camera and [music] so friends of the house lived under control installed five cameras on me now I himself probably on this chair and with using high frequency headphones will control everything that happens in this at home I will try not to call the metro network just just listen if we listen to something and to wait swing meat she is dead piraeus passed out again just passed out on pimple muse deliciously turn such out [music] [music] now it stopped wobbling you see in general, it’s just a kick-ass or is cut down in front of the bottom when I bring it here this means that this creature is clearly here it simply cannot be otherwise because that the name doesn’t behave like that it is a magnetic meter, it seems there more than two thousand readings of Kazan more than two thousand really tin is just somehow + r itself it can’t be a plus still readings one hundred percent now I will try to get in touch, I know that you are there is an unknown entity I want with you get in touch if you understand me feet in any wall in any window in any object time I’m a flashlight click hike in it was son this creature me well just a bunch of bill glasses do not look like understanding where here where could he fall i dreamed the world of the present we have in common nowhere to fall now and try too measure small showed I would say what is he is something [music] instead my camera is standing still we have glory ran high infocus is there anything now I do not know what to do to arrest distant the sounds were there attic the sounds were with the attic is more accurate than denver pull yourself together and check now So [music] let him mention life itself I will ask well I heard for some my hand came to put it out just kick-ass an explosion is going on in some kind of crap wild I will show myself right now only by the fact that one hundred single knock what could it be the only option that can be on hour is processed which is possible due to stairs and there people are buying I just don’t know the adrenaline right now get your hands on the merchant get out, I understand what to get into the attic without a king it seemed like a flashlight listen, I do not wish you any harm, I want you help if you just throw yourself at the attic I need items I want to help you get out to contact and help you now I will try very carefully to me I’m just kidding instead of teeth flashlight and defend yourself protect face [music] what kind of chair were they even though I got it strange [music] [music] [music] nir move le chant of sweets but fry fry slits you don’t want a liter chair today pee-pee now silence because I told I want to be in touch with you I want to help you you can contact me now wants drought damn yes, I want to contact you, you can contact me get in touch I want to contact you you can contact me. I want to contact you you can contact me get in touch normal soon to have someone constantly talking hour based on look-look-look headphones you can contact me everywhere maybe it seemed to me here as if someone was standing transparently everywhere maybe it seemed to me here as if someone was standing i loaded the headphones sit down flashlight the same silence passed still passed another half hour and in the end I don’t know full trash stool fell minus chair ball from where take it now the silence is complete, I’m going