3D Modelling of Cemetery Objects

I have been exploring several ways of creating virtual experiences. I believe that having paranormal investigator engaged in this environment and soliciting their feedback will help me get valuable inputs.

I tried using photogrammetry to capture as is objects in my local cemetery. My thoughts are that objects should be captured, so researchers and investigator can examine the objects in details.

I definitely have a lot to work on improving the quality, but I think this specific example came out ok.

Thought I would share this with you all.

Halloween Decor in 3D Point Cloud

I completed my Halloween decorations last week. I was considering 3D solutions for the paranormal field when I had a need to test some applications which create 3D point clouds.

I went around testing different objects, and came across my decorations, and I asked myself why not.

If you know photorgrammetry, the typical workflow is you create a sparse 3D point cloud, dense cloud, and then some mesh work.

Here is my sparse point cloud.

Halloween Decoration sparse cloud

This is the my dense cloud

Dense cloud not clean up yet at this point.

I decided not to do the mesh model at this point, and opt to use Potree. Potree is a web application that allows you to import your dense cloud and view it in the browser. The application which I used to create the model is a stand-alone application called Agisoft PhotoScan.

One other application which I used was Cloudcompare. I used it to clean up the model a bit and export in a format which I import it into Potree.

Halloween decoration as viewed in Potree

If you would like to see the model in Potree, click on the link. Best viewed in a desktop modern browser.

If you are attempting to view this in a mobile browser, you will need to enable WebGL for it to properly render.