A Michigan Investigation by Paranormal Nightmare

Does a brother haunt this man or is something more evil? The Forman brothers investigate in Michigan.

A shadowy figure is caught walking across during the interview. Josh explains that its no one moving at this point during the interview.


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Paranormal Nightmare S6Ep6 A Haunting In Michigan [1]Originally Published on YouTube on Apr 23, 2021

who is here in the house
did you hear that this is greg
greg are you inside this house right now
with me and matt
my brothers and i were recently
contacted by two separate families in
michigan we have headed up north to
lansing michigan to investigate our
first case
matt believes he is being haunted by
several demonic spirits
and that one of these spirits may be his
deceased brother
all the activity is
mostly in uh this this front room
the hallway here the majority of it is
in the basement brought my attention
down here was
i’m scared to touch it even i haven’t
personally touched this book
and i have no idea where it came from
but this book
titled the devil had enough strength to
throw all this stuff on
on the floor i i don’t know where to
begin you guys i i
i think we might want to sit down for me
go into because stuff happened before i
saw this book here
all of my life i’ve been
sensitive probably have more in common
um with an empath than uh than a psychic
i was addicted to painkillers and
it was a classic story
of the opioids leading to
heroin well i became a
heroin addict
and i found myself going outside my
moral compass
i i feel like the real me was on the
inside watching this other person
just like screw over family and as time
went on and i
i kept on leaving little uh like tidbits
like hints to people like uh
saying hey you know i i really need help
hard to even talk about because i’m
in a state of disbelief when i recall it
and i attempted to kill myself
took five grams of heroin which should
killed anybody but in addition i uh
hooked the hose
up to my car and strung it through the
trunk and and then
um anyway it didn’t work but
i i believe
that near-death experience heightened
something i have a brother that i fell
out with a few years ago and
and it got to the point where i i
blocked him on my
uh phone because every time he he he
would text me it
end up with a hearty feel
or something then i was like why do i
put up with this abuse
i hadn’t talked to him in a couple years
uh then one night i had this dream he
was yelling at me
he grabs my hand and he goes and you
don’t even know how to kill yourself
well what you do is he grabs my hand and
shoves it in my mouth and goes uh
you do this and if that doesn’t work you
this i had the most disturbing dream
last night i
can’t stop thinking about it is all
about greg
my brother and then the next day my
sister gives me a call
and tells me to sit down and
greg died after that
is when uh i i started uh feeling
hearing things and so then i downloaded
uh those apps
we’re saying things
that there’s no way anybody could know i
mean it was bringing up the most
um obscure uh facts like
childhood friends from 1960
and i heard my brother greg coming
and there was one day i was listening to
it i was fascinated by this thing and
like trying to figure out what secret
file do i have
that this thing would be able to
mention jimmy pardo a friend of mine
from elementary school
i’d also get on and
like all these uh really you know name
like only brothers can call each other
they fight kept on getting called these
names and
a female voice came through and this war
now i think it was my mom
since then activity just ramped up
something fierce around here
but another thing through the apps
i kept on hearing demon
which brings me to this uh
book that ruth knows nothing about
i know nothing about is sitting on the
uh picnic bench in the laundry room
and um until today i
haven’t picked it up and so through
all the apps and and
the other the evps that i have always
refers to this i’d be down at the river
and uh
hear these voices it’s like they were
having some sort of conversation with
each other
my mom is buried in a cemetery across
the river
right down the way you can see the
cemetery from the backyard
and i i go out there quite often
talking to her saying that mom i i think
um there’s a a demon at my house and i’m
afraid to say this but i think greg may
beat the team
that when we meet up please uh
have some compassion and anything that
he took as an insult um
i said uh out of anger not of hatred
and i miss miss him very much and i hope
can show some compassion in two years of
my life where as a complete [ __ ] up
are not my defining moments because i
was an
awesome person before then and you know
had i known that getting help was so
i would have done it at the first sign
i am so sorry for any
contribution to the madness of the world
that i’ve made
my intent wasn’t to screw anybody over
there was nothing malicious i’m
also scared of the demons though there
are those that
are not my family people on paranormal
shows ask whether it’s human or
or not and i i hear
that no it’s a demon that’s inhuman
what does that mean i pray i never find
i’m very concerned i think there’s
caution to be had downloading uh these
apps because they are very real
no question in my mind thing that you
have to do is once we do the
investigation the cleansing
is just delete all the apps stop trying
to communicate with
you know the spirits and your brother
and all that stuff and
because that in itself can become
addictive and uh
being touched by spirits is no fun
i understand
i hate to say this right now but i’m
feeling the chill right now
and i was saying to josh earlier that um
only people that have been touched by a
spirit can really
relate to what i’m saying um the first
time i was touched i was
up in the kitchen when ruth had gone up
to bed and
i had my arms up like this and i’m
talking to the dog and i go
well mackie what should we do
and then this breath the hardest breath
went on the back
of my neck is one and it startled me so
it was one of those situations
where you you’d want to call the police
but there’s nothing to call the police
i asked if there was an attachment
and said yes i started taking pictures
i turned the sound on on this and my
brother greg
is speaking through the first picture
i want to live second
picture says back home
well holy and and it is greg
and i i get why he would be hurt because
i hate being talked about behind my back
i’m sorry but you know the truth is the
truth um
is he talking to you right now well he’s
he’s here and he’s very angry at me um
yeah yeah i think it is him right now
because i i feel him on this hand in
how it even happened in the first place
i have no idea i mean it just
was him texting me and him
telling me to pull off there’s a evp of
who i believe is my mom saying
your brother thinks you hate him
and so and that broke my heart to hear
this one
this female voice say say that
their voices saying for example um
nobody loves you i’ll be on a
cliff out in the woods or something and
they’ll say
jump jump go ahead jump
nobody loves you and just telling me oh
it’s crazy so unknowingly
i’ve had this like uh whisper
but she wanted me to get a hold of
somebody that knew more about
paranormal uh experiences
god is so cold right now i’m
shivering right now i’m sorry i think in
the process of uh asking
my parents for help and and and talking
to greg
that he came he’s here he’s stuck here
he sounds incredibly sad and it breaks
my heart and
makes made me want to cry it would say
and talk about uh scratching me and
stuff well i get
over a month long period i have
these scratches down on on my leg i am
living an actual paranormal
nightmare there’s no other word for it
but um
after he died i i felt
like as uh i needed some sort of resolve
with him i just wanted to establish some
sort of communication
between him and i to say that i’m i’m
sorry that i i feel like i played with a
um a 21st century ouija board but
didn’t close it out right or something
let’s go ahead and turn the apple
on and have awesome questions
that’s craig
when you first turn it on you said it’s
did you hear that this is greg yeah
greg are you inside this house right now
with me and matt
where are you at right now
i’m here
kind of hold that up close to your bike
like right there that’s good
i’m so sorry i’m doing that you can set
that down right there
i’ll move and i’m sorry that really just
shot the hell out of me
i’m sorry but you’re fine oh yeah
i love you greg i love you so much
okay so i had to take a break real quick
i think it’s time we’re gonna finish the
i definitely heard the voice greg come
like several times right immediately
like right when he turned that on
so when he gets back down here we have
some more questions
and then we’re going to start the
investigation here shortly
but definitely pretty creepy to turn
that on
and immediately hear something like that
we’ll see
i’m sorry
you know
there’s just you know one when you go
through this
you know if you if you
ever questioned whether there was an
afterlife or not
until you experience something like this
for yourself
i now i know that there is an afterlife
whether it’s heaven or hell i don’t know
i i think it’s something
more mathematical
multi-dimensional than anything because
greg gives me clues
about mathematics he he’s greg is
he’s a genius he is a genius he’s
he’s one of the smartest people i’ve
ever known
what are you feeling i just i just feel
really sad because i
i feel like i i have betrayed him some
in some way and my intent was never to
to betray him or
talk negatively behind his back or be
gossipy or anything
using these apps which i
i believe are a 21st century version of
the ouija board that i
i don’t know how to operate obviously
i my original intent was to open up a
source of communication let
my loved ones know that i love them
but i would so if
anybody’s trapped here i want them to go
i want them to go whatever has been
attached to me all these years
that i’m being touched again
and i’ve interviewed hundreds and
hundreds of people over the years
i just get the sense that you’re holding
something back or holding something in
because you’re afraid
does that make sense i
i i don’t want ruth to be scared to live
i don’t want
i just want to be a a regular person
ruth doesn’t like what’s going on one
whatever this is inside this house
or that’s been affecting you do you feel
personally guilty that in some ways that
you calls did or
oh yeah oh yeah i i feel like uh
as far as greg and more disturbing not
my parents because um
i didn’t know who else to call i want
nothing to do with demons
i’m i’m scared about my soul josh
i love you greg
i love you with every molecule of my
every fiber of my being i love you all
so much
what’s that something just called me
ask him who’s here in the house
who is here in the house
who is here in the house with us
after looking at both camera angles from
shawn and myself you can clearly see
that nobody is moving when the shadow
moves across the room you can also see
in the mirror laying on the floor
nobody is moving when this shadow moves
across the room
who is here in the house with us
greg we’re going to help you cross over
he just said wait
the light just went up what’s that
a light just went out or something
happened over there
take that and walk over there
who is down here
greg i love you
please go back to where you want to be
that’s why i contacted these guys
i got a hold of these guys because um
they were the only ones i know
that could help
oh no blood from my leg i just said
again yeah greg
can you say my name’s sean
it’s not great
we not like having us here
wow if you put your hand right here i
swear to god
i think it’s cold down here oh well yeah
when we first walked down here
it wasn’t that bad right but then as you
started to experience things it’s like
it got colder oh god
yeah all right so we’re here in michigan
we just got done wrapping up our
you know we just want to be here to help
this family
and find them peace so they can move on
and help the spirits that are
here that could be trapped or greg
if you’re here trying to communicate
with your brother matt
can you give us a sign
if it’s not greg and somebody else let
us know that you’re here with us
matt just wants to move on with his life
they can’t do that with you here
you hear something like a nose voice
something like laughing
yeah do you think it’s funny what you’re
doing to matt
you are gonna have to leave this house
oh jesus first when i walked in there it
sounded like it
sounded like music and we do got
two cameras set up on the first floor
so we’ll definitely have to go back and
which we always do in interviews we
thought we heard
footsteps right above us right here
if there’s somebody in here
knock on something do something let me
know you’re here
there’s a book in the other room do you
know anything about that book
heal up
it’s all the girls behind you down there
those footsteps you hear that sounds
like shuffling
here’s the book this book’s going to
leave tonight
it’s going to go with josh
what do you think about that
if you don’t want to leave do something
or say something to me
do you follow matt when he leaves this
was you’re real mad when he was going
through his addiction
greg are you mad at your brother
yes that’s pretty clear ask him more
why are you mad at your brother
well i can understand if you don’t tell
me so will you please tell me
it’s upstairs that’s what we heard
it was loud too it was like somebody
took off running
yeah greg are you mad because
matt wasn’t there when you died
he didn’t hear that he says the guy has
greg do you want me to tell him out that
he was mad because he wasn’t there when
before you died
yes that’s the same voice that’s
freaking creepy
any spirits inside this house
my name is josh this is rocky and sean
we’ve been here today talking with matt
can you give us a sign that you’re down
here with us or inside this house please
we’ve got cameras and audio upstairs
that we can see
if you’re in the living room or the
kitchen can you move something for us
there’s something talking it’s walking
praise for a day
josh fighting it and come through there
can you hit something harder for us
we heard you
can you move something again in the
i could hear it sound like
footsteps like right above us
the kitchen’s there the living room’s
that’s what i’m saying i heard something
back here they’ve been over here
it was loud too in the footsteps but
that sounded like what we was hearing
what was over there
and matt was talking can you come down
in the basement with us
we’re here to help matt and get him some
are you a human spirit
say i need help or something like that
like a female
who did i just hear
can you talk louder
are you attached to matt yes or no
can you please come to the basement with
all kinds of stuff on these shelves that
you can move
if you’re demonic like matt thanks then
you should be able to move something
so why don’t you show us how powerful
you are
i feel like it’s getting colder in here
don’t you think
all right kind of feels that a lot
it was pretty warm
give us a sign of your presence right
we’re gonna help matt tonight
it’s like a shadow
went straight across this wall right
just like this we give you permission to
communicate with us
talk to us touch us
knocking thank you
i almost sound like that came from the
steps right there
can you hit something harder for us
greg are you messing with your brother
thank you
you know your brother just wants to get
his life back on track
and live a normal life can you leave him
you know matt says that a lot of stuff
don’t happen until
she leaves and he’s by himself
anything something moves in front of the
i feel like that’s something i would do
like if i died
i’d come back and with you guys you know
what i’m saying
so maybe his brother’s doing it
he could be out of anger or hate but
he’s probably like if i die i’m going
back them
josh vanello i wanted to
say you know he says when she leaves
a lot of the activity happens and when
she comes back it stops
and that’s why i was pondering if us
three being down here is like too
even though we’re getting small stuff if
one of us was down here by herself
i was walking is there anybody there
you can turn that camera here
look around
i’m just paying both cameras completely
oh you got two cameras up here
there’s literally nobody upstairs
that was a lot as hell it’s not like
they’re right right above us
kitchen’s right there yeah the living
room’s behind you right
i just pan both those cameras side to
nobody’s on that floor
josh what’s up with the pretty hair
just listen again
i think it’s colder down here
unfortunately matt’s wife beth is not
happy my brothers and i came to
investigate their home
beth is afraid that our investigation
may agitate the spirits inside their
making things worse for these reasons we
have agreed to focus our investigation
on the lower level of the home
however they did allow us to place
cameras and alarms throughout the rest
of the
oh house talking
coming from the audio
yeah see if we can figure out why how
greg died
greg are you with us
i said yes over the audio down there
that’s what i thought i’d hurt you greg
it’s all like i said josh greg can you
tell me how you died
did you die because of alcohol
is there somebody upstairs
is it the woman joshua
tell me your name
are you trying to scare us
be strong enough to move something
greg if you’re here can you please come
talk to me
say my name so i know which voice to
listen to
say sean
what do you think about matt being here
when we do the cleansing
tell me your name
can you tell me your name one more time
greg craig what do you want from your
you want rocky to help you
what do you want rocky to dog
can you hug rocky it’s a whole breeze
right here
beside him we have cold chills right now
it just started beside him
yes yes i’m serious right here
can you hug him sit down
there you go rocky’s hugging you
do you want rocky to go with you
oh yeah i’m serious i’m freezing
oh it’s a lot colder pull my back did
you just hear it
just said my name
hear you satin beside rocky here sean
who do you like better
hey rocky
do you like josh oh yeah it’s cold right
there it’s freezing right here
i mean but it’s really
it was really cold right here in one
spot where you’re at right now is it
like a dream
were you hugging me
can you tell me your name whoever hugged
thank you thank you for the hug
can you hug sean
do you want to hug me or josh
are any succubus in here
he said yes holy crap it is
really cold right here on my back now
and my right leg
just right here it feels like a little
like you said yeah holy
just my right side is getting really
cold i mean my whole body isn’t
my back i mean i could feel it’s like a
fellow breeze right here
my back feels like i’m lying on the big
eyes are you by my hand
right now
well my foot’s right here too
do you want us to leave
don’t leave us
okay so we got matt back in the house we
just wrapped up our investigation
so we’re gonna do a cleansing and we’re
going to do a blessing over matt
just in case you have something attached
to you
thank you i can’t thank you enough
so we come in the name of the father the
son and the holy spirit
lord we ask that you defend us as we
enter into battle
and be our protection against everything
wicked and evil
lord we ask that you please watch over
and just keep him safe if there’s
anything attached to matt
that you please drive that away any
negative or dark energy
any spirits that may be attached to him
lord we just ask you drive that away
right now matt has done a lot
to change his life and greg
if you are here with matt we ask that
you please
move on and go to the light and be with
your family and be at peace
you know one day you guys will be
reunited and together again
but right now your brother needs to live
his life
and live in peace i love you so much
and i’m so sorry if you feel betrayed i
am so sorry
and i’m so happy
that you’re still alive i miss you
and i love you i love you all
thank you if you could please just watch
over matt
keep matt and his wife safe just drive
out all this negative energy that
surrounds matt
and this house thank you thank you i
made it
lord we seal this room with the sign of
the cross
and the blood of jesus christ and in all
we ask you to leave this house it is
jesus who has authority over this house
you must leave if you’re trapped here if
you were attached to matt
or if somebody put a spell
or a curse on matt that we ask that you
drive that away as well
we seal this mirror with the sign of the
cross and the blood of jesus christ
there’s any portals or doorways that
have been opened inside this house
we sell them with the name of jesus
the son of god
we seal this doorway with the sign of
the cross and the blood of jesus christ
it is jesus who has authority over this
house now
lord we ask that you push out all the
negative and dark energy inside this
any spirits please go be at peace
you’re not welcome here anymore you must
any spirits or energy that maybe attach
these pictures
we cast you out in the name of jesus
lord we pray for the spirits inside this
greg if you’re here if you can hear me
i want you to please go be at peace
there’s no need to have any more anger
or hatred or carry any more grudges
as you know life is too short
and life can be taken away from us at
any moment
your brother loves you and wants you to
be at peace
we seal this room with the sign of the
cross and the blood of jesus christ
in the name of jesus
we cast you out
let there be no place for the evil
spirits to hide
i do feel bad for pointing away from
your family
no you’re fine you know we feel like our
mission is to come out and
help people like yourself and thank god
thank you
it was good meeting you it was an honor
to meet you and likewise
hello foreman brothers it’s matt i
wanted to take the time to thank you for
and giving me the tools and instructions
that i need to uh continue the cleanse
thank you for giving me validation
and i hope all is well with you guys
i will keep you posted and
i love you guys thank you

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1 Originally Published on YouTube on Apr 23, 2021