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The family residing in the home, tells stories of a possible poltergeist. The family member describes as the spirit is interacting with a child.

there are strange things out there that seem to have no explanation sometimes they are conjured up by the darkest corners of our subconscious but on occasion they dwell beyond the confines of our imagination they may come from another realm or out of the sky or from beyond the grave once they set foot into our world the line between dreams and reality becomes unclear it’s our job to investigate these reports and compile the virginia paranormal case files when we first moved in we saw a little black blobs going across the room in the corner he would see them in at the front at the bedroom door they are a little bit taller and thinner and then after that a little girl appeared beside my bed long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail with a little blue dress on and she just stood there you know hands folded um i’ve heard a baby cry i’ve heard a woman yell at the kids to tell him to shut up he got smacked on his back when nobody was here but him taking a nap something smacked him on the back really hard he got poked in the eyeball one night um not me i didn’t do it and then um someone’s kicked her door we don’t know what that is and then i started looking at the security camera and we’ve got little white clouds going on the front porch so and when he heard someone call paw paw the other day and it was just me and him here it was me and my kids at home i was getting them ready for bed and i got like halfway up the steps and someone was knocking on the door when i went to the door nobody was there and then i went back to go up the steps and i heard the knock again i actually opened it no one was there and then as i was walking away someone started knocking on the door again and i opened it immediately and again nobody was there i was in the kitchen getting my kids breakfast ready and my mom was upstairs with my two-year-old getting him ready for the day and i heard like someone was from here like help and i ignored it and then i guess because i ignored it it was more of a loud like help get here now so i ran upstairs to my mom who was playing with my child so it definitely was not her and then also regarding my two-year-old every night it seems mostly like every night at four o’clock i hear him in his room yelling stop no and it’s literally every night around the same time around three or four in the morning um what room did the help sound like it was coming from it sounded like i was in the kitchen and it just sounded like it definitely sounded it was coming from upstairs because it sounded like it was her and that’s why i ignored it but then like the second time i mean but the second time it was the way it came across it was more like no like legit help when i ran upstairs she was fine and i was like asking why did you yell for help she was like i didn’t i was like yes you did and it was very clear she did not yell for help did you hear anybody yell for help i didn’t yeah and then jackson her five-year-old was upstairs in the bedroom yeah he was watching youtube’s and well youtube and he came downstairs and long story short he said that the tv went off and went to a different channel and he wasn’t even touched the controls and it’s a brand new tv so it’s not it was static or nothing but he got very upset and he said he saw a ghost like go by him or around him or something and it scared him downstairs i’ve heard people just i’ve heard people more likely talking in my ear and it’s sometimes i can’t understand it and sometimes i can with like help or stuff like that so well i went inside and i interviewed the client and learned about the activity what we’re going to do now is we’re going to have linda and will go through and do the baseline readings and in doing the baseline readings they’re not biased at all by this location they don’t know any activity that’s been reported here or any of the paranormal hot spots throughout the house so i’m also interested to debrief them afterwards and see if they got any kind of feelings in any certain area of the house or any certain rooms anything unusual that they picked up on um best friend on the outside as well he doesn’t go putting her friends in matches and look at this whole time it’s been at about a point two point three it’s the highest i’ve seen it is there um a panel box or something i believe it’s in the laundry room to the left here it could be see if it gets greater as you go into this room does it go up as you go in there yeah i think it’s coming from in there so i’d have to say there were two places in the house that felt a little bit strange a little bit different than the main floor the main living area and those places were the downstairs it’s a split level so it’s one of those where you have the main landing floor and then you have a downstairs area which looked like kind of a man cave of sorts um that was not it didn’t feel bad none of it felt really bad in particular but the downstairs didn’t have as strong of a feeling as the actual upstairs did you go up that flight of steps to the main floor there and as soon as i got up to the top of those steps i could feel that sort of heavy feeling in particular when i walked um to the left you go into a small bedroom that was obviously a child’s bedroom he was sitting in there playing on his video games or something um that room in particular felt really kind of unsettling the then of course when you go up the other flight of steps to the second i guess would be the third floor um it that feeling kind of dissipated a little bit so i’m thinking that maybe it might be concentrated in uh this that particular side of the house in that left hand side of the house particularly the second floor but also maybe the the ground floor below it so just like what linda said uh for me it felt more like the man cave had some activity down there but she said not anything negative not anything that it would be harmful but i felt like there was some sort of presence down there in the man cave now the second floor i felt that there was something up there particularly for me the opposite i actually thought it was more up top near where the closets were where the storage area was but for me just kind of walking around the house it seems to me a case of maybe the children seeing something maybe the kids having some sort of interaction maybe it was a grandparent or something like that i saw a few photos of a grandparent maybe the grandparent is checking in on the kids and they’re maybe seeing grandpa or something like that that’s the kind of vibe that i got from it but nothing negative i didn’t feel anything heavy like you do in a place that has a negative spirit again i’m not a psychic but that’s just how i felt going into it as far as the readings go the carbon monoxide alarm did not go off at all which if it had gone off that would indicate to us that there is carbon monoxide present therefore it’s possible they could hallucinate and see things so that’s a good sign that that did not go off for the tri field meter which we’re reading the electromagnetic field um typically in a normal spot in the house it was anywhere from . to . which that’s hardly anything and it of course went up in areas that you expect it to whether it’s an outlet a fridge a tv so no abnormal spikes in the house either based on the reports from the interview with the client and talking to her over the phone some of the things that will and linda said were both interesting it seems like a lot of the activity is coming from upstairs talking about someone up there yelling for help she saw a man a silhouette of a man wearing what she described as an amish style hat standing in her doorway she saw the spirit of a little girl you mentioned something to do with the kids perhaps she did mention a spirit of a little girl that she saw with blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail wearing a blue dress she also as far as the children he was in playing or watching videos on youtube and he saw a ghost what he he was only he’s a little kid he described he said he saw a ghost come in the channel started changing on the tv and he ran out of there so there’s definitely something with the upstairs where a lot of the activity seems focused now there’s also something with the ports they’ve got some interesting things on their cameras which we have yet to review and see what it is but also there’s been knocking on the door the daughter heard it as well someone was banging on the door she comes to answer there’s nobody there goes upstairs here’s the knocking again nobody’s there so the activity does seem to be focused in the upstairs area this side of the house where you were kind of picking it up we’re standing in what we believe is the master bedroom we say we believe that because there’s like rooms in this house and it’s hard to tell but um we think we’re in the master bedroom and we’re going to run evp session here and we also have the rem pod going at the same time interesting enough uh the man who owns the home just told us that he was sleeping downstairs in the man cave and something smacked him across the face at three o’clock in the afternoon he wakes up and he’s the only one in the house so um we’re definitely going to have to venture down there at some point as well all right i’m jeff linda and i’m will and we don’t mean to impose by any means we’re not trying to be here unwanted we just like to know if aside from the three of us if there’s anybody else in this room we’re here to give you the means to communicate if you can i have this little device on the bed here that has a red light on it and if you come near that red light that may light up and let us know that you’re here if you can understand me can you come near that device please can you try to tell us who smacked the man who was sleeping downstairs about two years ago there was a remodel in the bathroom all of a sudden they started to see some things happen around the house were you upset that they changed a few things in the bathroom what’s the name of the little girl that’s been seen in the house here what is the name of the person that sleeps in this bedroom who is the man that was seen wearing a hat that was described as an amish style hat i am kind of interested in the portal theory though i mean it seems like a variety of different spirits none of which sound like they really belong here at least not in this era so i’m wondering if this could be perhaps some portal has been opened maybe probably by mistake or they didn’t realize what they were doing and perhaps these various entities are sort of coming through and visiting the house one thing i find interesting though is the children because it does sound like this guy with a hat amish style hat and that’s a common report when people see shadow figures the guy with the hat right but i’m almost wondering if something happened with children here in this house because of the little girl that appeared because and i’m not sure if she mentioned during the interview but she mentioned on the phone that she would hear crying in the night a kid crying and someone yelling shut up so maybe someone was mean to children that lived here previously uh and that residual energy just kind of lingered behind or depending on how long ago it was that they’ve passed their spirits are still here or it could be that the man that’s seen with the hat was a farmer and perhaps he owned this land way back before any of this was here perhaps he was mean to children he could have been you know it could have been that this little girl that they see was related to him in some way yeah it could be his voice that they hear yelling shut up you know when the baby’s crying like maybe he was a mean person and his energy is still here it could be and the guy sleeping downstairs on the couch something slapped him you know what i mean was that something to get his attention or was it something being mean it’s almost like he was sleeping at three o’clock in the afternoon and maybe this mean guy came up and like hey slapped him in in the face like wake up why are you sleeping at three o’clock in the afternoon maybe you know maybe one thing i think we’ll have to do of course is we gotta do the spirit box here pretty soon yeah see if any responses to that but one thing’s for certain i guess is if this is the spirit of a farmer that lived here that she’s seen and not just the typical shadow figure that’s been seen throughout locations he would most likely be intelligent because this would have been farmland at the time so there’s no reason that he would appear standing in that doorway unless he’s conscious that this house is here right see right because typically when there’s a a house that’s built and there’s spirits that haunt that land you’ll see them walk right through the house like it’s not even there when they’re residual that’s right you know it takes an intelligent spirit to come up here in the room yeah so now i’m going to go ahead and sit on the couch in the general area where uh the client or the client said that um it’s so steady going off usually takes a while for it to adjust if it goes off again after that that’s when we start really paying attention to it um but i’m gonna go ahead and lay down on the couch in the general area where the client said that they were slapped about two three o’clock in the afternoon one day with no one else there and what we’re gonna do is see if we can encourage something to slap him slap well you know does he gotta lay down was like how were you laying laying down laying down okay there was another count says that was longer oh the only way to get that was to cut it oh really geez you just burn bait the whole house clean up from it all right so we got the uh voice recorder going all right i’m jeff i’m linda and i’m will and uh if there’s anybody here with us we have this little device on the floor it’s got a red light on it if you come near that it can light up you can use that to communicate with us to let us know that you’re here uh another option is to try to talk to us linda’s recording so if you talk we may pick up your voice and be able to hear what you’re saying could you try telling us your name we’ve heard that someone slapped a gentleman who was sleeping on the sofa here at one time can you tell us who that was we have will sleeping on the sofa now can you go slap him did you used to live on this land that’s me do you not want us to be here if you have anything to say now is the time to do it can you come near the red light it’s not going to hurt you can you tell us if there’s a portal in this house right before we wrapped up downstairs we were kind of using willa’s bait paranormal bait if you will we had him lay on the couch to see if anything would be invoked to slap him which it didn’t seem to happen but the gentleman he had mentioned that he was sitting downstairs and the other day he heard his grandson come in he heard him come in the front door and yell papa papa and he goes up he said i’m going to go up and scare him i’m going to sneak up on him so he goes up the stairs there was nobody there his grandson wasn’t there he asked his wife hey i thought he came in she said no i didn’t hear anything so whatever’s here it seems like it’s imitating voices because the daughter heard the mother yelling help upstairs he hears his grandson come in the door so it sounds like they’re hearing other people’s voices who live in the house or frequently come into the house so the client was saying how he heard the kid’s voice and uh the kid wasn’t there so it kind of reminded me of the house that i grew up in at my house there’s been a few instances where we’ve heard someone’s voice mimicked one time i went into my brother’s room when he was not there and i heard his voice say will and then another time my mom who was upstairs i was downstairs she heard my voice from my bedroom and she called out hey will i need da da da and i call up what and she screamed because she thought i was at the other room so growing up in a house i have heard maybe a spirit or some other energy be able to mimic someone’s voice like you had mentioned once before that that actually brings up the question of whether it’s the energy or a spirit that’s left behind but what i find interesting is that like the house that i grew up in we moved into about two weeks after i was born and i lived there until i was years old and my parents still live there to this day and never once have we ever heard any any anybody calling out in the house when no one was there so it makes you wonder if if that actually happens then it is energy as opposed to being a spirit then it must have something to do with people’s energy the people the energy of the people that live in the house as opposed to just you know the average person’s energy must be something different about that right why does some people’s houses if it is the energy why do some people’s houses seem to retain that energy and others don’t interesting question like what linda was saying it brings me back to it one of the first things i ever heard jeff say when i interviewed you a while ago you said how soldiers could theoretically be able to go back to the battlefield that they were just at a civil war soldier for instance and be able to see themselves in that battle even though them themselves are still alive it’s not necessarily a ghost in them it’s the energy it’s the emotion that residual haunting residual haunting so maybe this is the same thing with the house you know it’s that energy of the normal everyday life that kind of gets left behind even though you’re still alive so it’s it’s an interesting theory to think that maybe in order for there to be a ghost it doesn’t mean that person has to be dead it could just be the energy that they’ve left behind absolutely so i’m sitting upstairs in the bedroom in the master bedroom and i’m doing a solo evp session up here i have the digital voice recorder next to me on the bed and back here behind me you can sort of see the light there i have the rem pod so i’m going to start asking some questions and see if perhaps if there’s only one person here that we can get it to respond it’s relatively quiet in the house i don’t initially hear any sort of tv or anything any noise except for an occasional cough so my name is linda i’m here to talk to you i want to find out who you are and why you’re here if there’s someone in the room with me can you try to touch the red light that’s on the bed that device is called a rem pod if you come near it it’ll make a noise and then the light will change colors the people in the house have seen a shadow figure can you tell me who that is or perhaps you know who the little girl is that’s been seen in the house the little girl with the blue dress the room definitely has a little bit of a different vibe when you’re in here by yourself but i wouldn’t say that the vibe is particularly unsettling or scary in any way it’s um it’s actually kind of cold and quiet in here and i think if i lay down on the bed i could probably fall asleep in here easily i really want to see if you can touch that light back behind me can you try to touch that it’s not going to hurt you in any way it’s just a way for us to know that you’re here did you used to live on this land or perhaps you lived nearby i have this little device next to me on the bed here this is a digital voice recorder it can record your voice so that we can hear it can you try to speak into that try telling us your name why are you here do you come here to play with the kids in the house is there someone who’s mean to you we had linda go into a solo evp session upstairs with the rem pod we’re going to split up at this point what we’re going to do is linda and i are going to go downstairs and run the spirit box and will’s going to go upstairs and do an evp session we’re going to do these simultaneously to see if either of us upstairs or downstairs get any results hey i’m jeff linda and we were down here a little bit before we brought this device and we’re wondering if you can use it to communicate with us could you try telling us your name [Music] did sound like it said yes [Music] what is your name [Music] why are you here were you here before this house was built [Music] what’s the name of the baby that’s been crying at night sound like i said it’s linda so right now i am in the bedroom of the client and on the bed is the rem pod on the dresser over there is my voice recorder and i’m trying to communicate with any of the spirits that are in this house and especially the man in black the one that’s been seen in the corner of the room in the in the doorway so let’s go ahead and see if we can be able to get a reaction from the rem pod my name is will and the reason why i’m here is because i want to talk to you i know that you want to tell the family something now is the time for you to speak whatever you say i can be able to tell them so the first thing i want to do is right in front of me i call it a rem pod it has this red light and if you come over to it and touch it it’ll light up and turn green so can you come over to that rim pod for me touch it and make it turn green if you don’t want to touch the light on the dresser over here is my voice recorder if you go over to it and talk into it i can be able to hear you so if you could can you please go over to it and tell me your name how long have you lived here dog barking outside am i speaking with a man am i speaking with a girl if there is a child in this room right now can you come over to this red light and touch it for me if you’re the man in the black hat can you go to the doorway for me i want to see you if you’re man enough to show yourself to a woman show yourself to me if you don’t show up then i guess you’re scared i heard you like to hit people i dare you to hit me i want you to hit me right now if you want to hit these people hit me go ahead not gonna hit me are you okay so if you don’t want to hit me maybe you’re not here and you don’t want to touch the light you don’t want to turn that green what can you do then so i feel like there is something in the room but it’s not interacting with the rem pod it’s not hitting me in the face like i asked it to it feels like there is another presence in the room but it’s not interacting it’s kind of just watching off the distance just seeing what i have to say and not really interacting maybe it said something on the voice recorder we’ll have to find out [Music] were you here during the first battle of beet bottom or darby town were you here during the battle of meadow bridge [Music] were you here during the second battle of deep bottom were you here during the battle of oak grove were you here during the battle of darby town and new market road what about the battle of garnish and golding’s farm first glance it didn’t there were some possible responses that came through the spirit box and there was a lot of radio chatter that came through and stuff we got to go back through it to see if anything that was responses to our questions we’ll do the solo evp session upstairs here in the bedroom still no action from the rem pod tonight now this is interesting because we’ve talked about this before we said you know this thing couldn’t have be you know some sort of fix in some sort of way where it just goes off just to kind of get people to buy these things to buy into it you know like oh hey the rem pod always gives us results go out and buy one there’s locations like this where we go through the entire place and that thing does not go off once yeah and then there’s other places where it’s going off like crazy yeah you know so it kind of adds the credibility of it i think a little bit yeah i wonder what scientifically could set it off depending on the location it’s not emf fields or anything like that no we always do base sweeps and it’s usually about the same in every house that we go into but some houses more than others it tends to go off another thing is moisture humidity seems to be the same in every house we go to right so it’s not that either then what could it be exactly exactly so we’re gonna activate that again we’re gonna try the spirit box up here in the master bedroom see if we get any responses hey i’m jeff i’m linda and i’m will and i’m sure you’ve seen this about the house by now downstairs upstairs and we’re here just trying to find out who you are we don’t mean you any harm the family they have not said hey can you come in here and get rid of whatever’s here or whoever’s here they just want us to try to find out what your message is why you’re here and if there’s anything we can do to help you whether it’s pass on that message or help you find your way through this house to wherever you’re going to could you please try using that device to tell us your name why did the old man and the young girls seem to appear here is there something about this bedroom this makes it easy for you to come through here [Music] if they don’t necessarily come to the bed they use this as a way to walk yeah that’s a good idea let’s put it in the doorway we were downstairs and we asked some questions about the civil war the war between the states because we know there were a lot of battles that were fought in this area we know that the war really took its toll on the countryside here in henrico were you involved in this war between and did this war have any impact on your life [Music] the man that’s been seen standing in the doorway here [Music] with the hat if he’s here we’d like him to talk to us if he’s not here is there anybody here that has seen this man and can tell us anything about him was he a farmer or a soldier if you don’t know [Music] if you are the little girl where are your parents was it your mother that was yelling for help if so what was happening to her why did she need help [Music] we wrapped up the spirit box session upstairs in the bedroom some possible responses that came through we’re gonna have to go back and review that but what we’re gonna do is will’s gonna check out video from his solo evp session just to see a possible anomaly that might have been on there while we’re doing that we have the rempah sitting up on the front porch which is another hot spot here at the house and we’re gonna be monitoring that from our makeshift base station out here in the driveway and seeing if there’s any activity with the rem pod so we’re set up for an evp session here on the front porch i’m jeff and i’m will and we’d like to know if there’s anybody else here with us we have this little device down here on the on the floor and if you come near that device it will light up it will let us know that you’re here can you use that to communicate with us if you’re scared to touch that device what i have right here if you talk into it we can be able to hear you the reason why we’re here is we want to give you the opportunity to be able to speak to the people that live here we can be able to relay that message to them can you try telling us your name we got a generator going on in the distance why do you knock on the front door is there someone in this house that you’re trying to reach that you’re trying to give a message to did you used to live here maybe not in this house sure but in the land that’s here if you want us to leave can you come near that red light welcome to the evidence room this case it was definitely an interesting case i have to say that the spirit that seemed to be haunting this location one of the spirits anyway seemed to be reminiscent of mo from the three stooges i mean this guy was slapping people while they were sleeping he was poking them in the eyes so it was kind of weird as to what this ghost wanted was it just hey he was not happy with somebody sleeping on that couch in that area or like i mentioned in the video was it perhaps hey i need you to get up i need you to help because they’ve heard somebody yelling help throughout the house and perhaps the spirit was trying to wake that person up to get them to help we don’t know but linda reviewed the audio we went through all the pictures from the investigation and unfortunately we don’t have any evidence now that doesn’t mean that the location isn’t taunted it doesn’t mean that these reports aren’t true there’s a lot of times where we go into a place and i say it all the time the client is very credible a very credible witness sometimes there’s several witnesses but the activity just doesn’t happen while we’re there now in this case it wasn’t that they were bothered by the activity it wasn’t one of these cases where it seems like something very dark that they wanted it gone they were just curious they had these anomalies on the camera and they had these strange sounds and these voices throughout the night and these apparitions that were appearing throughout their house and they wanted to know why they were there unfortunately not turning up any evidence the best thing to do is schedule a return investigation go back and see if the results are the same or perhaps it just was a night that it wasn’t active and on a return investigation we may be able to pick up more evidence but i want to thank you for watching this edition of virginia paranormal case files until next time i’m jeff and remember there’s much more to see in the dark [Music] you

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Haunted Cemetery at 1 Am – United We Stand, Divided We Fall. It Wanted Us to Lose Our Minds
Haunted Cemetery at 1 Am – United We Stand, Divided We Fall. It Wanted Us to Lose Our Minds

Will him a will him will him will him in him will him light in right here holy cow sit back naturalize the I really eyes looking tonight episode of vertigo is urban exploration tonight Rob and I are back homicide house it’s three o’clock in the morning you must be really crazy because places creepiest in the woods scary is affiliated with the murder and we Really special guest tonight actually and I don’t think they need an introduction but we had been thinking paranormal I am thinking we even see them all right. I along with us but also guys in NYC I want to get to the people much love we had a new exploration you to theme here with us really good friends arising out of check them out and we had an excellent here and there that a lot of trouble tonight so goodwill and I really anyway guys EVP things to come along and is will and I you sure you will is way with an and is waivers and is will and you and I to the is you crazy not to is that is our I wouldn’t recommend it and he delivered the home and is that you are you and you are way is on the light on I didn’t really get you to want to include is a was brought a rock music you are everything will our affairs in writing old minute house as soon promotable for figure you and you and you and I definitely home and I prelude and physically. Alright so permanent beautiful display think maybe down the stairs think this video is how I got ahead and it will continue really help your my high-availability all over there and I and you consider and is going the kitchen and he wanted EVP session here you are you guys I’m determined red light on for this EVP session is in the red lights and saying you film the red light is o’clock in the overthrew and you will he is where he is all you you-you know when EVP lollygagging silence guys and I want to record Clippard is I is in that you and you and all my God and the holy God is and inside his life for you brother and is is the is I is is is is is is is is there is on the knowledge and is there is no Rob not given jalopy. Where the line is this is the there is brought in your bedroom you and your brothers here when you’re with what is up with that in a man is is Is a razor and a two person or entity related to breast I was in here I is he and is greater to say and is in you and you and you and I there danger here is you is where eighty it up on right there guess you work your this messed what you putting I was and is models nails I’m sure this probably strategies I know you this for breeze air freshener tucked in your keister said smoothly fresh linens you the look of the little room there food borne pretty crazy actually walked upstairs left side the brain down on top of us whatever you luxurious and luxurious and I have are and you will you rock tonight you you you that and you or and those that on NAA in the crack into everyone goes up there is nothing anyone and that’s the best decision you may I Joe so clearly cannot make proper decisions Gaskins cool incident last time see you certainly who’s number of prepared you will noise you and you hundred noise out in the woods and I decided you well this is the last video ever deserving goes UGT and on this is retarded and is really stupid and is really got her noises in the woods is there nighttime born work out I will I will thirty-seven pull-ups and is and is and you will he and that is in an and I and I and you and you and is is you and you and you will well and my cardio today he and you will announce today and yeah me too I heard some I heard Robin I would use the fold line which is really creepy a know what daddy I’m your biggest fan is a I really that is for you the strong like ball handler so Beautiful you telling brother and is scary is you really think you is the floor will going and going out is is is the window Is I think this is a pretty cool Explorer would buy you guys this is cool is it was always area that Todd and wow guys guys you they right out okay is is here is a vitamin you know and is to commemorate you you you you learned anything is is is the I is I DH is as you I vitamin you know when the immunity challenge is you you you you you is not the you will he and is is that something that line yours is is your something ninety and inside their
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Abandoned Poltergeist Church

On this episode, Joe and Robb are joined by Todd from the Holywalkers to visit a known church that has poltergeist activities.

YouTube Published on Apr 16, 2019


Will will will will will he and he and and is you you been wanting something this abandoned church this one defending can still this is the church guys were Vollmar got thrown to the ground in this is the church we really started with Robin I do like paranormal investigations so the crazy thing is we pulled in so is abandoned like this is great wise abandoned again this year great on top of that all the doors locked so were like I will when I get to go inside tonight and back and double check the sound of the door that was open but the first objective was locked so is that of augmentations this place I don’t know you guys come along and yeah this is scary that doing I am ready for an epic nights and I guess were back in a haunted church I mean this is the church where Omar gosh got pushed to the ground is where it all began for Robin I this is we first started hearing voices picnicking on in Hrbek’s video like a year and half ago to this place is crazy haunted Annex abandoned again and we’re going in because in a special treat tonight I guess I am a little freaked out about this place man let’s do it casework back at this abandoned haunted church and to commemorate this because remember we first started the red lights so each of us a red light tonight eventually really go through this place with just the right lights are so slow the camera she looks like a started construction saw if you guys are all this on the wall we are born greater fire subdiscipline see you to theme we will samplers and is will will live guy die in your so far as other than this place so weird you is knowing what happened so does look like it started construction obviously they want to way I wonder if it’s because it’s haunted by visiting the fiction here that’s helping everyone in here this is the power of the chandeliers repeating there was swinging (Here and that they don’t have the definitive is in the he is he hasn’t heard back here they used to be under Bibles and I feel a little elevated area here this so this area there’s here there’s like a little stand buildups than a and writers here is where Omar got that in this area you will is always a anything what I’m hearing actually walked around a bit capture this is so crazy this brings back so many memories of when Robin I started doing videos between him shot a video and I emergency her back and found out that we went home there is all kinds of voices talk about creepy electability were building it out all the Heusen out on a bit through that window me in her and when using the you I heard moaning with a red light minute and it’s kind of) this red light all the time this website is a light on it and do that just to see how spooky it is that’s always do it actually crazy is you hear on the never consider and that they are only here to this is world accuses the now wonder why they never did anything this church. And you red light on see this is to commemorate this event feel semiofficial like the red light in the but irritative being here the crazy creepy so there’s any serious here feel free to talk to us as our own Slidell can so I may and may not use all this footage with the red light so go back to display place freaking here it’s almost too quiet I remember this room Sierra Nevada time with the metadata here extremely that says that the human and is a white there is so freaky here is the rest of to in different directions purpose Shipway review is so wrong mention it is really really heavy here is very very is a video so this is where the area is here and is so that something is worth saving the we grow I can’t help but think that’s probably why never finish this. So here feel welcome here at all in this is so raw videos from over here by that here is really is is way it was and it we keep hearing something like talking I think we shoulderlength together wanted to my deserving a book you I went outside we went Israelites to be that video is English walking in there unless you you is maybe a short video only because rough don’t get in you know what was that is ballasted out we go through the red lights and eventually this place is that by saying on long enough… Let us know please church and having a never heard that expression before the same it’s written up there anyway) anyway now is where killing some stuff like when Celestine it’s funny pointed out how it seems like years ago we first here is right freaky the red light special this is to commemorate when we first started and got a bad feeling about this one way to I is so you hear is no daisies on you do this red light shift away here talking to hear that you guys about the related is how I do apologize if you don’t get to see much of the red light on this is where is where Omar I Robin I was jealous that night so you know it’s really miss the sure that you understand this is finish you is a facility really feel asleep all the and I so sorry this is really dark and he should is Big Ten rockthrowing stay ahead of me okay that 90 freezing back as a serious thought you the events of the last this of his life for you your sundial verse it was that is you your been is in the is maybe only here atelectasis this is the immunity is as easy out the is is is is so you hearing something over there you are. Where is is the freaking here that to our is so bad there only you and you will have there is physiotherapists brawl something is all that’s freaking mess the deer Jesus Christ you are my Savior heavenly father please bless this church please bless all come here. Was here cannot be in the name of Jesus Christ you pay your I you and you Quebrada safe murder of you right stalking I guess we’ll see if flareups the human right something touching in the back of my neck so crazy political hand crazy so resulted in an environment the camera.

For you guys this one you are you Jesus Christ heavenly father you are my Savior you Jesus Christ and all things are possible only ask for your protection forgiveness with was this places the church we had been bless all watch this video please keep us out of harms way you Jesus Christ and all things are possible in your moderator. Scared the morning is your we will guys you boys would have employees to you will follow us on you nebulas guys is a figure I had is evil voice fluffiness Mexican army so messed up as a I I I don’t know what it it’s my elbow what background I guess were now this is crazy my arm is so messed up worried about problems so that when why this church they similar thing happened to us we did a video I on the floor I can’t wait to see what happened is a member Rob falling in thing I know we give you me seeing gray have soon we are our that saying ran we were slow normal now and I that I I see to us today on my to see their and for a I see yours Marie T or should he and he and the