Investigating South Pittsburg Haunted Hospital

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Jody is with Omar investigating the haunted old south Pittsburg hospital paranormal research center.

Jody goes on his own and starts investigating when he starts to experience EVPs and what appears to be interactions. At times, things are being moved. See both episodes here.

Old Haunted South Pittsburgh Hospital So Haunted Its Terrifyingly Scary Real Paranormal Part 1

Jody always takes us to great adventures. This is one is no exceptions. He says the right things at the best possible moment. “Farting shoes”. Classic.

Old Haunted South Pittsburgh Hospital So Haunted Its Terrifyingly Scary Real Paranormal Part 2

Part 1 – Transcribed Text:
it might have been outside this room oh bro what’s up guys jody dean here mr hunting the dead welcome back to another video tonight i’m at the south pittsburgh hospital here in tennessee i will be joined by my youtuber friend omar gosh i’m really stoked to be here i’ve always wanted to investigate this place many of your favorite paranormal tv shows have been here and now one of your favorite some of your favorite youtubers have been here as well guys we’re getting ready to turn [ __ ] up a notch the old south pittsburgh hospital is considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in tennessee it is now referred to as the old south pittsburgh hospital paranormal research center after entering the building i could feel it come alive it’s like my presence and my friend omar’s presence woke the place up and the spirits were ready to play it would be impossible for a place like this not to have paranormal activity a place where people lived people died and even more live their spirit life i started my investigation during the day omar stayed behind to get some rich history on the building from the building managers me all i could think about was diving in head first to this paranormal palace first thing i want to do is do a little bit of a walk through if anything at least here on the bottom floor down this creepy long hallway now one of the workers that are people that’s a part of the research team here did tell me that she had a crazy experience in one of these rooms and she wanted to know if empathically i could figure out which room it was well immediately i came here she told me that this is the room where she felt like she was hugged bear hugged and squeezed by a spirit and that when she walked out that her ribs were hurting her her sides were hurting she did follow this up with telling me she doesn’t believe there’s nothing demonic here that maybe there’s just some spirits that like to be mean time to time as do some of the living in their living life the little doll just sitting there i’d like to do an experiment i’d like to walk down this hallway and whenever i get to the location where maybe any of the spirits are at here you could speak out and you could stop me go figure go figure the exact room that it led me to i just heard a voice come right out of here was that you can you speak again this is the noise you tell me who’s in here who who probably was can you tell me who was the guy who hugged the woman did you try and hurt her was that you okay there was just something down there clearly there was something down there it figures there’s a stairwell is there somebody in the stairwell here that was trying to get my attention if so can i was gonna say can you make a tap and there was just like a tap right here wow we are literally on the first floor i am 10 minutes into this investigation maybe not even and i’m hearing seeing and feeling things already all right we’re going to go ahead and make our way up to the second floor there’s still some stuff on the bottom floor that i want to check out guys but we’ve got the place for six hours so i’m gonna follow whatever’s leading me its way hello is that you my name is jody i don’t mean you no harm i know you get paranormal investigators in here i just heard something over there trying to communicate with you and that’s exactly what i’m trying to do i just want to communicate with whatever spirits are here is there any spirits is there any beings in here this her would sound like a woman’s voice i was gonna say if you can walk up and speak into my camera then maybe i’d have a better understanding at what you want or need you can stop me at any time by giving me a sign making a noise yelling out with your voice south pittsburgh hospital that’s interesting very interesting his eyes his forehead are painted over but you can kind of tell they’re there it’s just it’s odd but so is the headless doll mirror mirror on the wall where are the spirits inside these walls sticks and stones roots and bones spirits come alive inside this home the fan there which way do you guys think i should go should i go that way should i go that way should i go that way or should i go that way any meanie let’s go this way so oh little chapel room don’t mind if i do may i sit down jody dean here visiting you from florida i was told that spirits reside here in this hospital and that this place is truly haunted are you aware of what you are and what you are doing here is there an evil here in this hospital is there unhappiness here in this hospital i definitely just heard what sounded like a woman say something me that’s what it sounded like it was it might have been outside this room it might have been outside i might have but i heard it over the fans i heard it all right guys we’re gonna work our way out of here and oh well this definitely could hold some energy is there somebody here that died in these beds did you die in one of these beds what is that i think that’s like a therapy tub it’s going to be getting dark here soon and i think this place is really going to come alive hello roses are red violets are blue i’d stay out of the chapel if i were you i just spent some time in the chapel and i’m completely fine dr william hedrick jr dr vistan taylor dr eugene m ryan mrs louise long are any of these spirits in here right now can you hear my voice can you come to it please oh that looks creepy i thought i just seen something peek around the corner here was that you they were telling me how they put these glow sticks in these balloons and that the spirits like to mess with them sometimes pretty cool idea but i did just feel like i seen something stick its head out around the corner here dictation room mrs elizabeth h griffith she could have got some dictation mrs carl gladdy’s paget edith h powers get a vibe from this area that’s weird i don’t know if this is anything important or not but let’s go ahead and come down here see what we’re working with and heck of a whole lot of nothing oh little x-ray action huh they would have stood back here when they took the pictures or at least that’s what i believe they would have done when i’ve had x-rays taken before that’s kind of what’s happened whoa that is a creepy bed okay i don’t know what that was it just went in front of my camera but uh omar is walking around right now they’re kind of giving him some of the history and i didn’t mean to stray off but i just really wanted to get started with my walk through because i don’t really start investigating until i walk through and feel it out lots of old medical stuff still in here so it’s very important to know that all that could hold energy here i mean a lot of people they came here because they were sick because something was wrong with them and in that case there could be blood on this premises there could be uh residual energy i mean this definitely has seen some wear and tear i’m gonna put one of these in my house oh look i caught a full body figure guys full body oh and she’s nice what’s going on pretty lady what’s your name bill look at this so much artifacted in here bro like this place is truly ready for some paranormal pounding all right so omar and the staff are on the other side while he’s getting some history i decided to come down here and check out this hallway which i’m going to be going dark in in just a moment the reason i’m going to do that is while they were walking around omar said they could hear what sounded like a figure or a spirit of something ran at them and they could hear the foot steps just tracking towards them in doing so the woman explained a situation where that has happened before to her and i want to see right now if that can happen to me so we’re gonna turn up turn up turn out whatever that was that track towards our friends towards my friend omar can you do that towards me right now i invite you i’m lights out in here i’m on your territory it’s your time are you here okay i just heard something i just heard something to my right that was dude i just heard it i just heard it whoa it did it it did it it trucked right towards me yeah yeah i was i was about to give up i went dark and as soon as i turned my light on it just i heard it it was like you gotta check out these balloons so i was getting ready to walk up and i’m like hey uh maybe i’ll come back later it’s not moving and the green balloon right in front of me started moving wow started going side to side for emf started going k2 started going off great like all crazy guys he was just saying that that balloon down there started moving so i might go check that out you can see the balloons with the glow sticks in them which is really brilliant i like this method can you make that balloon move i heard you did it for my friends so omar just said that they were standing here and this balloon moved okay that’s just them we’ll check it out in a minute still some more rooms here you know what guys i just got a feeling in this room i was gonna walk right past it let’s turn the light on here hold on is it this room or is it what this room leads to i don’t know i think it’s this room can you tell me what’s in here with me it’s funny i thought maybe it was leading to this room and i just heard evp right here can you do that again dude that was absolutely crazy what the heck are you kidding me that was like the creepiest sounding evp ever it was definitely a voice that was like speaking right to me from within the same room what what what all right so i think i’m pretty much alone now on the second or third floor whatever this is i’ve kind of lost track i got the feels right now guys i got the feels why does there always have to be a creepy little bicycle if you can ride that bicycle at some point i will leave you the most generous offering i have ever left a haunted location facts whoa wheelchair okay i think i have a paranormal plan guys a paranormal plan more wheelchairs i like it all right guys i’m sitting in a wheelchair right now and to be honest with you i have no idea if this wheelchair was used in this hospital or they’ve just brought it in here as a prop i’m assuming that most of this is original as anybody would but seeing how they say this is such a haunted floor and i just i did just witness a spirit trucking at me i heard it i felt it there was a coldness that came with uh the footsteps i’m gonna go ahead and use the spirit box here sitting in the wheelchair on the second haunted floor or third whatever this is whoa who’s here with me tell me your name can you tell me are you the one that i heard trucking towards me just a moment ago can you give me a sign that you’re here [Applause] please are you the only spirit here do you mean any of the living that come here or investigate or tour any harm why did it say on the wall earlier not to go in the chapel did something follow me here from the jail i investigated yesterday the prison say one of us is there something i can do for you before i leave okay guys so right off the bat um i definitely heard a few relevant real-time responses there but more than that i feel an energy that’s kind of i want to say it’s warming up to me it’s letting itself be felt and that’s the most important thing when it comes to being an investigator maybe it’s not to every investigator it is to me it’s important to not always pay attention to what something is saying but how you feel when it’s said it’s very easy to be misled by just paying attention to what the words say get out is not always meant to be evil it’s sometimes meant to say hey this is my space give me my space and i think that spirits still demand respect in the spirit world it would only make sense they are intelligent so i come out of one creepy room into another look it’s dark outside now love god do you love god do you respect god do you believe in god hello bro what the heck okay it may have moved on its own i don’t know if i bumped it that way and it gave it that kind of speed that it needs to come back but i don’t know though it wouldn’t closed all the way okay that looks like that might have been some kind of waiting room over there so we’re right here oh there’s the pharmacy and wow they still got a lot of their scripts in there but nobody go breaking in here i’m sure it’s not the stuff you want excuse me excuse me i’m sick i’m sick my dick is very swollen this place is really cool man creepy cool do not enter god i still want to go in there are you one of those people sometimes alicia tells me do not enter and i’m like oh i have to hello did we just catch a shadow figure down there that looked like there was something down there they told me not to go past those chairs so i will respectfully go past those chairs i’m just kidding i would never oh i feel an eerie presence in here does it have to do with that ball can you move that ball okay move the ball for me come on yeah i can tell you guys straight up i feel like this place is haunted um i’ve felt several times like there’s something just walking along with me i have felt a coldness out of nowhere and let’s just put it this way this place is hotter than a tennessee nut sack um i felt like it’s coming from the room that says do not enter damn damn damn it it pisses me off act um i’m not scared like there’s nothing scary about it but there’s spirits here and they got they got an energy are they nice i’m not going to say that but i’m also not going to say that they’re they’re bad at least not from what i’ve witnessed here so far but i definitely say this place is haunted all right so this is like a shower showery area private um somebody wants to get private oh shedder’s full they put these balls all over the floor there’s actually balls everywhere oh dude the bike was right there oh my god oh my god oh my god dude i am freaking out the bike was right there you got to be kidding me are you freaking kidding me what what well that is it for part one but i promise not to make you guys wait too long for part two smash that thumbs up on this video leave comments below and make sure you share this on all your social media part two is very tasty coming soon

Part 2 Transcribed Text:
it might have been outside this room oh bro oh no god oh my god oh [ _ ] whoa it is now referred to as the old south pittsburgh hospital paranormal research center after entering the building i could feel it come alive it’s like my presence and my friend omar’s presence woke the place up and the spirits were ready to play it would be impossible for a place like this not to have paranormal activity a place where people lived people died and even more live their spirit life i started my investigation during the day omar stayed behind to get some rich history on the building from the building managers me all i could think about was diving in head first to this paranormal palace oh that looks creepy i thought i just seen something peak around the corner here they put these balls all over the floor there’s actually balls everywhere oh dude the bike was right there oh my god oh my god oh my god dude i am freaking out the bike was right there you got to be kidding me are you freaking kidding me what what what no way dude freaking x marks the spot the bike was right here there’s the bike it’s really cold by the bike too oh my god it’s super cold by the bike what okay i’m absolutely blown away right now the bike has moved i know they didn’t come back through here because they had to truck all the way back to the front door oh was probably starting his investigation on the bottom floor i’m not really sure what i do know as this bike has moved this bike has moved and i have caught it on camera for the most part i’ve caught it on camera i don’t know if they have security cameras here that would be amazing amazing but there is a coldness here and now i have to leave a offering so that means i’m going to have to go to the store and come back to fulfill my paranormal promise oh dude it just sounded like there was somebody up here i wasn’t even filming hello hello whoa dude one of my shoes keep on making fart noises dude are you serious bro that’s moving that is genius i love that that is genius somebody put this one of their paranormal investigators here put it on this door so spirits can move it and maybe that’s what was trying to get my attention because it sounded like somebody moving i don’t know god oh my god that’s a loud whisper right there hello still moving guys i don’t even know what to say right now my mind is blown between the bike and that little swingy dingy thing swing-a-linging a rock i can’t even talk right now between that thing swinging and the bike and the coldness and the thing charging up to me verifying validating what other people have said i’m charged bro i’m charged this this is turning [ _ ] up a notch crutches and canes it looks like one of the room lights are on over there can you guys see that that like area right over there oh sorry it’s like right there so many creepy hallways guys all right so if you guys watch part one then you know i documented some pretty cool stuff here and i do believe this hospital is haunted but it doesn’t really matter what i believe there are millions of people across the world that know this thing is a beast this place right here holds paranormal activity and i’m going in for part two right now okay so one of the workers wanted to help one of the researchers here she had just said check out this picture and i’m like what am i looking at and could you point that out again and explain what that is this is the creepy crawler they call him um he crawls around on all fours bro so we don’t call his name anymore right because it gives him too much power that is amazing and i was just hanging out up there like it was nonchalant okay so they say in this quarters here that there used to be a guy i believe his name was jim um he was a janitor here and he loved music and i don’t know how they let a janitor build his own like recording studio in here and let him live in here but that’s exactly what they did like he legitly built a vocal booth inside this room and warning no stupid people allowed but check this out guys now what’s crazy about this is they were telling me and omar about this little vocal booth that he had here and omar was like dude drop a rap i dropped a little bit of a rap and all of a sudden things started happening it was like it was like he liked it or something and come to find out this guy liked rap now he did end up committing suicide if i’m not mistaking i will double check on that but yo my name’s jody i like steak and cheese hoagies i’m up in the booth i’m trying to keep it cool i knock it out the park like my name was babe ruth hello there was definitely like a knock or a movement or something that was crazy all right so they said his apartment is down here uh maybe it’s this one so what i want to do jim and now he did not die here but he lived here he did his music here worked here so there’s a good chance that the spirit of jim the janitor may very well be here so i’m using what i call a ghost meter here jim was that you let me just start going off jim can you make that meter go off all you have to do is touch it touch it right here on the red part come on dude do it again jim i want you to use all your energy and come up and hit that meter as hard as you possibly can what what what bro oh man someone’s grabbed my shoulder right there do this video’s going up like crazy guys i have no idea what is going on in here i have just stepped foot in here and things are really turning up a notch this is the crazy thing about this okay this room right here when i walked through here earlier today i felt something i felt the vibe in here and they told me about the feels that people get the things that have happened they said that they have taken several meters put them in the middle of this room and all of them have lit up and when they play music sometimes it looks like the meters are going to the music they are pulsating i’m looking for the spirit of jim jimbo slice if you’re here jim is the janitor in come on man i was told that we could possibly cut a track here we can make some music can we do that that’s a pretty cool studio you built over there i would like to use it can we go in there and record something [Applause] do you stinger do you still stay around the hospital does this place mean something to you what oh my god i think you just said something about the hospital here right now i’m sitting in another one of gym studios here jim could you do me a favor and if you would like to make some music with me maybe just do this all you have to do oh my god it was like it mimicked exactly what i just did can you do that again oh dude just did it again oh my god what oh my god this is turning off the notch guys this is dark this is crazy bro bro come here you’re not gonna believe this all right oh my god all right so jim liked music right yeah uh he built the all these studios in here this is the craziest thing i’ve ever seen this guy has studios he built inside of a hospital that is severely haunted which they believe maybe he haunts i’m sitting down here and i said jim if you would like to make some music together could you do this i waited for a second and it and bro it knocked right back what yes oh my god dude okay guys so i’m gonna work my way back down this creepy hallway that you would have seen on my last video the first video of the south pittsburgh hospital here on the first floor and before when i was in here oh hello what the heck is that it sounds like somebody’s moving it just sounded like somebody was down there last time i was here the energy brought me to this room and come to find out one of the researchers here one of the people were attacked in this room now whether this attack was meant to be malicious or it was just to let the living know that they were here the spirit did touch the woman and she did feel ill results bro you scared me dude i’m sorry it was really quiet down here and like i just heard like a voice come from over this way and that’s where i was heading i just came out of there bro yeah i was just telling the people like when we when i first came here i was drawn to this room and then she spit the story about how she felt like she was kind of attacked yeah it was uh yeah no she was attacked she said that she was um she was like bear hugged right yeah yeah and she said she felt some pain in her sides and stuff how do blinds get like that is that like rats eating that i have no clue yeah that’s a nice one isn’t it is that a barbie or no it’s just a little dog yeah it’s a little a little paranormal pull apparently do not enter i think we’ll go in yeah that’s like oh oh violation yeah nobody’s seen that i want to go over the second floor yeah let’s go to the third floor the third floor is pretty scary i know you even felt uneasy well i won’t give away too much because they have to watch the member video yeah so i did do a members only video i didn’t mention that a little bit ago but we were on the third floor caught quite a bit of activity and law firm well anyways right before airing up there she says you know hey if you feel sick or i’m easy or you know whatever you know just come back down and i’m like oh i’ll be fine no lie even right now i still feel dizzy from being up there on the third floor okay guys me and omar are making our way to the third floor but right there too it’s taking a lot out of it whoa i just seem like an orb come this way bro yeah there’s like a little anomaly i hope to god my camera’s shot this new camera picks up things really well voices orbs lights there’s another creepy bike is that you nelly you tell me i don’t know do you know the story about the terminator no but a hit just came from here okay so this room was occupied by a dementia patient by the name of nelly old woman and she was found in your dead omartis said this room belonged to a woman named nelly and her spirit does not like it if you close this door no no is that you nelly come on nelly open it all the way all the way i just heard a voice did you yeah oh [ _ ] whoa dude holy grail that’s crazy i guess she doesn’t like it when you open it just did it again bro god just showed up home i heard that it’s gone now though it was like a mhm i wonder if that knock was like saying like hey come in here and doing that door was like saying hey don’t do that like a welcome knife yeah yeah maybe i don’t or sometimes like i was walking down this hallway earlier not this one the one on the second floor and i said i’m gonna walk by all these rooms and i want you to make a noise in one of these rooms when you want me to stop to let me know where you’re at bro i’m walking and all of a sudden there was a noise in a room i went in there it just felt crazy so we just found this out too i don’t know if you heard this but one of the nurses because sometimes people will come visit this place they used to work here so there was a nurse used to work and she said that there was a man that used to be in this room and he was extremely like suicidal so he like in 303 i think i believe it was 303. so this window was open and he went from this room and ran out that window oh my god yeah the window was open he ended up not dying he survived but he broke up with his legs really yeah we can’t even see down there guys but it’s obviously pretty far i mean you could die and i want to say this guys we’re trying to keep this on a positive eye but if anybody out there thinks that life is not worth living if you’re feeling down if you’re feeling depressed if you feel like there’s no coming back from where you’re at now there always is there is always light on the other side sometimes you just gotta go to bed wake up and start new the energy on the third floor is so much more powerful than what i felt on the first and the second one is crazy the third floor is so much different than the others yeah it’s hotter but there’s also like a more intense vibration of spiritualness wow that’s creepy dude look at oh my that why would that be swinging like that all right look i just mentioned how it’s a million degrees up here i’m pretty sure i would have felt some wind amen you see something creepy yeah of course maybe we can catch it my middle name is creepy you okay dude did you just no i just got like a legit tap like it felt like you went like this on my head like i swear i did not bro i had you full frame in mind i’m not i’m not messing with you i swear put on kids huh put on your kids oh i put it on my kids i didn’t touch you i’m serious i legit got tapped on my head like i’m not even messing around i’m not playing it was like i i believe you i i’ve been i’ve been touched in here on the bottom floor and you know what it was right before i i gotta show you something oh oh wow screw the crap ready whoa that’s not what i was going to show you but it’s like she’s giving a high five are you the one that touched me right now hey high five she’s got the corona who touched me right now sounded like a woman this is where they have the babies yeah they have like their little bassinets in here and the little window stickers with your name women’s locker room i’ve never been in one before um they heard a woman just screaming inside here really both her at the same time and they both froze they’re like what the hell was that like scream scream yes and then it happened a second time on a second screen and they they left out of here like just really super expensive omar just caught a scream in here guys i did not catch it i was not filming i was getting ready to pull my spirit box out and he caught the freaking scream can you do it again don’t be shy i don’t know what that was when the i think it was saying when she went and reached out and grabbed it she said that it felt like like water like when you put your hands in the water like that’s what it felt like really that’s what it felt like when she touched the apparatus that’s the operation yeah wow and it happened right in this room right here the very very next day two people that went up dude i just saw something flash through that doorway right now was that you i want to see you possibly even reach out and touch you too yo i don’t know if i caught that on camera but something just rushed like it was like from from the left to the right i didn’t see it but i felt something bro i felt something for sure oh this looks creepy yeah there’s something in here okay so you’re all right bro bro what the [ _ ] was that what happened dude flew i wonder if that’s what you’ve seen no wonder if something just tried to attack us well they did say that the spirit first came falling from the ground and it was a five-foot figure and then the very next day it came alright guys me and omar were just making our way into this room and something fell out of the ceiling it was a kid’s toy so i don’t know what to make of it but my heart is racing so much we figured if there’s that much energy here in this spot that we should do a spirit box session yeah can you tell us was that you why did you drop the kid’s toy out of the ceiling is there something evil here on the third floor was there something trying to get our attention before we came in here can you tell us the name of the spirit entity that is lurking here on the third floor evil it just said evil this is where that creates that creeper where they found the creeper is on this floor the figure that i showed you guys in the beginning of this video this is the floor where they found that is the creeper here in this room is the dark figure here with us now okay so what i just heard i didn’t hear a lot of things come through but what i heard i felt something come with that like when i heard those voices especially evil all of a sudden it wasn’t cold no more it’s almost like this coldness has been following us around i attribute that to being a spirit here on this floor when i heard evil all of a sudden it’s hot here but it got extremely hot and that’s something that happens when you come in the presence of something truly dark right omar is going to take me to see the crawler that’s been seen on the third floor we’re gonna see the general area where they have spotted the crawler you know is it here oh it’s right over there it was right here right in this shop right here dude i’m swinging down there what is that bro isn’t that right where they it was right here where they called it right here i don’t know why is that swinging hello you want your sound crazy yeah so see this line yeah that line would make it where only surgery like surgery type nurses like only the the cert the nurses that were uh for surgery could pass those oh really you weren’t like a surgical type nurse you couldn’t pass that on like the higher up type nurses and they they say that that the spirit that haunts that room that she sometimes will cross this line so they’re thinking maybe she was a nurse i’m chirping about that moving what was over here it’s still moving me and omar are using our emf detectors now this room this is where the spirit of that crawler lives oh really hello i heard we could find the crawler here what is this i just got a spike you got a spike it could have been the reflection in my life what the heck is this that’s a sterilizer whoa hey look there’s like little kids toys all over this place and that’s what fell out of the roof was a kid’s toy creepy crawler if you’re here why don’t you touch this meter and make it light up we already know you got enough energy to manifest yourself you’ve been seen you’ve been caught are you getting any spikes i heard that woman say that that hallway we passed that that’s a hot spot but i didn’t realize that that’s where it was like this this hallway right up here because she was showing pictures and she was like that’s a hot spot but now that we’re here we’ll see can you make the meter go off one thing’s for sure x does not mark the spot because he’s not here all right guys omar is going down to the second floor and i’m going to stay up here on the third floor for a few more minutes i really just want to see if i can see this creepy crawler thing the crawler as they would call it if you’re up here i invite you to interact with me obviously i’m not going to hurt you i’m here to spread your paranormal messages to my platform are you here oh my god that thing’s moving again is that your way of communicating you’re using this thing like a pendulum there’s not my head off must be the crawler huh where are you crawler guys i am wrapping up my second video right now this has been an absolute amazing adventure here at the south pittsburgh hospital to be honest with you guys i really can’t wait to come back i want to come back i want to come back and i want to do a loan challenge i think that would be absolutely awesome unfortunately our time is up here that’s it i hope you guys enjoy this video make sure you smash that smash that thumbs up on this video leave comments below and make sure you 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Haunted Cutthroat Brewing Company Haunted?

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The team goes into Cutthroat Brewing Company in Markleeville, CA. What they caught, and the techniques used, got them some response. Let see what we can confirm or catch ourselves.

THIS was our SCARIEST ENCOUNTER EVER! | Cutthroat Brewing Company 4k | Ep1
Apparition appears next to the door. It appears to be transparent. In this image, the colors are inverted.
Same scene as previous image, this is the true color in the video.

hello hi hi how are you doing today doing good um this is ryan and wyatt from twin paranormal rachel had given us your number yeah she told me you were gonna call oh cool we just wanna know if you had any time so that we can maybe interview you on the phone and find out you know the experiences maybe you’ve had at the uh cutthroat brewing company absolutely my name is dania boyce and i’ve worked on and off at the cut throat for i guess pushing 19 years now oh wow wow that’s a long time from what i figure there’s like three different things in there there’s the one that does a lot of stomping around and he moves bottles around and stuff like that for some reason we call him jack and i don’t even know why i think somebody must have told me that’s what they called him and then there’s a lady upstairs who we call sophie because we never had a name for her but people have seen her like in the windows and stuff and you can just kind of feel that presence and uh one day i took my friend up with her young granddaughter who was like maybe a year and a half just started to walk and talk and as soon as i opened that third floor door this little girl was playing with somebody and she was crowded sophie sophie this and soapy dad and i asked my friend she said she didn’t know anybody named sophie so that’s how she got her name oh wow yeah so that was pretty crazy and then whatever’s downstairs i don’t know it scares the hell out of me and you’re you’re talking about um down in the basement correct yeah yes we used to have our beer cooler down there and i’d go down to you know bring up beer to stock and i was down there one day and it always gives me the creeps down there so of course i leave the door open and there was plenty of people in the bar that i knew and i’m down there stacking beer on the stairs and the door slammed shut and something grabbed me around the neck so hard that i couldn’t scream and i couldn’t get away for i mean it seemed like a really long time it’s probably 30 40 seconds but it seemed like a lot longer and when it let me go i just went bolting up the stairs and everybody up there was looking at me like what the hell happened to you wow and though i’ve never gone down there by myself again i’d always make somebody go with me wow actually that’s like basically what we needed and and we thank you so much i mean do anything else to help you out please let me know cool thank you so much i’m sure we’ll be back there real soon fantastic well like i say feel free to call again if you need any more information perfect thank you so much thank you we really appreciate you well boys dude guys that was the woman that dude that’s the one that got choked so guys nick is on his way and we’re gonna do the history but some of the stuff that we had found talks about this woman yeah about how she went downstairs and she had gotten locked downstairs and choked i didn’t know this is who we were we were not interviewing i did not expect that at all that’s awesome literally when she brought up that story i had chills all over my body dude i was like this is the lady dude this is her that’s crazy let’s just wait for nick what’s up guys welcome to a brand new series we actually just personally got invited to investigate a super creepy location that has so much history and a whole bunch of stories that go back well over a century guys this is going to be amazing let’s get to the history in 1862 the fisk hotel was built in silver mountain city now in 1861 the silver mountain cities the population grew to over a thousand people because it was a very popular area for silver and whatnot the fisk hotel was built in 1862 and it was one of the largest and most like nicest hotels in the area within 10 years the population died down to about and the place stood the entire time up until when the building was actually dismantled bored by board and moved not far north to a place called markleyville where the building was rebuilt and it still stands today over this whole time the buildings changed names multiple times to multiple different names it was the hot springs hotel and it was the alpine hotel so on so forth to its current name the cutthroat brewery so some stories we’ve been told employees regularly get touched they get kind of harassed objects in the bar end up getting moved around bottles will spin on the shelf and get defaced certain things up in the attic will move around there’s an old story from years ago where they had a bunch of chairs stored up there and the old owner would line them up against the wall and every time he would go up there there’d be in a perfect circle wait i didn’t even know that that’s crazy he put him back against the wall and almost every day that he went up there they’d be right back in that perfect circle what about the story that the owner told us about what they have up there today it hasn’t like stuff still happen in that attic so when we actually did a quick walk through up in the attic so they had ordered more bar stools and when we went up there all the boxes they were all stacked up nice and neat besides one box it was literally laying in the middle of the whole attic probably a good like 25 feet away oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah she had said she didn’t touch it nor did her partner or anybody and she’s like okay that’s weird this is weird they’re all stacked up perfectly wait really there’s no way like was that stacked on there it was on one of them they were all just in a bundle stacked i haven’t been up here for two weeks so a couple of other things recently people have been seeing apparitions in the building there was a man that was seen right behind the bar in the corner just kind of standing there all menacingly and that of a woman as well so there was an electrician in there recently redoing some lighting and when he walked out of the women’s bathroom i believe it was he looked out of the corner of his eye and turned around and saw a full-blown apparition of a lady standing there and it freaked him out so bad he got scared and like left and when he came back and told the owners about his story they they kind of freaked out a little bit yeah i mean they did believe it because they had also seen that male figure that was down the hall right next to the sign that’s uh hung up on the wall so as far as the upstairs goes there’s i guess you could call it three floors to this building in the upstairs there’s stories of the same woman that i was talking about earlier she’s seen wearing heels and it said that she can be heard upstairs in the room above the main entrance area it used to be the honeymoon suite and you can hear her pacing around in her heels and the owner actually contacted us not that long ago and told us that the cops called her and said that the suicide windows on the outside of the building were completely open and they had been locked up for hours and nobody in that building since they closed that day yes you don’t even use the upstairs it’s just offices and they had actually thought that somebody had broken in and found out that you know it was nobody who had broken and nothing was stolen and so they just kind of you know it came down to them being like okay it’s gotta be one of the spirits in this place because they are capable of doing that so not long after they rebuilt the building in markleyville there used to be a painting that hung on the wall next to the door to the basement and it was a painting of i guess you could call it more of like a famous horse just loved by everybody there it hung there for like forever people would say that they’d be in the bar and they hear the sounds of like a horse winning or crying down in the basement the funny thing is that picture is no longer there and nobody hears that anymore so another thing is once they move this building into town it would get so snowy during the winter over there that people could not travel out of town once they were sick to go and and basically see a doctor to start feeling better and so they had some local doctors that would stay in town and they actually had used the hotel as a i guess you could say part-time like doctor’s office or or hospital the creepy thing is the basement used to be used as a part-time morgue which is why we are thinking that this basement is full of just malicious and just weird evil spirits that have the power to choke somebody and close the door and basically lock somebody in the basement all i gotta say is thank you guys for letting us investigate this location you guys are super amazing for contacting us personally and we’re ready we are ready to take this place and find out what is really lingering around this building and we got you you guys excited yeah i’m excited let’s get going let’s go investigate all right guys we are inside the cutthroat brewing company in markleyville california right off the bat as soon as we got here we wanted to do a quick little test um i had mentioned to wyatt that i wanted to put a ball at the top of the stairs just to see what would happen and literally we have the clip yeah we actually put the night vision wyatt’s idea he wanted to put a night vision there so we do have a clip of the baseball getting pushed down we tried to debunk it as well but it looked like it had gotten kicked you guys ready to investigate yeah let’s do it let’s kick this off if there’s anybody down here with us right now make yourself known use your energy and speak to us through this device that i’m holding in my hand is there anybody here with us we’re here that was legit right here and i feel it i think something just shushed us too i got really cold all of a sudden it was really hot in here if you’re here do you see the baseball at the top of the stairs just got shushed again i’m just there’s a baseball at the top of the stairs knock that baseball down we heard that there’s a man that likes to hang out down here and a woman did anybody hear that step right there i had heard it say left and then i heard like a footstep right here literally right here thank you it’s okay it’s okay literally right here thank you it’s going it’s going thank you it’s okay it’s okay are you up there are you up there yeah yeah okay give me one second grab this go ahead guys i’m gonna make sure this camera was filming okay okay let’s go now oh my god oh my god did you do that for us good we caught it we caught it did you just knock down that baseball for us after i had passed i’m already getting like incident as soon as we started investigating here dude that was up there for like an hour we were just setting up for like an hour and we kept like i kept checking on you you filmed us uh stomping next yes i did yes i did no movement and we already had tried to debunk it guys i went by myself too a couple times and checked it it was solid for a straight hour who’s here with us tonight what are we doing here as we were asking our questions towards the front of the building one of our night vision cameras pointing towards the back door had picked up what looks like a man coming in through the back gate into the building looking like he had gotten spooked hearing that we were inside now at first that’s what we had thought until further investigation if you look close this man-like figure starts to form his body and then his head right after then he turns his head facing our direction before exiting out the back door now giving this male-like figure a closer examination it appears as if he has a black beard and black hair also you can see the side of the back door straight through what looks like his body did we just catch the male spirit that’s been seen lurking around in this building by some of the workers are you back here what’s up girl where are you i can’t tell if that was upstairs are down here but that was two loud creeks on the wood floor guys i just saw a shower guys i thought i did too did you see you saw yourself what i did guys i saw a freaking head right here this channel right here it had to have been this close see it mike shadow yeah river was fake it was that close it was that close there’s a little alcohol back here did we just see you oh if you’re here make a noise whoa did you guys hear the footsteps right behind river did you hear those are you in here with us dude i can’t believe that baseball fell i’m amazed how active this place is it happened again right away and so when nick came in he didn’t believe it at first until we had shown him the footage and then it happens again so now we know something is definitely here with us for sure okay now we just want to know who is here with us sophie are you in here with us all right use your energy put yourself into this device we’re kind we’re here to help just let us know that you’re here who was it that knocked over that baseball down the stairs me can somebody pull on one of these chairs for us pull on one of these chairs use your energy if there’s anybody here with us make a noise oh my god i have the fattest chills right now nick did you i’m gonna put this baseball back upstairs if you could knock it over for us once more for the third time that would be awesome thank you i’m just setting the baseball right here knock over that baseball seems like they like to give it some time no movement no is there somebody up there go ahead knock this baseball down once more come on push it right to me give it a kick don’t worry i was just stomping around just have fun oh my god that sounded like something knocked down in there are you in there nothing could have fallen it sounded like legit something fell off a shelf knock that baseball down we hear you upstairs use your energy kick that ball or you can sorry did you just see it go down i watched it i was watching it right it was slowly moving though everybody’s gonna make fun of me for that one it’s slow you scared me right dude did you have the camera on him yeah you did i tried oh man i think i missed it that didn’t night vision’s behind you use your energy kick that ball or you can do it sorry i’m sorry it just really scared me because it caught me off guard it really did i tried not to yell and scare you but i couldn’t form words but you legit just saw it roll i was watching it i was training it with my eyes i saw like the stitching on top and i saw it slowly like start to turn i saw the white up top i was like wait a second are my eyes playing a trick on me but no then it just came oh my god dude thank you dude look good god legit dude film your hand so what do you say is it confirmed something’s here with us i don’t that is the third time that something has pushed this baseball down i need to take a break for a second i’m legit shaking like crazy i want to see that yeah i’m feeling really weird we’re going to go to the nerf center real quick and go and review this all right you guys ready yeah so this is our first time seeing the footage it did it sounded like legit something fell off a shelf knock that baseball down someone apart i don’t know what that was your camera that’s the rubber feet wait what that was the rubber feet on your tripod squeaky are you sure yeah that was right here something squeaked that wasn’t in the video no it was right here son that was something squeaking can you want to watch this don’t be afraid we hear you upstairs please tell me use your energy kick that ball oh yeah i was just doing this a minute or you could go sorry it went right in between my legs did you guys see that what it literally went right between my legs watch it was as i was throwing the thing back around my neck too of course it’s okay we have two we have three angles guys three angles because we have the camera up top it’s your energy kick vision and then rivers sorry right through my legs yeah i got so did you just see it go down i watched it you were like in shock dude so well i think legit happened right in front of us so i mean we have footage of of stomping oh yeah we had tried to debunk it man all right guys so after we just reviewed that footage we had decided that we’re going to split up and wyatt and nick are going to go sit right down over there uh where the man was seen and then river and i are going downstairs in the basement where one of the workers had actually been physically choked so i think that’s what we’re going to do right i’m just going to split up and hope for the best nick doesn’t really want to split up because he’s already pretty jumpy he said so yeah i don’t know why we’ll see we’ll see good luck me too itc legion is loaded feel free to talk to us we heard that somebody had gotten choked down here why don’t you put your hands on me i’m gonna be using necrophonic still power on is there anybody there with us one of the co-workers was choked down here was it you if it was you i was a kid sophia are you down here can you come talk with us what are you down here with us yes what are you doing down here i’ve heard you like to play pranks on the people that are working here moving the bottles at the bar and messing with the glasses can you do that for us somebody had choked one of the co-workers down here are you here because your body was getting worked on and your your spirit your soul is stuck here dude i just heard something over there really yes legit are you watching us are you paying attention to us we’re friendly we just want to talk to you what was that was that you no you didn’t hear that what was that dad are you the male figure that people have seen here in this doorway in this room go over there is somebody in there i just heard a faint laugh like i just heard a faint laugh like who’s in here with us is that you who was just laughing did you hear that yeah why are you laughing use your energy and speak to us through this device did you do that oh my god i have the fattest chills right now that’s exactly what that was here i’m going to go ahead and sit on these stairs okay and i’m just going to sit here and ask questions i’m sitting down here feel free to grab on to me i heard i’m tired twice why are you down here did you want to come closer to us and make a sound let us know we heard that you had choked somebody down here why did you choke them what are you doing down here quit do you not want us to find you how many people are down here with us four years why are you down here where’s wyatt where’s wyatt why did you hear that i heard that that was right behind yeah did you hear that i heard that that was right behind yeah said mean oh my god i hope that picked it up oh that was clean can you move one of these chairs and sit down and talk with us really do you know you’re dead oh my god don’t be afraid knock down that baseball we’re up here right there there it goes there it goes dude you

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The team investigates the asylum and they capture both EVPs and anomalies on video. Both experience personal uneasiness and goose pump like experiences.

Ghosts of PENNHURST STATE SCHOOL Surrounded Me!! SCARY EVPs and Spirit Box Voices at Haunted Asylum

i’m gonna ask you some questions about god and jesus and stuff i’m getting the chills all of a sudden it’s time i heard talking back behind us again who’s in this room with us yes someone’s like here oh something big just shocking thank moment so much for talking to me you’re welcome or one of them that was it i definitely get a creepier fight on this one now right now it’s making my stomach hurt oh yeah that is the room okay way down there but that right there is the hallway i’ll turn my hand i feel like standing right here myself like i look down there i get a creepier vibe right now but i don’t know because i feel it right here i don’t know which way it is what the fuck is that yeah the golf cart no electricity here that’s warmer on this side i just feel these pitch black doors to my right and left now my tummy hurts in the fall this walk down the other hallway is anybody down here anybody want to come out and say hi i just want to come talk to you for a little bit there was a tab it’s coming from this room right here is anybody in here you want to talk to us we’re just coming to hang out for a little bit is it okay if we come hang out for a little while we don’t mean any disrespect we’re just well that’s a creepy staircase i just want to come get to know you a little bit i promise not we’re not here to hurt you or be mean is it okay ew that’s the creepiest doll i’ve ever seen look at that doll yeah it’s faceless yeah that’s really creepy is it okay if i come in here and say hi or you can’t see your face but when you look at an emperor there’s a shape of face this is where you’re feeling there’s something like this extremely in here is anybody in here with us do you wanna do this one together or is me just you this time looks like it was the children’s room are there any children in here don’t wanna come say hi to me i just heard a whisper i just heard a weird giggle out that way i went heart sounded like a like that these two open doors of hair creeping out there’s like two closets right here i see that was that you i’m in the nose yes i’m sorry so i want to know if there are any little kids in here who want to maybe come over here and stand by me and talk to me for a minute there’s something in here you don’t have to be afraid i like kids i have like really bad heebies on my legs yeah i’m getting it all over my body are you coming over here to say hi to me oh i’m feeling it all over i just wanna come on see how you are doing and can you tell me what your name is this is a really nice room i see a couple of baby dolls around here are these yours i’m sorry it’s not like a whisper which baby’s your favorite the one on the bed or the one by the wall there’s another one in the chair to your right that was fucking loud that was in this room out here you can come in here and say hi to us too i promise we’re not going to hurt anybody we’re really nice people we just want to come learn about you maybe learn more about this building do you like to play games do you like to play hide and seek what does her lego whisper behind me it’s me moving thank you for letting me come in here can you tell me again that was in this room out here did you hear that who are you here with i feel a cool breeze you are standing right in front of a giant it’s um swirling around my ankles there’s no cool breeze coming through that it is still as heck it’s just around my legs there was a tap in this one of these closets right here i think it was that one right there oh man they’re creepy you don’t have to hide in the closet you can come out over here oh and i got the chills did you hear that sound in there oh i just got the breeze on my legs i told you it was all over me you can feel the freaking goosebumps i feel them on my legs as well it’s like going on my shorts a little bit yeah like i feel noise over here and also i was like right at my feet like i have the biggest goosebumps my legs oh my gosh hi thank you please don’t hide oh man i can feel it don’t hide don’t be scared tyler’s right behind you you can be feel safe around me i’m not gonna hurt you and i’m not gonna let anybody else hurt you do you have any brothers or sisters i can you do that again wow thank you can you tell me what year it is do you know what year it is that’s an airplane up in the sky that’s daddy’s feet i thought i just heard a voice i heard something out there there’s a big playground outside did you go used to go play on it all the time it’s only right here is that your doll can you move it can you lift her leg can you lift your dolly’s leg what the fuck was that was that your foot no i just don’t move my foot that was not i was getting stolen that sound happened something out there was on the hall that was in the hall there’s like noises all around us can you move your dolly there’s all kinds of fucking noises in this room wow thank you did you feel safe at this this building did they treat you okay i heard there’s a lot of people here so that was my ankle and i just adjusted also did you have a lot of freedom here these are really big buildings oh my god get out who is that how many of you are in here that’s enough let’s move down the hallway this way energy do anybody want to say hi to her any more people apparently they were all in there okay hearing you need help can i help you oh anybody want to say hi hi you tell me what your name is am i gonna bother you we’re just gonna if any of you have a message for somebody you