UGUE in Anclote Haunted Cemetery

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UGUE in Anclote Haunted Cemetery
UGUE in Anclote Haunted Cemetery

Another older video post from UGUE. In this episode, they visit and explore the Anclote Cemetery in Holiday, Florida.

Joe is joined by other teams to investigate the area’s haunting claims.


all I ever do for sure the one
I said to myself
we’re gonna see
welcome to another episode of urban
ghosts urban exploration tonight I’m
with Angie the green-eyed angel check
her child she’s awesome
we also have Murray from Murray’s life
vlogs and mysteries with us tonight
also check out her channel she’s awesome
thank you and of course you know patty
from G team paranormal she’s with us
tonight of course check out Patty’s
Channel she is awesome as well guys we
came back Murray and I were here tonight
actually during the day Murray and I
were at the cemetery
we promised he were gonna come back
tonight now on the way here patty was
reading about this place it’s insanely
haunted you know what that means for us
it means we’re gonna go inside we’re
gonna have fun tonight I’m a little
nervous they’re a little nervous
you’re in for a ride peace all right
what’s up guys so as we promised we’re
back at the include cemetery and we kid
you not like it sounds like somebody’s
back you’re talking so uh yeah this is
gonna be an exciting trip anyway guys
let’s do this
love you guys and I hope you like the
daytime video this is the nighttime
video totally different thing you get to
compare the two it’s insanely scary
right now alright let’s do this
Murray and I were here earlier today and
filmed the video here and this is what
the same cemetery looks at it looks like
at night I mean it’s crazy
actually there’s dogs barking all around
us so it’s kind of weird there’s shadow
figures now when I put out that video
today I heard all kinds of voices I
heard a little girl say I love you what
was that noise
there’s something over here
so we just say daddy
I heard daddy twice because it’s such a
trippy thing the word daddy just came
through twice now if you remember from
the daytime video I filmed this very
grave at night this is scary all right
now this is a really disrespectful so
I’m going to remove this and throw it
out in a trash can if I could find one
so my my sense is a really good like um
I could pick up voices I don’t know why
these spirits talk to me
I hear the spirits but I also feel
myself on extreme high alert extreme
caution and
I usually don’t feel that so soon into
video okay let’s do this
so as I mentioned the cuts you’ll see in
this video are always going to be cuts
because either the camera shuts off will
we take a break so this is going to be
kind of like a raw type video
let’s walk around a bit
now the ladies are there back there
still I just started the film they’re
still by the car
something tells me that I need to be
back here for some reason
so we read an article on this place on
the way here and kind of really sad I
guess a lot of people vandalized the
cemetery but what I didn’t realize is in
the woods back here where we were
earlier right back there a lot of people
used to use that for like drug
trafficking like that road leads to
somewhere so a lot of criminal activity
happened here
all right something tells me that
something isn’t right here tonight and I
just happen to put my finger on it yet
hey guys what’s that noise I hear you
know it’s weird
I smell root beer
it’s not this because you would think
it’s the can I just picked up but it’s
not it’s in the air its root beer you
know it’s really strange guys I smell
root beer I mean I took this can that
was on somebody’s grave and I’m gonna
throw it away but um it’s not the can I
thought it was coming from the can I
honestly smelled like somebody was
drinking a can of root beer like that
really strong root beer smell yeah it’s
over there be careful guys because I I
don’t feel right here it’s right you
don’t feel right right yeah like my
spidey senses have picked up like
something’s wrong yeah I was already
filming this grave so I guess this is a
family member it’s your uncle’s mom Oh
guys I’m so sorry that said
all right
the petty have her alone climates a
fatty and realize as a family members
grave I know Marie mentioned it but I
thought it was more of a friend of a
family member maybe but anyway for some
reason this woman that follows me talks
a lot in the video today she said I love
you and I just heard my name sim here
alive so active in here tonight this
cemetery the daytime was active tonight
let’s just yeah this so just give me the
chills see what I feel here tonight is
somebody’s watching us you know that’s
sickening feeling you feel like you’re
being watched
seriously guys I feel that right now
the problem is when you come to places
at night and you have a light everybody
can see you you just can’t see them
really it’s so easy to hide I mean
literally you can hide behind a tree a
gravestone it’s that easy
this I’m like like the only way I can
describe it right now the talking that’s
going on around me it’s like it’s
look at that tree
so when you watch these videos I
strongly urge you to put on your headset
if you can if you have a headset and you
usually hear the things that I hear I
try to point him out as much as possible
and and I do I miss stuff though of
course okay that wasn’t cool what was
that this tree is really crazy
anyway I miss stuff you place he shot
he’s my camera did just go off I was
saying if you see anything in these
videos please pointed out this um this
grave had me kind of intrigued earlier
he’s got a Masonic symbol on it 1859 to
1936 and
the Masons sometimes people affiliate
them with like secret societies you know
and I really can’t comment on that
because I don’t know but I know that
when we’ve been around them before in
the Grand the cemeteries these Masonic
symbols we always pick up voices it’s
now Eddie Maria over there Angie’s over
there then Angie and I are gonna venture
into the woods catch up with Angie I
don’t really want to leave somebody by
what’s up bench yeah right it’s
seriously like messed up there’s
something going on it is really nice
that I can hear yourself over there in
that corner when we were great that’s
not the whole bunch of pictures I can’t
wait to see what seriously that’s
exactly where I went when I got out of
cars right there I was like aw crap I
gotta shut my lights off and snap some
pictures and turn around everybody else
is gone we’re gonna you want to well
Nicole took a minute break and then I
want to go into the woods you want to
all right guys so I just took a few
minute break get rid of the can and the
ng and I we’re gonna start walking
towards the trail
I think and he said she saw like a
shadow figure back here I didn’t see
anything but she picks up on that stuff
I think that’s Angie yep
Angie’s coming along
all right this is a little creepy though
that’s true
actually more than a little creepy yeah
there’s a lot of stuff I keep hearing
what appears to be like somebody’s
talking to me
which I remember
this grave looks creepy just the fact
that it’s behind all this like foliage I
think so
are you serious we’re crazy we do follow
the noises well you know there’s no
since coming here shooting a video if
you’re not right that’s what I say so
okay I remember what that good heavens
was that what was that yeah that’s a
person I don’t know
it’s big
holy cow Wow
what is that
oh my god yeah
let’s still fun this will go let’s just
not go that way into yo that was crazy
so this is you know we could when we do
these videos we do want to be saved – I
mean that could be a bear or a person
like somebody hiding out
hear them coming
told you this is dangerous what the hell
was that there quickly I’m sure
it’s coming yeah
oh crap
there’s a big big animal it could be I
don’t know Ange I mean
and maybe it’s gonna come get us
so now we have a decision to make folks
let’s make this wisely
are you thinking I’m thinking that you
wrestle a dinar on Sonu
like whatever it was we walked right up
on it
where are they going just a dog barking
let’s go see anyway they’re in the car
we go savage we go hard we got to be
smart because there was a large animal
so it’s I don’t know what it is but
we’re still completely if we’re gonna go
back there now Patty and Marie just
jumped in the car I think there’s dogs
in the cemetery there’s another problem
so let’s start heading back to them and
we’ll see about the woods
yeah I’m seriously hearing stuff around
here though hey guys what happened
yeah a ginormous animal was behind one
of the and jumped into the woods yeah we
heard it’s on video I mean I’m talking
it sounded almost it almost sounded like
a person that’s because we were just in
the freakin woods no you guys you guys
aren’t oh whoa what the hell was that
no you seriously just hurt you just hear
that guy right behind me there was a guy
right behind me that just said like hey
or something I’m not kidding you guys
seriously I love this Hey
all right so something’s right here
Angie let’s go see
yo you heard that right what the hell
was that
so some reason like when I first got
here this is the side of the cemetery
that bothers me and I hear talking right
I’m going to see if I can’t capture
these voices
oh this is a shame somebody broke this
look no wonder why they don’t want
people in here at night
yeah it’s terrible I mean I couldn’t
even imagine destroying some pretty much
less agrave look at that heart Rock you
see that Angie
this is xoxo on it yeah
you hear that person talking
if you come here and listen you get here
all around us it almost sounds like you
know the ghosts in movies like
and we’re surrounded by dogs I think
that’d probably be a best bet if we
don’t go in the woods tonight because
something just said hey Joe I’m not even
kidding you something said hey Joe
all right let’s go this way
then your mom is Ethan see you know this
place is sketch when Murray and pedi
stay in the car
yeah you heard that growl it’s fine and
just like I’m gonna let Joe get eaten
while I’m running
I love you love you too
oMG I love you too the thing of
everything right Ella great
yeah I filmed this earlier today
okay okay stop talking to me oh stop
talking to me ya know it’s just like
said get away get away
just get away that’s what something just
said to me oh my head hurts now maybe we
should heed this warning yeah
Jesus Christ you are my Saviour and
protector see you Christ I know all
things are possible whatever is talking
to me protect me from
the per there was a person I freaking
knew it there’s a person back there yeah
they just ducked behind that tree yeah
hey we’re just taking pictures man
just taking pictures there’s probably
people living back here yeah they ducked
behind that tree a guy wearing a white
shirt and blue jeans so it’s probably
it’s probably homeless people ang
alright alright guys so the riddle
solved there’s people back there not
cool we’re not gonna go back there cuz
you never know
I mean it’s probably homeless people
possibly harmless people they’re walking
towards us walking this way
shine your light you hear the right
there you get them creeping around yeah
yeah yeah all right so we can go back to
that side we don’t want confrontation
you don’t want to actually get into the
they’re back there we’re walking this
way coming seriously Angie they’re
coming all right
this is cool all right so it’s super
creepy and forgive me Mikey and my
camera went out again
there’s people back there I saw one
person for sure and you just saw a
shadow what’s really creepy is there was
something like coming around me a
woman’s voice over there we were over
there and the woman’s voice kept coming
up to me it was like almost giving me a
headache and kept saying to me get out
get out leave get out and maybe it maybe
it is a spirit guide she was warning me
not to go back there we almost went back
there you know I was just warned Angie
maybe it is a spirit guide do you think
so we better tell them hey guys we need
to have a little conversation for
everybody safety right now seriously
for your safety there’s actually people
in the woods
yeah I just saw a dude in the woods
shadow car in case we have to leave we
first heard them walking then the guy
walked behind a tree back there I knew
somebody was watching us the whole time
he was behind the tree and then what
happened he heard him running right yeah
like more than one person running
through the woods yeah so yeah so but
there’s also there’s also evidence
pected that there are people like
homeless people back there cuz there’s
water bottles and stuff yeah so I mean
we can still film on this end guys just
stay near the car I don’t think they’re
gonna mess with us I think they were
just letting us know that they were
there and when Angie and I went back
over there something like jumped out and
jumped into the woods
says a person hiding behind the
tombstone jumped in the woods I think we
should go savage into a spirit box
yeah it was crazy right you wanna do
spirit box
I got your back I think I think what
would be good guys if we did a spirit
box over there by there’s old old graves
and once had to keep a watch just
everybody be prepared to run to the car
yeah there’s a dude in there with white
t-shirt on and blue jeans and then when
I said I yelled back on mic hey man
we’re just taking pictures you know and
then all sudden you heard a whole bunch
of people scurrying around and then on
top of that he was hiding behind the
tombstone he jumped into the woods when
we went over there yeah yeah seriously
yeah but you wanted I mean let’s I mean
we’re here guys let’s let’s do a spirit
box you want to do it how do you wanna
join us now with the left-right-left to
leave them toothless so let’s go I say
we do the spirit box screw them all
right let’s do the spirit by right
because I just want to get this video
you did a good job in not going down the
way what no right there window
I keep hearing Joe I heard it Joe and I
heard think again I love you alright
guys we’re hearing all kinds of stuff
this people back there I just think it’s
homeless people it’s kind of sad but
still got a stand guard
we’re not going in the woods obviously
anyway Angie’s about to do the spirit
box and we’re gonna wrap this one up
because you know you got to be safe um
but we didn’t want to miss this
opportunity we’re here we drove all the
way out here and yeah I’m just watching
patty Murray over there okay so they’re
fine I’m just keep an eye on everybody
that’s what I do I protect everybody
that’s my mentality spirit box is all
negative to stay away and do not attach
itself to none of us that are in this
group and you know whenever we leave
that one hurts me is there a spirit of a
little girl that my mom solved or
touched my mom can you tell me the name
of the spirit I’m talking to there’s
this place is very active how many
spirits are here I never seen it do that
before what just happened did you hear
Angie I did just hear Angie I started on
the grave if that’s what happened I let
go of it
are you sure what making sure there are
but ever since you do that so if I pick
it out
what is up for that
this thing’s flying all around us you
know that like it almost looked like it
almost looked like I just felt like
teeth does that make sense like smiling
why are you doing this the spirits don’t
want to talk
those really goofy gel do not breathe in
you know it’s like it’s breathing
what are you guys doing to my box it
won’t turn off
the spirit box won’t turn off Joe are
you serious I’m pushing the button then
it won’t
I’m totally pushing this button hold it
that’s creepy
yeah no negative nothing can stay with
us you have to stay here God will
protect us but that gave me the
heebie-jeebies wait you guys hear back
that breathing and my friggin spirit box
wouldn’t even shut off like I had to
unplug it from the speaker and
everything like that was crazy
now that no we’re out of here because we
got enough filming heard a lot of voices
there’s all kinds of things that they’re
freaking out over there they’re ready to
leave please check us out at let
me and everyone you guys peace
last again
dream in our big time when I get things

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