Joe Visits a Cemetery With an IR Camera

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The latest video from UGUE. Joe visits a cemetery with an IR camera and captures what appears to be a shadow person or people. Are they the watcher of the cemetery?

(Alone Cemetery Challenge) Using the Ir Camera Picking Up Shadows of the Night

Here are some snippets of what I think are the shadows captured.

i thought i saw a shadow
welcome to another episode of urban
ghost urban exploration now tonight i am
doing an alone
challenge i’m at a creepy cemetery this
place i’ve done a while ago
it’s particularly uh creepy back here
because it’s at the end of a dead end
and uh just so quiet
and ominous and
before i turn this camera on i’m pretty
sure i heard what sounded like
coyotes i hope there’s no coyotes back
anyway i just had to come out and get a
video done this is something i love to
do it’s exciting for me
tonight i brought my uh infrared camera
so we’ll try that out and maybe i’ll put
it stationary somewhere
the sound quality is bad on this now i
did order a mic but it hasn’t come yet
uh also wanted to let you guys know that
rob and i are planning on doing some
traveling coming up real soon
we just haven’t really figured out where
to go yet because there’s a lot of
restrictions right now on as to where we
go um so i’ll keep you guys informed
but probably in the next two weeks we’ll
be doing some traveling i know tomorrow
we have some more videos that we’re
gonna do some new places be really cool
and i’d like to start this off for the
prayer just because i mean
i hope the camera just picked that up
because it just sounded like
somebody said something
okay anyway let’s start this off with
the prayer
jesus christ heavenly father thank you
so much for being in my life thank you
for all
the opportunities i have but most
importantly thank you for the big
family i have through doing youtube and
all the wonderful people out there
i pray tonight that everything go well
with this explorer
i pray for everybody out there who’s
watching this video as well
and uh i know it’s a lot of uh trying
times for people right now so please be
with everybody
it’s through christ i know all things
are possible amen guys
whoo all right um yeah i got kind of
kind of creeped out by hearing a voice
all right well let’s do this and you’re
coming with
all right so i have my flashlight
and my camera and uh
these things
thank goodness it’s not locked
all right i’m trying to juggle all these
things i
first need to get this flashlight going
because this other light is not
gonna cut it
now i also brought my phone with me i
may try the necrophonic app
i really honestly can say
if this place is haunted i can tell you
it’s creepy as heck
i know that i’ve been here before
and there were um
definitely people that
live back here we heard
people running around somebody came
yelling at us one time
that’s i’m more afraid of that than
actual ghosts all right i’m going to try
get this thing going too
so i could film again the sound quality
is poor on this but
let me get this thing on
the lens cap oh what was that
i just thought i heard something over
there inside the infrared
camera and this camera
and back here it always creeps me out
all right get both views
i am totally creeped out here
and at the same time i think this is
so what’s creepy is i feel like
there’s like eyes on me or presents here
it’s really hard to uh to say
i just heard some uh
some twigs breaking back there maybe i
hope i really hope this like this is
surrounded by woods guys
i do not want to run into
an animal here especially they say right
now it’s like coyote mating season and
they’re more prone to attack in a group
that’s strange all right
now as always if you hear or see
anything in this video please point it
out in the comments below
i’m also going to see if i don’t know if
i can do this on my
computer but see if i could split the
screen up between
the um
infrared and uh
the regular camera
why did this just shut off
all right so i just realized that i may
not have been recording
the infrared camera walking in so i do
apologize about that if i didn’t um
all right anyway guys i think i don’t
think i had it recording the infrared
i think it was just on so sorry about
i’m gonna try to walk around
with the infrared camera now again my
see how the red light’s flashing now i
guess i was nervous and didn’t even
realize that
it’s probably not even recording now the
other camera was recording
i’m going to set this up stationary
somewhere hopefully
it looks like there’s something right
there maybe not
i can’t really do this with both cameras
maybe that’s just a uh
gravestone but it almost looks like
somebody’s standing right there
what i don’t like about this is my hands
both being occupied
now one time i came here and some man
was like
running around screaming and that freaks
me out
and rob and i went in the woods back
there which i am not doing tonight
not by myself no thank you
right oh okay okay
okay something just moved back there
and i heard it
what is that
guys something back there just moved now
i don’t know if this camera picked that
up or not
holy crap that’s scary
i bet there’s something here i just
don’t want no animals come running at me
a human being
i’m okay with that a ghost i’m okay with
a wild animal i’m not okay with that
yeah turn this around
i’m going to put this stationary because
it’s really difficult
i’m going to put this stationary because
it’s extremely
extremely difficult
to hold both cameras but i want to try
to get the cemetery as much as possible
there may be a couple of edits because
i’m fumbling around with the camera
and i’ll just cut right over that where
i’m fumbling around between the two
what the freak is in the woods i am so
guys i’m telling you i keep hearing
something in the woods
okay i’m gonna set this down
okay here’s a perfect spot
i’m going to set this let me see if
it’ll pick up anything
all right guys i put i put the camera
this way because
it’s on an upward angle at first i was
gonna shoot it that way
but i try to get it even
you know on this thing and it’s not
really level
so this is the best way to put this
all right now i am going to do
the necrophonic app creepy i keep
feeling like
there’s something walking around in the
woods and i don’t like that at all
let me also try to set this light up
here i don’t want it to be i know
there’s it’s
infrared so i don’t think it needs that
much light
i don’t know i just know that i’m
nervous being here
hear stuff in the freaking one this is
this is
as you know me when it comes to animals
i am freaking out so i’m gonna do this
over here i’m gonna do the necrophonic
all right so i got this on which is
blinding me like crazy
but let’s see if we capture anything on
the necrophonic app
i mean some people like i said i always
say the same thing but
some people believe that the necrophonic
app doesn’t capture stuff some people
believe it does
i kind of think that spirits can
manipulate it so i’m curious what
they’ll say
oh man
what was that
all right necrophonic app like i said
i’m just gonna try this for a minute or
two i might go to a second location
i’m curious to see if it says anything
and i keep hearing stuff in the woods
all right necrophonic app please tell me
about okay what was that
please tell me about this place
joe joey’s coming who’s coming
who’s in the woods or what’s in the
am i safe
i’m here something over there
it seems to keep saying something like
he’s behind you go it’s a trap
crap what do you mean it’s a trap
am i safe here
like reflecting on this on the ground
scared me
is there a danger here
i’m gonna shut this off because i
it’s weird i keep thinking that like all
right i’m gonna
go back to this
i keep thinking that like the
necrophonic was telling me
danger here
and i keep feeling like something
is in the woods now again it’s hard to
juggle these cameras
oh man come on
it’s really really quiet
almost like too quiet
okay so i think i could
um just use the audio on one camera
and like i said i’ll try to do a split
screen or if it lets me do it
it’s a real small cemetery so
i don’t really want to stay here too
long looks at a shadow
guys there’s a shadow over there
is that a shadow what is that
i thought i saw his shadow
i saw a shadow is that a shadow what is
what is that
what is that is that i can’t really see
that i just see something moving
what was that
i can’t see that good even through this
thing but it looked like a shadow
i gotta i can’t wait to see that back it
looked like something moved right across
right over there
okay all right
maybe i’m wrong
that was so weird
all right i’m gonna
try one more thing i’m gonna try a
different light on this and i’m gonna
put this down on the ground
and i kind of like playing with this
camera it’s kind of cool
all right so this was uh this is kind of
creepy it looked like i saw a shadow but
until i played that back i don’t really
know because it’s hard to see even with
that and then trying to look through
both cameras
but i also want to try
the red light
and uh i’m curious now some people don’t
like this light
i think it makes it creepier for me and
i think the more creeped out i get
the more likely
the more likely like if there is any
activity here like i think it knows if
you’re afraid and it makes me scared i’m
scared of animals too in the woods but
i’m going to sit here right on this
now i have that light on me
but i got the infrared camera and then
me sitting here with this red light
any spirits here you know what i’m going
to shut that light off too
well i don’t know see i don’t i haven’t
experimented enough with the infrared
camera to decipher
if it’s worth having that on with it or
not but
so here’s the deal i certainly think
that the necrophonic app
did in fact uh
say some things pertinent tonight so i’m
going to turn it on one more time
please tell me what’s here
should i be worried here
i just heard a whistle
should i be worried out here at all
is there anything out here that i should
be worried about
now it doesn’t seem to be anything
all right i’m going to walk around i
think that’s what i need to do
of course this thing didn’t shut off all
right um
shut off
so the infrared right there i don’t know
it’s picking up as it should guys like
again this is an experiment
i’m gonna try walking around with this a
little bit more then i’m going to go
somewhere else
also mike this camera in my right hand
my regular camera just shut off because
it probably hit 30 minutes
but one last look around here
all right i’m gonna head back
see the thing is when you look through
it’s really hard to decipher with the
naked eye
like it looks like i like maybe figures
but then again
it’s hard to tell but then it’s just
like when you get up closer to it it’s
just tombstones
all right guys so i i’m sorry i had to
set up both cameras so i have
my regular camera i have the infrared
now tonight was kind of freaky uh
honestly i
it’s hard to tell with this camera like
when you’re holding both cameras first
of all you gotta juggle them around it’s
a real pain especially holding this
flashlight at the same time which i
gotta shut off
um i thought i saw some shadows now it
could be the shadow from this camera
hitting this camera reflecting off the
trees creating
that kind of shadow effect it could have
been an
animal i mean i don’t know but what i do
know is it was really really creepy
and i keep hearing stuff in the woods
uh this place is is definitely creepy is
it haunted i don’t know i can’t wait to
go back and see what the infrared camera
if anything
all right i’m going to film my way out
anyway guys please check out our
merchandise below at u-g-u-e
brothers. look for some awesome uh
adventures coming up
and some traveling i’m gonna walk out
try to juggle this camera and this
camera and
uh yeah
back there i i swear to you i keep
hearing noises
and like chatter like now the chatter
could be from coming from
yeah i don’t know all right guys let’s
get out of here let’s start walking out
man am i nervous in this place
that’s so many things in my pocket too
oh okay let me try to get this camera
it’s a lot of work here a lot of work
all right like i said
all right like i said it’s a lot of
juggling with this thing
what is that over there
this shadow’s all over this place are
you serious maybe it’s
it could be that this is playing tricks
on me i’m gonna
look there’s another shadow
and i heard voices over here
all right again it could be
just me looking through this it’s very
bizarre for me to look through this but
it looked like i saw shadows in here
so here’s the deal i’m gonna walk my way
out of here and i’ll tell you why
not that i’m copping a plea if but it i
i don’t know what i saw through there
to this camera i really don’t know what
i saw
and uh it looked like a shadow
but then again like the effect of this
look it casts off a lot of shadows so
it’s hard to say
but i’m not going around chasing shadows
in a cemetery
especially if it’s just my own
anyway i’m gonna own a mosey on it out
of here
all right two things i want to get out
of here because i’m pretty sure there’s
animals walking around in there
i swear now looking through this is
really hard to decipher to the naked eye
for me
um it looked like there were shadows all
over this place now
i was a little worried that there was
some like i mean i heard before i
started the intro i heard some coyotes
um i don’t want to be attacked by some
coyotes guys
honestly i’m like kind of nervous about
i don’t know what i picked up i don’t
know if i picked up anything i don’t
know if it’s a figure of my imagination
but i swear to you it looked like a
shadow going around this cemetery
especially back there by the woods and
then along this fence line
at the end now i’m going on the premise
right now
that it could have been this camera this
flashlight in front of that light
maybe maybe or making shadows off the
trees two different lights
i don’t know i do know this much i’m
getting out of here
i hope you guys enjoyed this video this
was fun to make it’s
really really creepy being at a place
like this and
i can’t wait to see this footage i
thought i heard some things i thought
the necrophonic
app definitely said stuff pertinent
anyway i’m getting out of here guys
please you guys enjoyed this video have
a good night peace

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no pets in the household end quote he also says that ronnie lives in a year old victorian house in brooklyn new york delivery in general who is like your favorite so far that’s definitely moving on to the next round out of all the videos in today’s list this one seems perhaps the most plausible how could something so chilling happen during the middle of a zoom call it seems as though nobody knows the answer but let’s hope that one day ronnie gets the answers that i’m sure he’s looking for and that was scary videos that spooked me i hope you enjoyed the video and if you did then subscribe for more scary content my name is sir spooks and i’ll see you all in the next video [Music] eid