Tim is Back to the Haunted House

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In the Cursed House, the Ghost Showed What Happened to Him

As you can see, the activity started immediately. Why are you crying? Who are you? Friends, hello! My name is Tim Morozov. Now I am again in the damned house. What made me come back here was the arrival of new equipment. These are the two devices. These devices, as stated on the website, feed entities and paranormal activity with electromagnetic pulses. Today I want to try these devices here, to strengthen the strong essence, perhaps even more than one, which is here. In order not to be unfounded, I will show you how they work. Here I have EMP. Now at the moment by zero. I turned on the device – as you can see, the activity started immediately. Not activity, namely, it is clear that the device is working. Like that one. By the way, as I turned it on – something immediately. As if something is out of the closet. It is, of course, very scary here, because after what happened here. Now I will tell you more how I decided to protect myself, just in case. This is a different device. Also, as you can see, everything works. I will now install these devices around the house. One is there in the kitchen, and the other is in this room. Also, now I have a wind device and a temperature meter installed , also an EMP. All these devices are taking readings on this camera, she is now writing. I installed several HISs in case the light and electricity suddenly disappear , in order to somehow navigate. And extra batteries for the flashlight just in case. So, I will not waste time, because the time is already, it turns out now, after midnight, 01:05. So I’m getting started. By the way, there is no network here. If something happens, it’s impossible to call from here at all, not even an emergency call. In general, I start because I can’t wait any longer. Today I was already late, but … It’s so fucking scary here! Well, let’s get started. I will have one here. EMP, as you can see, is zero now. So the device does not take it probably turns out. If there are any changes in the EMP readings, then this is not due to the devices. The main goal today is to try to get in touch with the one, I don’t know, a person or not, who came out with me on the EGF last time, who warned about the danger. I want to contact to try with him. Can someone contact me? The person, the creature who warned me of danger, when I was in danger, when a hand reached out to me – you pressed or pressed the Polaroid, who told me “Go away!”, Who called me by name. “Timofey! Timofey! Timofey! Go away!” To be honest, the device interferes with listening. Move it to another place now, further away. I’ll put it somewhere here. Can anyone contact me? The curtains are moving strangely. Is there a wind now? Temperature 4.6 degrees. These curtains are somehow frightening. There is no wind. I blew it. The device works there. Can someone contact me? Can someone contact me? Can someone contact me? Can someone contact me? Now. It seems to me it’s the same door again. With her, something is definitely not right. I’ll try to go there now and maybe from there it will be possible to get in touch. Again. I will not go there already. Can anyone contact me? I want to connect with the person or creature who helped me. Open? I didn’t get it. Now there was a phrase as if “Open!” Do you want me to open that door? I opened the door as you asked. Can you contact me? Who are you? What’s your name? Open please? I do not understand. I opened the door! I do not understand. I have already opened the door. Why do you want me to open something again? Answer me. Some, to be honest, incomprehensible nonsense. What the fuck ?! She was definitely not here, 100%. So, the tracks are mine. I went there and installed the device. There was an answer along the way. It’s dumb to take it! Who’s there? Who’s there?! Who are you? Answer! Who are you? There are no legs! Who are you? How is this possible?! Your mother! Is it really so the device ?! Your mother! Fuck it! Fuck! I do not wish anyone any harm! I just want to get in touch! Who contacted me? Fuck! Legs give way! Maybe you need to turn it off? I dont know. We need to recover now. It’s just some … Kick, friends! It’s just wildly scary! I keep thinking, is it really … It feels like someone is just watching from behind, I don’t know. “I do not want”? What don’t you want? Contact me? Why? What’s wrong with this little room again? There are no more traces there. How dumb is that! What don’t you want? What the fuck is this? Some kind of kick-ass! Fucking table! Cry? Why are you crying? Answer me. You cry? What’s happening? Can you tell me what happened? Who are you? Why are you crying? Fuck! I think I figured out what’s going on here. This is how event recovery is obtained. We must cut these devices. We must pick it up. So, friends! Most of the instruments sat down. You saw it yourself – the stabilizer turned off in front of your eyes, as well as the microphone, possibly earlier. Just when I pulled it out – it was already turned off, which is lavalier. What can I say? Everything is different because the temperature has dropped. Themselves also saw that on the meter, which is a wind meter, it has a temperature. The temperature there hovers around 5 degrees, it’s cold enough now. In general, it seems to me that I have solved the secret of this house. It was the instruments that behaved strangely. Perhaps only in this house, I don’t know for sure. It seems to me that the instruments gave exactly the strength to the soul that wanted to help me last time. And this time a good soul, it seems to me, prevailed in strength from an evil one. She told her story. It seems to me that it was in the past times that she also showed. It was not me who was shut down – this is what happened to her in her life, perhaps. And it all ended the way it ended, unfortunately. In principle, friends, that’s all, I’m tying up with this house. Goodbye to everyone.