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Haunted US Asylums published in YouTube on Jan 30, 2021

from historic
hospital museums boasting fascinating
and horrifying paranormal activity to
psychiatric treatment centers where the
restless spirits of those lost to
torturous experimentation
still roam are you ready for the most
asylums in the united states
number five mantino state hospital
mantino state hospital spread across a 1
acre expanse in mantino illinois is a
former psychiatric institution that
at one point in time was considered one
of the largest and most advanced
in existence historically the center was
initially authorized in 1927 with its
first patients placed in 1930
but due to understaffing through the
great depression
as well as through world war ii
conditions were harsh to say the least
and early on out of 120 total nurses
it was recorded that only 16 had actual
the site’s patient population hit its
peak in 1954
at around 8 200 with 450 staff members
only 21 of which were actual registered
and through the early 1960s the
facility’s farming operations were shut
over the following decades patient
numbers would decline
and by 1985 the facility was forced to
close its doors
eventually portions of the property were
off repurposed for use as a golf course
veterans home
residential developments and more today
all buildings from the old institution
even the abandoned ones
are either privately or federally owned
entry isn’t allowed without express
permission from owners
though the area’s surrounding is fully
chillingly in 1939 more than
50 patients and staff members were lost
to typhoid fever
in 1941 462 died in an experiment
and it speculated that many less than
reputable procedures were performed on
often without consent throughout the
officials residents golfers and others
have reported orbs and mists
in photographs unnatural cold spots
and a host of full-bodied apparitions
ranging from doctors to patients
random civilians and more all in
clothing spanning the era’s
one famous legend tells of a farmer who
sold his land after unearthing
several dead bodies in his fields it was
later discovered these bodies had
belonged to a group of patients who’d
escaped from the hospital had become
lost and succumbed to the elements
staff members and residents in the area
report doors opening and closing on
their own
disembodied voices and footsteps and the
constant feeling
of never truly being alone
number four danvers state hospital
danvers state hospital formerly the
lunatic hospital at danvers and located
off of
kirkbride drive in danvers massachusetts
is a former psychiatric hospital now
acting as an apartment complex
that’s said to be the inspiration for hp
arkham sanatorium historically the
facility was
opened in 1878 following four years of
as a self-contained institution built to
serve the developmentally delayed and
ill that boasted two main buildings
four wings four dorms a full kitchen
laundry room and chapel over the years
the site welcomed on multiple new
additions to the facility
with older buildings on-site modernized
along the way
and most connected by tunnel through the
sadly the hospital faced overcrowding
with a patient populous of over 2
000 and even resorted to housing some of
its patients
in the basement budget cuts from the
1960s and onward would result in the
closure of multiple wards
and eventually in 1992 operations were
entirely in 2005 the property was
purchased by avalon bay communities
who demolished all but the original
structure constructing an apartment
complex called bradley danvers in place
paranormal activity throughout the area
is said to stim
from before the hospital even existed
back to when the locality was recognized
as salem village
a community infamous for its connections
to the 1692
salem witch trials as history and legend
have it judge jonathan
hawthorne once resided where the asylum
now stands
and it’s speculated that many sentenced
to death were hanged right
at this very spot their vengeful spirits
to wonder chillingly when the hospital
was still in operation
a slew of official reports detailed
disembodied footsteps in the attic
during storms
shadowy figures cited slinking to and
from patients rooms
and even encounters with apparitions in
colonial era garb
phenomena that persist into present
times and residents of the community
frequently describe unnatural cold spots
objects that move on their own orbs and
and doors that open and close by
themselves as parts of daily life
lastly the asylum cemetery holds the
remains of around 770 patients
most of which were buried as nothing
more than numbers
and those passing by at night have
reported citing ghostly figures roaming
seemingly searching for
proper resting places
number three rolling hills asylum
rolling hills asylum located in east
bethany new york
is a former poor house turned tourist
attraction its grounds have since been
transformed into the janisi county park
and forest
historically through the 1700s the site
played home to a stagecoach tavern
with the institution opening much later
in 1827
as the janisi county pour house the
operation was initially self-sufficient
with residents split between
labor animal tending shopkeeping and
but in 1828 following a string of
facilities were constructed for
residents deemed dangerous or
in 1938 the site was repurposed and
utilized as the genesee county infirmary
and through the 1960s it was altered to
accommodate a nursing home until its
in 1974. in 2009 the property was
purchased by one sharon coyle
who set to work on a series of extensive
reopening it as rolling hills asylum
as of 2021 rolling hills asylum acts as
a major tourist destination
hosting historical tours educational
a range of paranormal research and even
haunted houses
activities surrounding rolling hills is
said to stem from its potter’s field
cemetery which holds the bodies of
roughly 1700
on-site deaths with possibly hundreds
unrecorded while there is a marker in
memorium of the cemetery whatever
headstones once stood
have long since faded and disturbingly
no one is certain exactly where the old
actually lies across the site both staff
and visitors have reported disembodied
doors slamming on their own footsteps
from empty areas
and evps in the backgrounds of
recordings and phone calls
one famous legend tells of roy a patient
at the infirmary who was born with
and whom died in 1942 a number of
accounts described run-ins with a
seven foot tall shadow entity thought to
be his restless spirit
that rather tragically is often heard
crying through the darkness
also reported across the property are
orbs visible to the naked eye
half-formed figures that appear later in
and full-bodied apparitions in clothing
spanning the ages
a final story tells of one nurse emmy
altworth who was recognized for her
cruelty towards both fellow staff
and patients emmy’s apparition has been
cited roaming the building
has been known to emit an uncomfortable
vibe and has even
touched grabbed and slapped unsuspecting
number two the public hospital museum
the public hospital museum located off
west francis street
in williamsburg virginia is a former
institution turned museum that’s
recognized as the first hospital of its
in the entirety of the united states
the facility was initially constructed
between 1771
and 1773 as the public hospital for
persons of insane and disordered mines
making it the first long-term mental
care facility
in the country through the early 19th
the institution’s name was changed to
eastern state hospital
and in 1859 in an attempt to keep up
with an ever
increasing patient populace the campus
was expanded
by the late 1800s the site’s buildings
had begun to fall into disrepair
and in 1885 a large fire destroyed
six of its seven structures the hospital
alone was reconstructed and remained in
operation until 1968 when eastern state
hospital was relocated entirely
and the old property was donated to
colonial williamsburg
original 1773 hospital building was
and meticulously reconstructed and in
1985 the building was opened up to the
public as a museum
purpose to showcase the history of
mental health care in the u.s
sadly this old facility played witness
to some of the most brutal days of
and it speculated that many died within
at the hands of borderline torturous
hauntings on site are said to be a
direct result of this dark past
with both staff and visitors frequently
reporting disembodied voices
chilling moaning footsteps from empty
and the sounds of chains rattling
strange gusts
of wind are felt inside the building
when it’s completely sealed
beds in the museum often appear slept in
and a range of full-bodied apparitions
have been encountered
also reported at the public hospital
museum are doors
opening and closing on their own objects
that move by themselves or disappear
entirely in the constant feeling of
being watched by someone or something
unseen a final legend tells of one dr
john minson galt ii who became
superintendent of the facility in 1841
in 1862 with the battle of williamsburg
at the height of the civil war galt took
his own life within his home on hospital
following his passing and despite
numerous cleanings
it said a large blood stain persisted in
his former abode at his death site
though this old home has long since been
torn down
many claim galt’s restless spirit
remains forever wondering museum
grounds number one
forest haven asylum
forest haven asylum located on the
grounds of fort meade
in laurel maryland is an abandoned
former insane asylum that’s grown
wildly in infamy regarding its dark past
and purported paranormal
infestations historically the facility
opened its doors in 1925
as the district training school for the
a farm-like institution focused on
educating its patients
and in 1928 it held its first on-site
in 1963 around the same time it began
accepting a wider range of disabilities
the institution’s title was
altered to forest haven sadly
underfunding and incidentally
would lead to forest haven’s steady
decline and
increased mistreatment of its patients
and in 1987
enraged families would actually erect a
memorial stone
in honor of an estimated 389
who it was discovered were buried
carelessly in a mass grave
in 1991 after years of alleged abuse
medical incompetence and countless
deaths the facility was forced to close
its doors
under order of federal judgment today
the property remains abandoned
and in a state of decay and being on
government lands
is heavily patrolled those lucky enough
to get permission to explore around
should exercise extreme caution as the
old campus’s buildings are literally
in on themselves chillingly bodies from
the many horrifying deaths on site
those resulting from abuse neglect and
were passed through the asylum’s morgue
in the basement
before being laid to rest in what would
over time
form the mass grave mentioned previously
though a marker with an estimated count
was erected
no one knows for certain exactly how
many bodies lie beneath the facility’s
reported by officials specialists and
those fortunate enough to explore
forest haven are orbs visible to the
naked eye
strange mists that float with seeming
evps and the backgrounds of phone calls
and radio transmissions
frequent electronic malfunctions and
eerie figures that appear later in the
backgrounds of photographs
throughout the old institutions halls a
number of equipment remains
and stories tell of empty beds creaking
as if someone is in them
of balls that float in mid-air and of
wheelchairs rolling on their own
even chasing the living also reported
across the campus are disembodied voices
footsteps from empty areas doors that
open and close on their own
and the eerie sounds of children crying
for their parents
always heard from just out of sight
throughout forest haven many have
encountered the full-bodied apparitions
of doctors
nurses children and patients going about
daily life
as if unaware they’re dead taking into
consideration its fascinatingly dark
history range of paranormal activity
and long list of local legends and ghost
we felt forest haven was the perfect
choice is our pick for the most haunted
asylum in the united states
thanks for tuning in to our list of
picks for some of the most haunted
asylums in the united states
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