Rob’s Turn, Filled With Scary Voices

A 30 minute challenge which Rob accepted to go to this location. Its known as Howie’s house. Somewhere in Florida, isolated by woods and not visible from any public road.

Youtube video published on Mar 20, 2019


Rob and Joe are brother exploring urban areas. They come across the most haunted places in Florida. Let us know what you think on the comments below.

Joker Steve Miller nowhere I’m already here. Is anybody in this house what’s up guys welcome to another episode of urban ghosts Urban exploration not sure what that was nobody in the house but how many do another 30 minutes Challenge Series I’m here by myself I’m deep in the freaking Woods of Florida is so freaking dark so we want to find this place I haven’t been here yet this is Steve Howey house has been asked me to come here do 30 minute Challenge and I’m in the middle of nowhere there’s no there’s no houses around me know people as far as I can tell I’m completely alone out here while back and told me some of the stories that something about a murder possibly taking place here and made out I don’t know this place is huge okay well start back here CT Breezy and I think it’s at it’s so dark out here so quiet so very remote. I have to get rid of this place or what hello in there somebody was in their eyes hello he’s not your footsteps but it ran out of the house party again he’s getting in there history and Grace somebody died here anything here to something you want to say you can use my mic that you died here but it’s something bad happen check the dryer there’s a door of it you guys be friends with some sort of farm hearing voices in a water bottle there so creepy didn’t you can place you when you come to these places you wonder what the story is part of the fun of this actually trying to put together those pieces but of course do your own research but it’s fun to come in here and try to get scary. South cheapest place for somebody’s been in your voice Sagittarius woman cry is there a woman here I’m pretty sure I heard you are you upset that I’m here I’ll make you on screw anyone out there hello hello make sure something sounded like a growl sound like a freaking animals out about that trouble Hobby Lobby person not so good happens if it’s like we are saying maybe it’s house stirring the pot people stirring the pot and a moment here with me on a Feeling maybe somebody was here I heard you say I feel heavy very sick pretty sure I heard of a woman’s voice sound like a baby singing with you cry I’m leaving now not really sure. Can you close this app whatever sphere you say here you do not follow us you’re not attached yourself to anyone you stay right here where you move on arrogance forget words cannot describe I’m going to get out of here cuz I’m starting to not really feel good because I hit my 30 minutes the camera stopped going to get out he was really starting to feel well bad U-joints place I don’t know if it’s us I don’t know as it’s these places but I do want to go big freaking shout out a dedication to Lindsey she got two C’s hats Lindsay I read your aura read your letter deathly touch my heart for people like you out there suffering from anxiety and all kinds of other issues special events Veterans my heart goes out to you deaf will be praying for you but definitely means a lot when you guys reach out to herself feel free to do that definitely rocking definitely be rakitic Joe took the other one I got this one teaser I got to get out of here. I’m going to finish this case is important is a Navy I got a lot of family in the military or paramilitary 2 my heart goes out for you guys especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice guys Eugene so much love for you guys so much love for all the fans thanks for all you guys have been supporting is like in Sharon you guys are really making our dreams come true if you’re interested in any kind of merchandise check us out what kind of stuff coming out your butt log into stuff coming out what you were coming on when I have a little bit more time a couple weeks so keep an eye out for that hit us up on Facebook Instagram Twitter and of course always always always comment like subscribe