Haunted Cemetery – Things That Go Bump in the Night. Taking Fans Exploring

Haunted Cemetery - Things That Go Bump In The Night. Taking Fans Exploring
Haunted Cemetery – Things That Go Bump In The Night. Taking Fans Exploring

Him and have a horse in yeah I know that not episode exploration work Brooksville Cemetery guys scary freaky what’s even freakier is where you with a ton of people guys have a lot of athletic I were here tonight with Angie the green eyed Angel when you tonight with Patty from teaching paranormal we here tonight with Marie from Marie’s life logs and mysteries and all the junk they are anyway guys will turn the camera on them love each and every one you he see you there and will see you you is the one Marnell and so he doesn’t think you are crazy were insane in your absolute right to join us tonight is out today with cutting something special here we as some fans down and they decided they wanted to come to the Cemetery we are at the Brooksville Cemetery and this is their choice to come here so you we are actually on this is one of the creepiest places I should just put up a video displays that’s along the and yeah on Thursday when we got Ice-T XDS now you Savior broke up into groups so were heading this way and the other group is behind us putting it away so here we go were off since I really try to be as quiet as possible so Angie fills uncharitable (Angie okay I think the power little early pieces here in our and over here Angie 3000 the is a mayors it like I cool over here temperature wise yeah right yeah a cold spot right and you don’t have any light on left will close by unilaterally are you very you get cold we hear anything I think was called back there with you hear pesky watch of the spiderwebs here talking to you is a whisper in the woods over there you shall something over here I to Jesus as I saw something move he saw that here yes exactly right there see Angie can pick up on things guys so she’s kind of directing us right now to republish yeah house the check them sifted feel something over here you are the parts Kure Islamorada is Make-A-Wish-spirit box of your Buchenwald I have any this is here all the Tanzanian just there right the other way did she and they left us right let’s investigate which we figure other over there is unvisited I heard that the seriousness and you heard died here on crafts seeing somebody am going crazy you all my God see anything where the pretty you you are the one for you is really love it and is that we get lossless the group so fast it’s a revision it all as we did and let us into trouble FSAA there now is fair that I really go back to shed defending the truck about any other I know very those that something restaurant turn-of-the-century thought I might even much since I will be on shrooms going to allow this place is so cool man who like will kill the shadow figures associated Matanuska-Susitna so funny guys come here Jodrell like this that avidity. Stop laughing because this is an overnight here for a sold fairly really I know you are intermittently of-21,000 is. He was born in house is am I heatsink is grace really bothers the hell out of me again spirit box walking very regular around different one of driving their dispensary going and tested as video just not use the subtle increases are you seriously is a bit and so aminal go there because logotype yeah okay so I’m always okay see ready for the coop with the incident we’re feasting consume the camera you can see you can screen is a new look of confusion you he is pretty Grambling maybe you strange whatever it is these the wandering this regularly Golconda Christopher here there’s a fiction over there quite wonder you now I will will a you telling about in the middle of the on the inside of Bigwood did you you just and every you and you is can get a battery for and is light area spirit box will going back to shoot. Mom little from sites as her back at the wishing well the outset about there were back at the wishing well I have any Angie game if any this cabin I wish you McClinton perfectly related spirit box on the ground. Any service with some of the Cemetery even willing executor one fun is that the camera went off in my went off to like what right as soon as he got the wishing what a terabyte on a it was that grave now he said out The spiderwebs on five so is here do spirit box here see we capture the screen thing trouble that I heard something I there is little bit about myself if with that a market for this is the they wanted to you told us the you want is both funny and health there are worried about that in blogosphere is in the morning. And he and I and I really we will land really cold. If you find freaking I’m so cool Britto you like a massive temperature drop you and will and crazy do they and that they that’s freaking man that here and I can’t find Patty a serious was behind your out on you you you you do with all the shadow back there and that in Canada really freaking cool and you 20 sitting out here and he Carlisle seriously and you will I is 20 restaurant it’s and Mike is no gearbox yes yes if you will if it you are in a visiting oh yeah does not a good situation at all the fun Patty and more ago and everything you Marie (I see them yet no Rob and you will Canopus we got it so is are behind your make really is the flashes every Ono are you you you right behind me now we would is going where was called me to run you is gone I the I think that we alert away to be honest with you know that we just heard voices and so shadows like we normally do it up this freaky if yes hear anything that’s freaking here thing because here this I disservice Norton Ralph there any other side of the Cemetery scary each other with the tasers by what is your story so this is more of a fun video more so than a ghost video person says working on the seven funding doing some of the fence that showed up on the Middle East freaks entities trees at a light like a out and we seems like pictures soon as a kid like 1000 souls dancing around know it looks like that’s me something about it that in here that says crazy but I heard here before wondering if it like a while before I hope not that’s the case able to shreds ask scary see what my Spidey senses pick up as I said thought through in the hair minute standing up where that fears there should lights are way way down there there is to put this in measurement that’s video quarter-mile from the and I heard something over there so like it exit this point venture pretty far into here I got a little effect of long back but was he was here I love what I go home for these videos the other night figures that is a swing capturing the shadow less couple videos Unidata abilities malts finish fourth to the other side of the Cemetery when I come to places like this and I can’t help but think like a short life really is like running on borrowed time really someday we all the so you live your life you to overcome your fears and quite honestly never promised tomorrow and I have the last video related Preston and I apologize for transferring that’s the table but I guess what happens of the spirits and are demons whatever they are they talk to you said little subliminal thing that they whisper here you know that little voice’s tell you things like that did not remind you of things that bother you something die probably the reason why was the freshener in this is I think what happens is you know here you can keep your I think your subconscious mind here is more so if the music like this a music speaks to your soul here Sonia lights dance you remember the rest of your life everywhere every song ever lights you remember right but having this because the Scriptures all and I think that’s the trick whatever this is that talks to us see they like to give the subliminal messages be coming to like first run and I hear now As a group and I finally is really you might here the stuff I I look back you please to turn around you seems there and nothing is ever there is subconscious mind like a tape-recorded records only things you things you don’t realize you hearing and then you’re on conscious mind filters it out that he remembers it and I think it’s like that’s the trick of these voices you die I think a chance regular you into to danger and down plana fears see the truth is if you show fear FNL works like a bully in a bit of a bully believably Moretti and I just bought some ahead where the ways to that I also to cover myself as I thought and secretion guys listening I guess I never thought 1 million years ago Cemetery night by myself know night that running a light this area you better start and backers here is a literary me tonight this is the last I got a think the fans of the show of all the shows that we put out actually for teaching paranormal my gosh TV Marie’s life logs and mysteries the green eyed Angel the holy walkers course us you don’t think you guys watch that show is awesome this is what we do we love you guys so much and entertainers didn’t like the crazy is most Waltrip my life and now I’m having a blast doing it anyway please check out our merchandise below at www.UGwebrothers.com now I think and you