VPI in Surry, Virginia

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VPI latest episode release talking about ghosts, paranormal, spirits, and apparitions.

VPI in Surry, Virginia

In this episode, the team listens to the client tell his experience with spirits that interact with him. He also tells stories of possible poltergeist activity.

Spirits in Surry – Virginia Paranormal Case Files

there are strange things out there
that seem to have no explanation
they are conjured up by the darkest
corners of our subconscious
but on occasion they dwell beyond the
confines of our imagination
they may come from another realm or out
of the sky
or from beyond the grave
once they set foot into our world
the line between dreams and reality
becomes unclear
it’s our job to investigate these
and compile the virginia paranormal
case files
we hear music a lot after we go to bed
i call it monk music
are you familiar with gregorian chant
you know
well it sounds a little bit like that
one lady that was here suggested that it
native american and not music at all
um i guess there’s a parallel there um
does it sound like it’s coming from out
in the woods or in the house
it it when i’m laying there sleeps
i hear it sometimes she doesn’t a lot of
nights i’ll say honey you can you hear
she’s a music i said yeah oh yeah i
heard it um
no it just it just sounds like it is
um their
uh god this whole mess started with with
a woman voice woman uh
telling me it was time to quit um
i’ve got i’ve had 14 surgeries i got
heart troubles lung troubles and
everything so
so um and i don’t like to sit tell her
you know
call me by name um and
of course when you live with your wife
and you hear a woman say
it’s time to quit you think it’s your
wife right so i i come in the house and
i say what you want
and i get what do you mean what do i
want i said what did
did you just call me now i have meryl
y’all called you i was in the shower one
night carrying on a conversation
with a woman who i thought was my wife
and the door opened and it was her and
she said who are you talking to
i said what was i talking to you she
said look i’ve been in the kitchen i
could hear you talking and thought you
were calling me
um so that that that has been
almost from the time we moved here from
because there’s never been a house on
this lot we built this place
so there’s there’s not that that’s not
um the other thing
early thing that that we got um
when my sons were both dating they
weren’t either one married yet
we would have campfires in the backyard
and sit around and i tell the girls
stories and stuff but there
is something um
that stands for all the world like a
horse about as tall as she is
winning you know we’re sitting around
the fireplace and you hear
and it’s over there and then the next
time you hear it it’s right here
and then the next time it’s there and
just been witnessed by
six or eight people at least yeah and um
we can never figure out what it is you
know you shine lights and you walk to
the edge of the woods and look
you can tell i hunt so i’m pretty
familiar with
uh wood sound and animal science and
i’ve never heard anything to compare
with it
except it sounds like a miniature horse
so that’s kind of that’s kind of where
where we we
started with it here there’s a clock
you guys probably didn’t notice but when
you come in
uh that you have to wind up and it’s got
a little
pendulum um belonged to her granddaddy
who died when she was
like five years old 1963 or something
and we’ve never used it because it’s
it’s an old antique clock you have to
wide it up and and we’re
sitting here in the living room one day
and it started chiming
the hour and a half hour and it did that
for three days straight without us ever
winding it up came we came home we we’ve
got four grandkids
and um kids that age you know they’re
not real
into picking up their toys so uh she had
gone through and
after they left and put all the toys in
the toy boxes
and uh even separated the crayons from
the name
brand to the you know to the walmart
supersaver brand
and broke them all up stacked the
comment the coloring books and
put the toys away and and we came home
from smithfield one day and
i came in first and she comes in talking
and i said be quiet what’s the matter i
said i hear music
you hear music she said yeah i hear
and i said well i don’t know i don’t
think i left the television on or
so we started investigating she goes
down to the toy room and it looks like
somebody had taken these crayons and
threw them up in there and just let them
scatter wherever they wanted to be
coloring books all over the place and
there’s this little infant
baby swing you know you set them on a
baby on a table or something and it
rocks and
shines light on the ceiling and and
plays music
and that son of a gun was shining lights
on the ceiling and rocking and playing
music they hadn’t been anybody home
three hours
and so uh yeah and the switch was turned
off and it’s just
a little fast forward away i had trouble
uh and to keep from bothering her i
started getting up and going down to the
the other end of the house and this is
the only part
of this whole thing that bothered me any
but something doesn’t want me down there
um i actually woke up one night
like somebody was had was smothering me
that’s what it felt like
um so i don’t go down there anymore and
sleep my cousin
we called him bubba joe his name was
albert nelson
firth and um
he was born at home by midwife and
he lived 70 years and never saw a doctor
he never had a cold he never caught the
nothing he came home from crabbing when
his wife is
alice nell firth works at the funeral
some and uh he
said i’m going to uh she said he said
i’m gonna take a nap wake me up for
and when she went to get him he was he
was already stiff
um he died like that and and
bubba joe uh i told her
a couple that we had one day she said
what kind of a guy was he i said well he
was kind of
a man that every boy wanted to grow up
to be you know he had
he didn’t have any enemies he worked
hard and made money he was a good ball
player i mean he just
everybody loved him you know and um
and i i
i was about to get sick and didn’t know
it um
i woke up one morning two o’clock uh my
recliner was there
and i came in here and closed the door
real gentle behind me so i would wake
her up and
he was sitting in my recliner been dead
three years
and i said well what are you doing here
and he said come see you
i said but you can’t do that you’re dead
he said you’re going on a damn good way
to be the next one that’s the way he
and i said well nothing wrong with me i
feel good he said what about me
never suck a day in my life but i’m dead
you know
and i said well yeah i guess you are
what’s going to kill me he said you
can’t work all the time horse
and i wipe my eyes and when he’s gone
i haven’t seen him since i see my
when i’m in the shop a lot we have a lot
of stuff happening during the daytime
and i don’t know if that’s typical or
uh but i’ll be out in the shop by myself
a lot of times and i’ll see him peeking
through the front wonder of the shop you
know you
you see him and then you look back and
he’s gone um
i didn’t know who it was he died when i
almost six years old and i didn’t have
any pictures of him
so i mean you know i couldn’t remember
from that long ago what he looked
like and uh the last one last christmas
was it honey was it last christmas
christmas before last i was down here
my mom and dad about it christmas time
whole family’s there and i got
one sister who wouldn’t doesn’t believe
anything you tell her anyway
and um she said well my mom said well
what’d he look like i said well
i don’t know mommy’s middle-aged i guess
a little little older
um black hair pointed down the middle
cut real short on the side so
wearing like a flannel work shirt she
said that sounds like your granddad
ain’t your granddad is it
i said well i don’t know i don’t know
what he looked like
and so my dad went and got a picture and
i’m not a real emotional kind of a guy
but he put this picture in front of me
and what happened
i started bawling i mean it was him
and the only thing i could think to say
he’d been dead since 1966 why am i
seeing him now
yeah she said well either he’s worried
about you he’s got something he needs to
tell you
more recent my son gave me a uh
workhorse lawn and garden tractor
they haven’t made them in in ages um
they were more tractor than grass cutter
and um i’m rigging it up to drag the
but i couldn’t get it running i replaced
fuel pump on it
with a different kind and knew my new
battery everything and i couldn’t get it
running so one saturday morning he came
over he’s
he’s mechanic at riggins ford oh okay
um him and neal graham and uh
he said well i’ll get it running dead so
he came up we worked on that thing from
eight or nine o’clock that morning held
back two
and we couldn’t get it to run we
couldn’t get it to do anything
pushed it behind the shop because i’m
tired of messing with it we pushed it
behind the shop and left it went
in the shop and i don’t know what we’re
doing in the shop
cleaning up tools cleaning the tools up
in the shop man son of a [ __ ] start it
up excuse my friend it started right up
i said what is that
and he said that’s the tractor dad so he
ran out
he ran out to it it cut off before he
got there and
he looked the switch was turned off and
everything so he came on back in and
closed the door we started cleaning the
tools up again it started up again
and and uh he’s 49 and
he had a real funny look on his face but
uh he went back out to check on it
so we’ve got um the disappearing tool
did i mention that yeah you said
you set your hammer down or you saw or
whatever you’re working i build oyster
tongs chefs and heads and go get a
cup of coffee or your lunch or whatever
when you come back tools are all going
uh look look we got two hammers that we
still haven’t found
just one yellow one the yellow one
we found the other one no
we got two missing hammers um off of the
desk in every way but you know you turn
everything upside down looking for it
and um don’t find it and give up grab
another one and when you go back to
where you were at it’s laying there you
know that that kind of thing
so um i don’t know what’s going on here
or why
also so far nothing other than the
i guess the green opry button
that’s good that’s a good sign so no
carbon monoxide
present so we can rule that out as any
uh rational explanation for some of the
things that have been seen
yeah so far in the house pretty normal
uh there is one spot that i want to show
you guys
as we’re walking around the house to
kind of figure out why this would be
going up let me show you
so walk this way
so in this room you stand in here it’s
higher than what it normally should be
and so you just kind of follow it
you watch as it goes around and you see
how it gets
really high it’s got to be that dish
it’s not no and this is why it’s
important to
follow what’s behind this wall
ah the electric box it’s so high it
goes off the scale so
um so even being in the middle of that
that’s still above normal so now we know
that forever in this room tonight
we got to look at something that’s more
than a 2.0 even
something that’s incredibly high so
i can only imagine just being next to
something like this all the time like
electromagnetic how was the feel of the
it feels normal nothing strange
we’re going to start off with an evp
session back here in what used to be the
old playroom
and we can still hear the rem pod just
kind of acclimating as we just brought
it in
will has a good reasoning for starting
in here so earlier when we were doing
the baseline
sweep i noticed that right here in this
little corner
the trifield meter went way up it went
up to above

  1. that’s because on the other side of
    this wall
    is the box with all the electrical stuff
    so we think that
    possibly in this room where all the
    crowns were thrown up in the air and
    things were moved around
    that electrical box was the energy
    source for the spirit to manifest to be
    able to do that kind of thing
    and so when you have something that has
    all that energy it’s able to pull from
    it to be able to either manifest
    in a physical form or for it to do an
    action like throwing up the crown so we
    figured this would be
    a good room to go ahead and try that in
    all right i’m jeff
    i’m emily and i’m will
    and we’d like to know if there’s anybody
    else here with us you may have seen
    that if you come near this red light it
    will turn green
    okay if
    if you are if that is you doing that
    because sometimes this device will go
    off and we wonder if it’s someone
    actually coming near it
    if that is you you can use that to tell
    yes to make it green for yes if
    you can do that you understand what i’m
    saying you’re willing to do that
    will you light it up for me now
    okay pretty solid light over here
    all right so the reason we’re here
    we came into what was the play room and
    this is where the crayons got tossed
    around and the swing kept going by
    put the rem pod down on the floor and it
    just started going off
    kind of at random the gentleman that
    lives here
    jeff he’s had some
    some things get tossed around in this
    room some crayons
    there’s a little swing in here that kept
    moving and he’s trying to figure out who
    was doing that
    could you try telling us your name
    are you an adult
    are you a child
    so that went off quite a few times there
    i’m going to ask a confirming question
    just to see
    are you an adult
    that is linda entering the room
    are you a child
    what we want to do is confirm that we’re
    getting intelligent responses
    so that’s why i asked are you an adult
    are you a child i asked that twice and
    the second time i didn’t get the same
    the first time it lit up after i said
    are you a child
    have you gotten any responses yet
    anything happen the rem pod was going
    off but just
    kind of random okay
    so we’re using the rem pod to see if
    anything was in the room with us
    we tried for it to interact with the rim
    pod by it touching it
    and it did a few times but not anything
    that would reconfirm it
    jeff has told us that someone might be
    trying to tell him a message
    um we’re we’re a way for you to
    communicate that message to him
    what’s the child it’s not gonna i mean i
    think it was a native american child i
    was not gonna understand this this is
    gonna play with it
    it’s like the last house well that’s
    obviously just got just kept going on
    and off and off and it was supposed to
    be a little girl that died up there
    these two devices this one that i’m
    pointing at
    and the one that’s next to that red
    light you’ve been touching if you talk
    into it we can hear you
    so tell us what is the message you want
    us to give to jeff
    if you can’t speak into those use the
    red light like you have
    i’m going to ask a question if the
    answer is yes i want you to touch it
    if the answer is no i don’t want you to
    touch it i want you to leave it alone
    are you concerned for jeff’s health
    uh we asked the spirit to go ahead and
    touch the rem pod if it was an adult
    it did not touch it when we asked if it
    was a child it did touch the rem pot the
    light went up to green
    we asked a confirming question for it to
    uh turn green it did
    however when we asked other questions it
    seemed to go off randomly
    it seemed to go off when we weren’t
    asking a question or it seemed to go off
    long after we had already asked a
    and we were just kind of sitting here in
    the dark so can’t really confirm
    if there was anything acting
    intelligently to it we’ll have to
    revisit it and see if we can get the
    same results so i just reviewed the
    audio and i really didn’t hear anything
    out of the ordinary
    except for the fact that the rem pod
    kept going off just
    sort of randomly like we said um really
    good explanation for why that thing
    would keep going off like that
    it certainly was in the room long enough
    to acclimate to the environment so it
    couldn’t have been
    humidity differences or something of
    that nature setting it off
    um right as of now i don’t really have a
    good explanation for that
    but it certainly didn’t seem to be
    responding to the questions
    so what we’re going to do now is an evp
    session around the client in the living
    room here
    in case whatever is here is attached to
    him now that’s a good possibility as
    people have told him before that things
    are attached to him
    but also given that some of the things
    happen when he’s not in the house it
    would also lead us to believe that there
    something or someone wandering around
    this house uh he also mentioned when
    somebody previously came in uh i guess
    she was some sort of a medium she came
    over and she
    came down with some names and she said
    these people are
    over here in this corner where he has
    this trident where he used to go his
    grandfather used to go gigging frogs
    with it uh we’re gonna go
    that’s all in this living room area
    there so we’re gonna put the rempah down
    we’re gonna do an evp session in there
    and see if we get any responses i’m jeff
    i’m linda i’m will i’m will
    i’m emily and you know the residents
    uh we’re trying to find out
    who else aside from those of us who
    mentioned our name and the residence
    who else is here with us
    could you try telling us your name or
    as the the dog is demonstrated if you
    touch that
    it’ll turn green you can light that up
    for a yes response if you’d prefer to
    communicate with us that way
    can you tell us if you’ve been here
    since before this house was here
    on this land were you here before this
    house was built
    there’s a strange noise came from over
    there did you make a noise
    i didn’t hear it i didn’t hear it either
    what it sound like sounded like a girl’s
    voice oh really
    no but while we were sitting here
    talking to him earlier i heard something
    not too long after he mentioned hearing
    something like a raid as a tv
    i heard something from um over in their
    bedroom yeah
    unless it was like a squeak or something
    i saw like someone was talking will say
    something about it too so i know it was
    a champion are you related
    to anybody that lives in this house
    yes you are
    or yes oh i was like wait what
    i forgot he was doing a live evening
    pizza uh will’s revealing something here
    so was he saying yes or did he hear yet
    he heard yes
    awesome who is it that you’re related to
    we did an evp session in the living room
    and what was interesting about this evp
    session is the fact that the rem pod did
    not go off once
    it was going off like crazy back in this
    last room
    grandpa did not go off once
    there were some noises that were
    probably gonna have to weed through
    as there was some ambient noise and
    background noise but there were some
    cases during the
    evp session where will who was listening
    thought he heard a response and there
    was one k one
    one particular point where i’m really
    interested in where i heard
    what sounded like a woman’s voice almost
    coming from the front yard
    and i’m not sure it may have been a
    chair squeaking or something like that
    it’s another point we’re going to go
    back and review right here as linda goes
    over the audio
    so i just went over the audio and um i
    did hear
    the time that he thought he had heard a
    in response to a question and and i
    couldn’t be certain that it wasn’t the
    dog but it definitely
    sounded like somebody’s saying yes and
    it sounded like a male voice
    so um you know we’ll just kind of keep
    track of that one but other than that
    there really wasn’t anything else
    okay so what we’re going to do now is go
    into the master bedroom and activate the
    spirit box
    because in there is where when he was in
    the bathroom he heard
    a woman’s voice talking to him so we’re
    going to go back and and since we
    haven’t had
    any luck with the evp so far we’re going
    to try running the spirit box and see if
    that is maybe a better means for
    something to communicate with us
    i’m jeff
    and aside from the four of us we’d like
    to know if there is anybody else here
    with us could you please try telling us
    your name
    we’d like to find out who it was that
    was talking to jeff
    when he was in here in the bathroom
    the woman that he thought was his wife
    is there some reason why the dog doesn’t
    like to come in here unless the lights
    is there something frightening in here
    what is that thing out in the out in the
    yard that sounds like a small horse
    what’s your favorite thing to eat for
    grilled cheese yeah i thought i heard
    definitely worth review
    i’ve had bfps back then
    how many people have been living on this
    land besides
    jeff and his wife
    a couple of things that possibly came
    through on the spirit box but we’re not
    certain i noted that it’s interesting
    that the rem pod did not go off there at
    is this house haunted
    okay what we’re going to do right now is
    we’re going to pick up the spirit box
    and do a little bit of a rolling stirrer
    box session where we go around the house
    ask questions throughout the living room
    and the kitchen
    and in the other bedrooms and see if
    there’s any place where we’re getting
    more responses
    than the others i also along the way i
    want to take the rem pod
    back to the play room because the rem
    pod has not gone off
    since that’s the only place that it’s
    gone off so i want to take it back to
    and try to determine if there’s some
    kind of paranormal activity in there
    that’s causing to go off
    or if we can determine some kind of a
    element that is causing this to activate
    this clog used to belong to you
    we came out we stopped in the kitchen
    because we all thought we heard when i
    said what’s your favorite thing to have
    for lunch
    we thought we heard grilled cheese so we
    came out to the kitchen and tried to say
    hey we can make you a grilled cheese
    sandwich let us know what it is that you
    the rem pod starts going off again for
    the first time in a while
    we’re in the kitchen
    if it is a grilled cheese sandwich that
    you want
    can you tell us again through this
    device of willfold
    we might be able to see what we can whip
    up here
    is there anything we can make you
    what is your favorite meal your favorite
    thing you need
    that thing just went on yeah that’s it
    there we go
    we believe you can be anxious come on
    but can you make it come on to talk to
    can you do green for yes
    are you a woman
    now i gotta ask my next question a week
    the same amount of time
    are you a gentleman
    now first we thought it was possibly
    intelligent responses
    we asked confirming questions but then
    it just stopped going off completely
    as if the spirit either had just gone
    or got tired of interacting with us or
    didn’t have enough energy to
    are you a child are you
    are you younger than are you younger
    than 11.
    i tried to do an example where i would
    my hand up to the antenna to show
    whoever was here how to do it in case
    they couldn’t understand what i was
    so i touched the antenna and then kind
    of went like this you tried
    and it did it and then i did it again
    twice to see if i could get some kind of
    a pattern going and it didn’t so i
    can’t say for sure that we established
    any intelligent communication in the
    okay this seems to be the room
    where you were able to use this the most
    can you do that for us again now
    we walked into the back room where we
    started out and we put the rampart on
    the floor
    and it did not go off the whole time it
    was there
    the conditions were the same it was in
    just about the same position in that
    and it did not go off once the entire
    time we were back
    in that room
    kind of think about it it was going off
    the first time like crazy
    second time we go back there didn’t go
    off at all
    so one thing we can say for certain is
    something was affecting that rem pod the
    first time
    that was not present the second time
    be it paranormal or natural we couldn’t
    find any natural explanation as to why
    that rem pod would have gone off the
    first time
    before we leave is there anything that
    you want to tell us
    this may be your last chance to get your
    message across
    will brought about a very interesting
    question a lot of times
    there seems to be a delayed response one
    of the theories is that
    perhaps spirits take time to manifest
    they don’t have the energy to answer
    right away
    i’ve seen this happen but i’ve also seen
    i have to say more times it happened
    that it almost gives us an immediate
    so i’m not sure what to think about that
    theory because a lot of times when we’ve
    been getting intelligent responses
    it seemed to be almost immediate after
    we asked the question whether through
    the spirit box
    or via the rem pod
    do spirits need to work up some energy
    to manipulate these objects
    some of them seem pretty strong so that
    uh remains to be answered all right so
    just sitting here thinking you know i
    was just wondering you know if it’s a
    native american
    you know from like we say what we just
    say jeff 1900 no
    1700s 1800s yeah it could be any time
    any time
    yeah they’re not going to especially a
    kid they’re not going to necessarily
    understand what we’re saying you know
    because they weren’t talking like that
    back then one thing i do want to bring
    to attention is
    when you ask someone for their favorite
    food this is kind of sterile typical
    but if i ask a grown man you know like
    what’s your favorite food
    a lot of times out of ten he’s not gonna
    say grilled cheese you know
    so i personally think it’s a kid you
    know just playing with it uh maybe
    curious that’s something that would
    attract the kid
    you know it’s nice lights up colors same
    thing happens to us with the last house
    so you know
    and the things that were moved around in
    that room yeah oh yeah the toys there
    was nothing but toys being moved around
    across the street so if i put two or two
    together i would say it’s probably the
    kid they thinks that it is
    uh another thing is that kids i don’t
    think a
    kid would be as strong as an adult so
    maybe that kid is playing with it you
    know going crazy losing all his energy
    rebuilding it and then coming back
    playing with it again and that’s maybe
    why we’re getting those responses
    i agree with what will said along with
    the response to what their favorite food
    was because most kids they don’t ask for
    lobster they ask for things
    that they can eat like simpler foods
    and also with the toy situation a
    full-grown man or a woman would not go
    and play with crayons to go
    show their appearance they would most
    likely go and move a book or
    open a door or things like that i think
    it’s a gremlin
    personally i think there’s something
    here that is some sort of uh
    creature from another dimension and it
    passes back and forth i think it comes
    you know screws with the crayons throws
    them around causes mischief does all
    kinds of crazy stuff
    um you know makes horse-winning noises
    out in the back
    and um and you know then goes where it
    back to wherever it
    came from is that a ballad
    like is that a valid thing yeah he’s got
    some creature out back
    that makes noise that he said sounds
    like it’s very small
    right okay whatever this thing is it’s
    this thing running around laughing
    in the backyard right okay i’m mostly
    like we come from this stuff right you
    but we know that there’s things that
    come from other dimensions
    not necessarily a um classified as
    a demon or classified as just a spirit a
    human spirit
    it’s one of those things that’s more
    like of the earth you know from another
    dimension passes back and forth
    he’s probably got a portal out here in
    his backyard somewhere and this thing
    comes in and just screws around a lot
    you know throws the kids crayons around
    um you know there was a few things that
    he described
    as activity in the house that could be
    things that were
    i guess uh it could be attributed to
    some sort of creature
    the fact that it’s not going to respond
    to us uh it’s just going to come and
    grab the antenna a couple times and
    make the light go off and uh you know
    and go somewhere else
    would you put gremlins in the same
    category as gnomes
    well you know i say gremlin because
    that’s you know and he’s the easiest
    term because when i think gremlin i
    think the thing that william shatner is
    trying to shoot off the plane in the
    me too that was cool that was a big yeah
    that was a big grab
    when you see that thing running through
    the backyard you’re gonna think there’s
    a polar bear yeah but i mean it all
    comes i think from the same basic um
    you know sort of legends and folklore it
    all comes from
    um you know basically that part of
    uh the same thing with you know fairies
    and with you know gnomes and
    like you say with leprechauns and all
    that stuff i mean it could be any one of
    those things but we don’t know enough
    about it
    but um but that’s my theory i think
    that’s a good one
    i think that’s that’s good so it sounded
    like there were actually a couple of
    responses here the first one and
    probably the clearest one
    was the answer to the question what do
    you like to eat for lunch or what’s your
    favorite thing to eat
    uh jeff was correct in this it does say
    blt it does not say grilled cheese
    blt okay what’s your favorite thing to
    eat for lunch
    no a child wouldn’t say that no that’s
    because kids don’t like vegetables no
    usually not
    do you think they had blt’s back then
    yeah i mean they they definitely could
    they could have made their own form of
    bread in like a self-made oven and then
    use the vegetables that they grew
    plus we don’t know what era this spirit
    could be from right right right right
    so it’s not jesus blt yeah lt
    it’s b so yeah
    it could be a modern spirit though don’t
    know if it’s from back then or if it’s
    from now
    yeah i said they said they’ve left it
    for like what 15 years yeah they’ve
    grown the vegetables they could have
    followed them home from the store or
    something like that
    i doubt that could have followed them
    home from burger king oh yeah
    okay so the second response that we got
    was one that didn’t um
    actually answer a question it was just
    kind of a random statement
    um this is a child’s voice let me play
    that for you
    it’s it definitely you scare me you
    scare me
    and it might have a little bit of a
    weird little accent there but that would
    explain why it’s not really
    interacting with us quite so much it’s
    it’s fascinated by the lights you know
    what i mean like you said
    i think will said that you know because
    if it’s a child
    you know it might be a little more
    hesitant yeah exactly
    if you’re from the seventeen eighteen
    hundreds and you got that’s just coming
    in the house with a bunch of equipment
    that you’ve never seen before
    right yeah that’s gonna be intimidating
    this next one actually goes in
    a little bit along with those lines but
    this time it sounds like a man’s voice
    and but he’s talking about the boy
    so listen to this are you a child
    the the guy said the boy’s trapped
    the boy’s trap is what he says so i
    i think there’s definitely a male spirit
    here and he’s trying to
    convey that there’s something about this
    child the child is trapped here
    the child is a little bit intimidated by
    what we said
    but it definitely seems like the spirit
    box has been the best
    thing that we found to respond for these
    particular spirits
    that’s not always the case sometimes
    it’s evps that work better for other
    spirits or even
    you know just the rem pod in this case
    definitely spare fox
    could be a cue to how he passed away
    maybe he got trapped in something and
    drowned or suffocated or
    or who knows but some interesting
    responses that are through here
    and we’re going to play these for the
    resident and see where he wants to go
    from here after reviewing the possible
    jeff decided that he was okay sharing
    his home with the spirits
    as long as they didn’t interfere with
    his daily life
    we still have many questions pertaining
    to the possible spirit
    of the little boy we plan on following
    up with this case
    until we found a way to help him

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