Hey world. I would like to introduce another Youtube channel that I will be following to get data and experience. Todd and his sons go around exploring urban and rural areas.

30 Minute Alone Challenge

On this episode, Todd does a 30 minute alone challenge. He sees a full apparition of a person dressed in black. I have not been able to improve the quality of the video to say if it was a real person or not.

Couple of snippets of the video.

I believe where I’m at this place is scary ass and say this creepy guys like 3 in the morning and I am at the haunted crazy creepy Cemetery this place is nice guys I’ve been here before there’s all kinds of Paranormal Activity all kinds of voices and I know I could sleeping tonight plus Joe and I charge it to the 30-minute on charges here but on top of that the one reason why we came here specifically is because someone a stalker or something steered us to come out here so you know what Joe came last night I came tonight now Joe to tell me that he ran to something or someone he’s not sure because the person that he ran into disappear so you guys be the judge make sure you check out his pleasure Urban ghosts Urban exploration but I’m still here tonight okay so I’m out here and saying like so Terry no more here in a lot of ways to since I got out here Leon do a lot of cemetery videos I mean I’ve done that one song if there’s anyone out here tonight you can talk into my camera and play this track over here we’re saying so feel free to message you want to pass by and you can pass it on lot of people you have reached out to me lately and they talked about how much are these videos mean to them how much they truly get out of watching the videos I watch how to distract their mind so everybody out there who watches your videos and you’re going through tough things like just know that you definitely praying for you life is tough it’s tougher I was just I get stuff for you guys doesn’t mean we go through everything you go through sometimes mean that we recognize that life is a really hard battle that we all face and more in this world together and that whatever we can do for each other so you should have let each other out we should always do so just encourage you to continue in your walking oscillation to do good for others and now always be that kind of positive like the other people around you so that’s why I try to be if I can not perfect by any means so anyway he has off watching her sharing videos make you feel cuz it helps me feel stuff typically has a lot of times but it’s just turned off at like 5 minutes turn off the voice of guys here on the commons something howling somebody’s flowers for dogs I really bad feeling guys like around here looking for I pray that’s all it is over here where the Dogs Out I got here so to see if I can see it I’m not sure that I understand. I really need this whole time hey hey