St Martins Deep Shelter

The Ghostech paranormal investigators are in St Martin’s Deep Shelter to find answers to the reports of ghosts and spirits in the area.

YouTube video published on August 9, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Episode 18 – St Martins Deep Shelter
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – St Martins Deep Shelter

Ladies and gents this is where we having this is our investigation is now testing shows in all St Martin’s factory was one of several new coastal batteries for which proposals were made to counter the threats posed by new apartment warships construction of the battery began in December 1874 was completed in March 1877 upon completion the battery comprised of three gunmen placements separated by ammunition stores containing raised circular gun platforms iron rails to convey small ammunition trolleys Renfrew stores around each come for low buildings were built between the placements to contain three shall stores free cartridge stores and a lamp it Sheldon cartridge store at a capacity of 204 shelves and 100 cartridges to the north-east of the battery to restore was constructed to keep spares for the guns the armament consisted of three RM owls mounted on bar bets on to see a village with circular races enabling a wide arc – while the front of region placement was protected by sloping concrete a 1889 new cartridge store had been built underground in the field behind the battery reach fire passage from behind the article useful St Martin’s battery fell out of use in 1902 and was close in 1909 service in World War I the battery was then resurrected for World War II following the fall of France were commenced in September 1940 and was completed in May 1941 batteries
system 36 marks 73 sloping guns manufactured data from 1899 to 1903 they had been howling like the service will enable storage they were installed in his cupboard, houses built under the old of the placements which has been filled in concrete to create faces funding comes to testify fridge sized concrete roofs complement of this movement three was 143 officers and men in 1941 the role engineers at number 172 tunnelling company drove the tunnel from the old 1889 cartridge store further down by the shelter large enough to accommodate the full complement of the battery and safety the shelter was completed in March 1941 in favour floor space of 3150 ft.² included sanitary and medical areas ’30 feet actual access from the rear of the battery was by two flights of stairs into the main tunnel link to another parallel tunnel by three short chambers the rear of this tunnel system during two straight tunnel which emerged an entrance in the glass walls of the crankshaft barracks by 1944 the risk of a direct German assault on Dover had diminished enough for the battery to be stood down and placed on And maintenance basis the two remaining guns were removed in 1947 and the site was eventually abandoned by the army in the 1950s it’s now time for us to enter and investigate St Martin’s deep shelter all there in November in the way that the really knowing the way that they can see how much you really vary (voice-over was a bit before (this movement is when participants offered a February of the evangelist is when undergoing and whether everything so you remember that these problems have also studied whether the idea that was there read-only with us
a washing line while you tell us what your name is Paul towards me walk towards me and tell us what your name is a ball of energy comes from the time from this is seen it is only picked up on a full spectrum camera and up the night vision camera images again close-up and then slow motion) can you do something to let us know your here can speak to us move something throw something anything at all my request is granted as a bank is heard coming from the front of this treaty going forward can you shout out your name can you help us out we seem to be walking round in circles become find the way out can you share our the way we need to go to newport walters to help sell more towards my voice if anyone here we have found here use this device use the white noise of the free flash you that your name on something movement there are no not my was in was looking and i saw something move by ideologues and i saw something move in that do not stop building with you if you believe the humorous side that was invalid is pick whilst on now spirit boxing unaware that james and phil seen some thing block out their light some static night vision camera behind us and then ext tunnel is only when i turned around i also see something who is the footage of what we were observing static night vision camera next tunnel i thought something is water that there ports them oment it was coming through very distant thought it was either this or it was extremely alarm any one here that can help us can you come and find usanevpis picked upon a digital audio saying down here is the enhanced audio is there anyone down here and so anyone so hello another voice is captured on a digital audio same way he is the enhanced audio if you would like a free investigation free help free advice to become a member of the ghostly team please contact us using the email address shown on screen are

Cliffe Fort

Jeff young and his team of Ghostech Investigators, search Cliffe Fort for spirits and anomalies of the sort.

Youtube video published on Jan 30, 2015

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations: Episode 10 Cliffe Fort
Ghostech Paranormal Investigations – Cliffe Fort

This is the Clifton during the 1860s to protect the River Medway against the French invasion and also World War I and World War II Melissa Leo investigation for tonight’s is an all all you and you built in the 1860s reform is one of the three coincided with a designed to bring industry was built work in conjunction with cold house for two listed to prevent hostile fleet in London by the terms construction of the fourth is difficult due to the marching ground before it was built on cracking at subsidence, many problems for them in Wokingham fought more surprisingly this marshy ground was also home to malaria mosquitoes which make life even given the construction was designed solely to cater for the on the day and the guns that were installed for the 12.5 and 11 are immense when around 35 time protection of the guns were provided by credit freeze casement scriptures threaded defence insurance casements and the rails in which the gun carriage stood still visible today in 1885 before become the site for an experimental harbour defence system known as the relevant torpedo this was the world’s first wife regardless torpedo was designed by Ms Brennan: 28 January 1852 and died 17 January 1932 as an Irish frustrating mechanical engineer Brennan was born in Castlebar and moved to Australia in 1861 when his parents he started his career as a watchmaker and a few years later was Alexander Kennedy Smith recounts of a mechanical engineer of that period Brennan invented the idea of the steerable torpedo 1974 from observing that if the threat is poorly and we alternate’ (the real move away from the threat site Brennan spent some years working out this invention received a grant of £700 Victorian government towards his expenses paid to threaten to veto in 1877 the idea that trailed accounting for Red Cross haven” Brennan went to England in 1880 eventually for the Sir Andrew Clark alerted the authorities to the possibilities of the torpedo used in the defence of holders and chat paintings eventually bought for the sum of £100,000 in 1887 Brennan was appointed superintendent Brennan torpedo factory and was consulting engineer from 1896 to 1907 Brennan was buried at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery Kensal Green London: plot number 2454 as progressive as the system was at the time was replaced 25 years later favourite quick firing guns reform remained on throughout both world wars but was sold after the end of the Second World War to the local cement company has resolved this before setting been neglected and is falling into fairly advanced state of decay and reform is more roads houses people in Illinois whatsoever which means no contamination of evidence 153 years of history today for disclosing still reside here this time the ghostly crew bound to find out all their soldiers, Linthwaite Springfield like to join us as there anyone here can make themselves known if so can you call out your name for us what is your name on the ring soldiers can come and speak to us was you here in the 1860s World War I World War II you still here and you are and you move something or throw something make a noise so we know that your here can you come and speak to us police all this equipment that we got with this one harm you promise you that this device in my hand he concedes red light will that do is pick up your voice if you speaking to whether red light is it will be Your voice can you do that for me just tell us what your name is how long have you been here are you stuck here please throw something or make a noise bang on something to let us know that your here can anyone hear me there anyone here please say something we shout out something move something to let us know that you are here banging is heard coming from nearby is the enhanced audio Cambridge us can at least serried now that we can do is some stag night vision camera there via lighting we can let them run regular moved to another area that is if we can pick up any activities so undergone this is can one necessary cases any movement there any soldiers here that can come and tell us name inside the ground casements I hear movement come from in front of me is the enhanced audio alone we can hear you can you tell us a name place remaining harm my name is Jeff Mrs Jason we just come to see if you’re still here can you tell us what war if faulting of Stuart here was in the 1860s World War I World War II your soldier as we made our way through the gun casement tongues are audio when the full spectrum camera catches a pretty voice saying hey here’s the audio from the camera enhanced the new job for the wholesale annihilate the value that says something move something long-time supporters the recording will all use Microsoft not
Montreal’s inheritance plays these faceless feel very just got and sleeping through the saving yourself to hear that you won’t hear the “again was your soldier stationed in how many of you are here they said one analyst once they have a lot of physio for what was it in writing was of World War I and World War II the final for the idea that please tell us more about you and you know because throw something was something is requested a bone is heard coming from the adjacent is the enhanced audio are you really based on this been letting this condition this letter decay around and understand anything about it and our digital audio captures movement of the doorway to this room is the enhanced audio is there anything but women do to help this error message you have someone disembodied voice is heard and captured a digital recorder is the enhanced audio is is is is is there anyone here that could hear my voice if so clearly speaking to this device the one harm you if you see that little red light is speaking to that city hear what you’re saying you please tell us what your name is contours my voice is speaking to this device did you working here your soldier Cpl was one of the soldiers the works in this form trying get enough energy as much energy as you can if you like it and take it from us you can take it from the batteries are in these devices and use it to shout out
please shout your name take as much energy is you want and you been here for a long time you must be really really unhappy with what’s happened to this place is just being left to decay and fall apart from non-cares about any more may have your here you must still care about it if we are capturing anything on the whole investigation here it’s not good in the arm anything to do with cars plans
things that can be our playback you think is a voice is not the forces technological Khan the decision is just so down, it was business nothing at this moment my digital recorder is picking up someone coming in the same room which bills standing is the enhanced audio down, it was down, it was as we stand silently suffered a control tower the digital audio headset several voices talking is the enhanced audio is shout out your name shout out your name Wales shell out your name and replies it Stephen the very same personally came through the spirit boxing the gun casement area we wrapped up their investigation before and made our way back to the office of supporters to collect outstanding night vision camera we found that the Cameron been turned off and the battery still had two hours left when we checked the footage of the files are being raised said one which shows the camera being moved and forces her saying that since before is turned off is the footage if you remember when we were doing the SB seven spirit of accession and the gun casement area woman’s voice came through same recordings of someone close to tell us that statement with being raised in turn of was this just coincidence are you would like advice help lots become a member of the ghostly team please contact us using the email address shown on screen is is is is is