UGUE Halloween Countdown Cemetery Visit

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UGUE 2018 Halloween Countdown
UGUE 2018 Halloween Countdown

Another UGUE older YouTube cemetery visit. Joe and Rob are joined by Todd from the Hollywalker’s , Keith from KC Explores, and Kyle from Tha Wundurlund.

On this episode Joe walks around exploring the cemetery and Rob is hosting a live stream.

(Halloween Countdown) Cemetery of Lost Souls, Do Not Go Gentle Into the Night, a Bear Joins Us

if I had the chance I’ll probably break
free I could have my weights I could let
it be I could do what I want but it’s
just on elucha Lucia yeah thumbs ups
feel like I can’t go I’m drinking beer I
doubt my coffee cup I wanna do what I
just Ana Lucia Lucia but I know it’s
gonna take a while so what I wanna
it’s not my fault that your dancing
my way and
hey what’s up guys welcome to another
episode of urban ghosts urban
exploration the countdown to Halloween
is on guys tonight we have a special
guest you might remember him his name is
Keith he’s with KS explores guys check
him out he’s awesome he’s coming with us
tonight also tonight we have Todd from
the Holy Walkers we have Kyle from the
Holy Walkers and also the Wunderland
check out his channel I’ll put a link in
here as well anyway we’re at a cemetery
what other place to be it’s close to
Halloween this is Brooksville Cemetery
guys this place is so dark it’s so
creepy we’re gonna do some challenges
we’re gonna break off in groups we’re
gonna have a good time
it’s freezing out here at least for
Florida it’s freezin and you guys are
coming along peace out and I just
arrived at the cemetery and Rob’s on the
live stream down there
he’s with Keith he’s our guest tonight
he’s gonna see how the live stream works
Doolittle filming with Rob and Todd and
I are taking this side of the cemetery
guys which is by far the creepier side
why is it the creepy side because this
is where we heard all those voices yeah
dude and it’s freezing out oh yeah all
right bro so we’re never pulled in here
man I saw somebody back here on this
side let’s do it let’s go see what that
light is to see that red light between
the trees I like one of those lights
that people put on the graves
it’s changing colors yeah it’s green now
for others place is so scary man and
it’s so cold it’s freezing out of course
some of you guys live in like some of
the northern states or places that are
cold don’t want to hear that it’s like
50 here too right see I tell you guys I
hear stuff here it’s no joke
I really hear stuff here all the time I
think we should go
you know what’s go back here where it’s
super creepy
hmm I’m not used to like this cold
weather just hitting us like this now
when I was in New York this is nothing
bro yeah this is like beach weather do
you know what I mean oh it’s yeah geez
no less time is here with Angie there’s
a little well back here dude what do we
think what’s perfect so guys this place
is enormous and some of the creepy isn’t
in spots that have been in the cemetery
I’ve been on this side I don’t know why
like we picked up okay scare me did you
hear that over there
Shh what is that
let’s go find out yeah I know this is
definitely something in the woods are it
by us guys bro look at this like this
I guess this takes some serious cojones
to go back here look at this there’s a
birdhouse up here nice birdhouse yeah
there’s nothing green and better wish
about it right now yeah yeah it’s how
they’re going where no man has gone
I might
all right wait a second let’s go this
so we purposely broke off from the
livestream only because we want to have
different videos you know I mean
there’s a bug holy cow this is really a
bad idea so you know what let’s do it
dang Matt this is really crazy do you
hear something I do
I bet we’re gonna see eyes looking back
at us like a bear
if you listen closely now I’m gonna be
quiet I know it’s a hard thing for me to
do but I’m gonna be quiet for a minute
because you can hear stuff like talking
all around us I’m only like 10 feet in
the woods so let’s see what let’s be
they came from over there
let’s well let’s see if we can get into
trouble on the other side this brush is
way too thick for us to walk through
yeah there did you hear that I thought I
just heard my name bro
yeah yeah okay let’s yeah so one of the
things about coming here guys is like
it’s like we’re kids again this is what
I would do when I was 15 years old and I
like doing this stuff but we’ve never
come back this far yeah
I do do you feel dizzy no I just feel
like you’re like I’m dizzy it’s weird
definitely hearing stuff bro without a
oh there’s another path here where does
this one lead it’s so thick though bro
isn’t this the scariest looking tree
look at that thing scary looking
now that was crazy that was a big animal
bro walk backwards holy crap
there’s a bear coming on this nice so
it’s eyes know there’s a bear look in
its eyes if you go to the right
holy crap it was like yes like oh dude I
was right up on that too damn alright so
yeah we can find no bear Oh foot
and it’s that’s funny we’re screwed yeah
keep going
holy crap bro they like the adrenaline
rush but I’m not gonna like you if a
bear comes running out after me that
guy’s the one that like
yeah dude are we crazy
we must be crazy you know that yeah look
at this thing
something stalled at us like it was like
like angry yeah let’s go back to the
truck and get the spirit box your money
let’s fill as me freaked out it was
right next to me whatever it was here
the breath left oh yeah no that’s what
we’re gonna save as a mouse
and yeah I was coming for us there’s
that go food was a little hungry
well I think it is I hear it see we
can’t really see yeah it’s tracking us
I don’t even know if you could see the
sign reflecting off of there
there was a oh my god there was a black
bear there bro holy cow had looked at us
I could see the eyes and it kind of like
stood up on it’s like kind legs whoa are
you gonna start I mean believe it or not
guys what may seem like it’s really far
is not really that far these days a
black bear
see Florida has black bears okay what’s
up let’s start heading back this way
we’re gonna get the spirit box and uh I
don’t want to be the Bears dinner
tonight I mean usually they won’t mess
with you unless there’s Cubs around yeah
I don’t want to be the bearer of any bad
news dude okay hey the trucks closed
we’re getting the spirit box you got to
warn them no on the livestream though
for real whoa
that was crazy
who let me uh I’ll be right there Todd
I’m gonna tell them all right I’m gonna
go tell him hey Rob Rob that must be
where is Rob No
now we got to warn them if there’s a
bear here you might want to tell Kyle
and to not go back there you see them
you have a bit of talk I’ll – so he
doesn’t go over that way it’s messed up
yeah that thing tracked us out a little
bit you know that right
poof I’m gonna catch up to them on the
livestream let them know we always got
to play safe
they don’t want walk back there hey Rob
becomes Robin Keith
hey Rob
hey Todd and I went up to the woods a
black bear came out bro
I swear to god guys that was a close
college I just warned Rob he’s on the
live stream not to go back there we told
Keith don’t go back there
so Todd I went in the woods and when we
came out we could hear something but
then like I know this I know this camera
had to pick it up cuz I thing like
snarled and growled at us and then you
could see it like stand ons hind legs
you could see the eyes I don’t know if
the camera could pick that up it was
kind of far away it’s dark and this
illuminates only so far but I hope I got
that my heart is racing as we were like
probably a few feet from this thing it’s
crazy all right anyway we’re gonna do a
spirit box now it’s freezing it’s cold
hopefully we pick up a lot of voices I
love you guys all right we’re crazy
because back here is where find out
where the bear is Jeff with a spider web
who if the bear shows up hey if the bear
shows up it’ll make a great live stream
Rob we’ll have to fight the bear on the
live stream
it’s like that’s so good yeah you know
you look like you would fight a bear in
that outfit bro power on I heard Joe a
few times Jill again is there a bear
here run and rob a joke twice already
no but it is a wishing wall for
make-a-wish I wish the bear will not
show up did you said bear did you hear
all right so if there’s any spirits here
and there’s a bear around would you
inform us
and definitely heard something Joey
good say our names the bear said the
bear did you hear that which one of us
will get eaten by the bear tonight bring
it one here with us a message that you
hear walking behind us too right you
heard that sticks breaking yeah
all right so we’re gonna continue
walking around do you want to tell us
anything because we’re crazy because
we’re savage we’re all gonna dare each
other to walk to the where the bear was
and then back so I don’t know if this is
a good idea to play not a good idea but
you know what we’re gonna do it anyway
so who’d like to go first that me I’m
going first yeah so this could be my
last video because there was a bear back
there but that’s what we’re gonna do
someone to go first
and then they’re gonna figure out who’s
going next but wish me luck here we go
all right so guys who this is really
scary I’m gonna walk up there where the
bear was and to the sign and then back
so as if it’s not enough that I’m in
this creepy cemetery and I’m gonna walk
to where the bear was and that would be
straight ahead
I’m very quiet
actually I hear a woman talking again
all right and so
I’m nervous guys I’m not gonna lie
the sign was oh god I hear something
so I’m pretty sure that that sign right
it’s where the bear was standing next to
do that I wonder that one but I’m going
to this one the fur this one
my heart’s pounding
all right
made it to the sign where the bear was I
just let you decide I’m heading back I
can’t wait to see who goes next this is
scary and this lighting my eyes I don’t
know what’s behind me I’m not really
hearing anything right now
but there could be something right
behind me and yeah this is not good the
good thing is that you guys get to see
this right and it’s fun it’s exciting we
just try to put out videos that are
different and try to put out a positive
message so the positive message today is
overcoming fear now I’m not suggesting
you walk into where a bear is but you
know what I’m heading back I did it I’m
nervous but it’s done and I hear voices
alright somebody else is coming now
I survived now here’s the deal I touched
the sign over there that’s where the
bear was standing so which one of you
fine gentlemen is going next Todd’s
going this could be the last time you
see Todd from the holy walkers good luck
to you is nice knowing you sir ha ha ha
how do you feel Keith about going now
super the Bears yeah
dared the bear it is it’s nerve-racking
yeah because it stood next to the sign
that I just touched
yeah and did you hear any voices tonight
yeah ok ok all right
probably when you play that tape back
bro you might hear stuff yeah all right
Todd’s on his way down there
and then Keith gets to go next I guess
take a good look at Keith there’s nice
knowing you sir thank you so how do you
feel about overcoming some fear tonight
huh it’s good it’s good right
keeps you alive right now don’t you feel
like you’re a kid again

  • oh yeah you feel like your kid doing
    this man yeah this is something I would
    do like when I was 15 years old right
    yeah to get the house run around
    abandoned buildings go to the cemetery
    all right and here you are doing it as
    an adult bro it’s awesome
    all right let’s see how Todd fares if a
    bear comes we’ll just run over there and
    I know what we’ll do maybe is true you
    might be right on ha ha ha all right
    dang Todd made it all the way to the end
    oh yeah I was over there and I was so
    challenging the Bears like come on bear
    Tod’s walking back now is that robbed
    you think that’s robbed it does push
    these stuff you’re not sure right how do
    you feel about it you’ll find out soon
    no brother no writer all right I guess
    you could start walking there sir was
    nice knowing you keep thank you for
    joining us man and he’s great well it
    lasted bro have fun with the bear all
    right there goes Keith I think actually
    brought maybe welcome back there was a
    live stream I’m not sure hey Todd is
    that is that Rob back there
    is he really and he’s doing it huh so we
    alright we made it bro eeep is on his
    way back he just did the challenge keep
    you in savage style tonight brother I
    love it bro he’s got like three lights
    on him he’s not playing around
    he’s look at that’s awesome bro you did
    it did you hear anything yeah maybe it
    wasn’t a bear maybe it was a spirit dude
    that’s crazy right yeah black over there
    it’s dark and Rob’s over there all right
    does anybody have any more dares you
    want to do before we call it a night
    here fellas we got Rob over there on the
    livestream so he’s got that kick and
    he’s doing the bear the bear challenge
    yeah all right let’s get our shovels
    let’s do it yeah I thought I heard a
    woman and I thought I actually heard a
    little girl talking tonight which is
    really weird and I’m kind of sad
    and I thought I heard something say like
    when I was walking through there my name
    actually I heard my name Joe mm-hmm this
    is so messed up
    I’m gonna do one walkthrough you guys
    wanna do to walk through I’ll take the
    middle when you take each side you want
    to do that alright alright boys let’s
    see what we find
    alright so we’re gonna just do a little
    challenge and see we pick up so I don’t
    think there’s wolves in Florida but
    since I get here wolves are dogs howling
    so whatever’s here I challenge you to
    talk into my camera I dare you to talk
    tell me what you want
    you don’t scare me at all
    and this is me being very respectful
    none I come in peace but I do want to
    hear from you
    whomever is here and talks
    so if you ever really want to overcome
    something because I think a lot of our
    fears are based on things that we think
    the worst you know and as you can see
    the worst really I think that could
    happen is spirit talks into the camera I
    mean there have been times where some of
    the stuff’s pretty evil but I really
    believe if you have faith I don’t
    necessarily think the evil can really
    harm you more so scare you
    so what would you like to say tonight
    I heard you I heard you I don’t know
    what he said but I heard you
    sorry about that guys my camera shut off
    shuts off for two reasons one I think
    like after 25 minutes it automatically
    shuts off and then 2 it overheats and
    shuts off ok so I’m hearing stuff now
    that was real creepy with the bear hmm
    he’s gonna chills I’d rather face a
    spirit any day
    these are the Saxon graves the sexy
    manor house is run here
    Oh something’s here okay
    this is a really old part of the
    cemetery super creepy
    I heard my name
    all right well I have a video to make at
    home have another video tomorrow and
    this was really kind of more of a fun
    explore we really wanted to get a live
    stream out there say thank you guys for
    all the support and love and Rob loves
    to run the live stream so he kind of
    does that well I do this
    18:43 wow it’s different
    engraved made out of bricks this howling
    all right well I’m probably gonna start
    heading back towards the truck and what
    a great night guys a lot of fun I love
    doing this stuff and Keith had a blast
    with us I’m pretty sure check out his
    channel guys he’s a really good guy he’s
    kind of starting now we all were there
    at one time you know so he’s good to
    help people out
    let’s rob with the livestream man it’s
    so cold
    hey Rob I’m gonna start heading back to
    the truck bro yeah you want to wrap it
    up soon or yeah yeah and it’s cold I’m
    gonna wrap this up this was a quick
    video this was a fun video and it was a
    scary video but I had a blast I am
    putting out a video tonight too before
    this one that is so awesome such a scary
    Cemetery video we did with Murray we did
    with Angie and Rob and I worked on it
    all night so it’s gone up today anyway
    please check out our merchandise below
    at WWE you gue brothers calm love each
    and every one of you peace out
    have a good night guys
    once I rose above the noise and
    confusion just to get a glimpse beyond
    this illusion I was soaring ever higher
    but I flew too
    though my eyes could see ass too
    though my mind could think I still was
    I hear the voices when I’m dreaming
    I can hear them say
    carry on my wayward son there’ll be
    peace when you are told there you weary
    head too
    don’t you cry
    masquerading as a man with reason my
    charade is safe enter the season and if
    I claim to be your wise man
    it surely means that I don’t know
    long stormy sea you
    motion tossed about him like a ship on
    the ocean
    I set a course for wins a fortune but I
    hear you say
    carry on my wayward son there’ll be
    peace when you all done
    there you weary head to rest don’t you
    cry no

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